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Porter Custom Calls was started in 2006 by me William M. Porter due to increased demand for my custom turkey box calls.  Since a small boy I have loved the outdoors particularly hunting, fishing and trapping small game and have been hunting 60 years with firearms.  For more than four (4) decades I have been involved with wood working and metal working related to stringed musical instruments; e.g., banjo, mandolin and acoustic guitar and hunting climbing apparatus (Foot Climber Tree Stands).   Go to the Biography page for additional information.

I DO NOT make copies, fakes or reproduction calls of other call makers present and past  and that includes the late great Neil Cost.  

I have also strived to stay away from other call maker's signature designs but some overlapping of generic features subject to public domain are inevitable such as basic lid radius, lid ornaments/decorations and shape and call body side angle.

Porter Custom Calls feature a unique and novel torpedo nose tapered sound chamber with the inside wall thickness of the sound boards curved and thinner in the middle than at the top leading edge for superior sound projection allowing the call to direct and reflect sound waves farther similar to a parabolic dish antenna.

Porter Custom Calls will not inlay various parts of the human anatomy that are considered indecent, obscene and offensive or copyrighted logos and registered trademarks of others.

Porter Custom Calls are not only beautiful to look at, easy to use, in other words user friendly and ergonomically designed.

Porter Custom Calls have the ability to lure wild turkeys within gun range when in capable hands resulting in a rewarding and successful hunt.  Visit the Photo Gallery section of this website for a sampling of turkeys harvested. 

A Porter Custom Call such as our North Carolina "Limited Edition" Custom Deluxe will make an excellent addition to your box call collection or a special one of a kind presentation call. 

Some call makers are advertising one piece hand hewn call bodies but if using a drill press or any power tool to remove call body (cavity) material, that call in reality is not hand hewn.  I would welcome a CNC router or laser of which I do not have to aid in the quick removal of “waste” material on a call body, but instead use conventional tools such as router, drill press, table saw, router table, cut off saw, planer, jointer, carving station, sanding stations, palm sanders and yes, hand tools such as chisels, rasps, files, gouges, carving tools, etc.  The inference is that a hand hewn call is superior in construction and produces a better sound than a call that is machine carved or routed, but is subject to much debate and opinion, but microscopic analysis of test wood cells and fibers along with audio frequency analysis cannot validate such views.  Machine carvers and routers do impart certain positive characteristics to the wood cells that hand tools such as a chisels and knives cannot accomplish.  There is a valid case for musical instruments including box calls that have the soundboards  "stress relieved" in the construction process with "special tuning" and component configuration allowing the wood to vibrate or flex in a controlled predictable manner.  This is not a new technique, but centuries old of which the wheel has been merely re-invented with the aid of modern technology, mainly the personal computer. 

NOTE:  Call base is integral part of the call body and not glued in place. 

Pix of my field grade “Dual Hens” model call with inlaid # 4 wood purfling and Eagle medallion.

     Click on turkey icon to hear sound file.

Call available in Butternut, Black Walnut, Sassafras, Mahogany and Poplar with cedar lid.

Pix of one of my North Carolina “Limited Edition” Custom Deluxe calls:

     Click on turkey icon to hear sound file.

Eastern Red Cedar lid inlaid with Mother of Pearl Dogwood blossom with Green Abalone Pearl center and the North Carolina State outline is done in Red Abalone Pearl with strutting turkey in Green Abalone Pearl with etching/engraving for feather detail.

Check out the Products section and look under Shop Pixs for custom inlays designs on the drawing board. 

My one piece carved box call bodies are roughed out and allowed to acclimate or age for about a year before any final tuning.  I keep a good supply of various woods on hand in this pre-tuned condition.  I personally believe it makes a difference in the final sound of the call and most calls do get better with age! The delivery time of my field grade call is around two to four weeks or longer and one to two years for a custom deluxe call depending on how much inlay you desire.  Calls are first sealed with sanding sealer and a coat of satin lacquer applied.  I have found the less finish applied, the call has more response, sensitivity, volume, tone and timbre with all things being equally compared to a non-finished call.  The inside of the torpedo nose tapered sound chamber has very little finish only a light coat of sealer which for the most part is scraped or sanded away at critical areas affecting the call's resonance.


Pix of calls allowed to acclimate or age before any final tuning, etc. and end view of my one piece carved call body calls.  This procedure  is very time consuming and costly up front but the end result is worth it.  Most of the time, "You get what you pay for".   The second pix from the right of a few well known custom call makers calls used in my Research and Development although I do not make a long box or fence post type call.  The pix on the far right is an end view of my call checking the sound before the wood purfling inlays are added.

My standard Field Grade “Dual Hens” call is $300.00 plus 15.00 shipping and $ 21.00 NC Sales Tax for a total cost of $ 336.00.  Money back guarantee (less shipping charges) if not satisfied provided call is returned prepaid and in undamaged condition.


If you are needing a call just to take into the woods and not for display or for a hunter's heirloom, a regular 50 dollar box call available from Walmart will call a long beard in if you do your part.  The call itself, is probably the least part of the equation for a successful turkey harvest.  I know this is not what a salesman would tell you, but I am being truthful!  Turkey hunting is like real-estate, location, location, location.

The North Carolina “Limited Edition” Custom Deluxe call pictured above start at $500.00 which requires a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.  Prices and delivery time subject to change without notice.  This call is no longer available!

I maintain a small inventory of my "field grade" calls for immediate shipment, so email for availability.

I do not ship orders outside of the USA.

Email:  contact@portercalls.com  

Price and specifications subject to change without notice.


Pix of Bill Porter taken in 2008 drilling a hole into a box call lid for the installation of standard Eagle medallion and laying out a custom mother of pearl inlay pattern.  It has been many years since doing any serious custom inlay work but it is like riding a bicycle, it is coming back quickly.


I no longer donate calls to NWTF chapters or support the organization due to alcoholic bars set up with free drinks as a means to inebriate potential high dollar spenders and bidders at their banquets.  This is a disgusting and immoral way to conduct business to raise money in my humble opinion!  Also, the usage of "bar maids" (literally and figuratively) to serve the drinks and assist in the auction is low class.  When you are of the world, this is a normal protocol.

Page updated by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 09-19-17.


If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, please take this moment to accept him by Faith into your Life, whereby Salvation will be attained.   

Romans 10:9 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

Open this link of Bible Verses About Salvation, King James Version Bible (KJV).

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