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Below pixs of trophies and/or catch of the day from some of my hunting, fishing and long time friends and relatives!

Click on thumbnails for a larger view:



Graceson Diggs age 11, daughter of Kenneth and Felecia Diggs of Polkton, NC harvested her first deer;  a nice 5 point buck with a .243 Winchester on 11-25-09 at  7:20 A.M. 60 yards out.  Talk about perfect shot placement; this is a text book example.  Buck traveled only a short distance before it ran out of "gas."  Graceson is one serious and dedicated huntress! 

Natalie Smith age 13, daughter of Stan and Shirley Smith of Peachland, NC harvested her first deer with a .410 shotgun loaded with buckshot at around 5:00 P.M. with the weather hot and muggy!  Check out that tremendous smile which says it all.  Ole "Daddy Rab" Stanley Smith is certainly proud of her!

Christian Cranford age 15 of Wadesboro, NC Grandson of Frankie and Bet Cranford harvested this 10 point Mega buck sporting a 20 inch inside spread on November 25, 2009 at an undisclosed location!  Buck weighed 185 lbs and Christian aka Bubba brought him down with his Remington 7MM/08 using a Winchester 140 grain Supreme ballistic tip bullet at a distance of 180 yards with an awesome one shot kill.

Cody Perkins grandson of Johnnie and Leonard Hogue, Archdale, NC with a big 10 point buck taken in Dobson, NC.


Alex Johnson age 8, son of Brian Johnson of Wadesboro, NC harvested this great looking 8 point buck on opening gun season in Anson County, NC on 11-14-09 and taken with a .243 Winchester at about 50 yards distance around 5PM. 

Kyle Johnson, Wadesboro, NC with a large fox squirrel taken in 2009.

Darin Perkins with a big 6 point buck taken in Dobson, NC.

David Lear, Robert Webster and William Pence from Rockingham, NC area with some blue catfish from the Pee Dee River in Anson County, NC near the South Carolina line caught July 19, 2003.  Most of their fish averaged around 40 plus lbs.  Notice the fish skeletons in the bed of the pickup truck in the back ground.  We had a fish fry after those big boys were processed and Robert Webster knows what to do with fish and wild game when it comes to cooking not to mention eating his share too!  Grin now.

Brent Thompson of Mt. Gilead, NC with a beautiful long beard harvested on 04-12-03.  I will get the details later; too far back to remember.

John Gaddy, Polkton, NC with an excellent bow harvested 9 point buck.

Jody Brown of Polkton, NC with a long beard taken on 04-17-03.  Jody shoots a big 10 gauge magnum!

Wade Hogue of Archdale, NC with an excellent Whitetail Deer rack ready for mounting harvested 11-21-02.

Quinton Thompson of Mt. Gilead, NC with a 10 point buck harvested on 12-20-03 scored 140 B&C.

David Lear of Rockingham, NC near Cordova area with 475 lb. wild hog taken in his back yard in 2003.

David Lear of Rockingham, NC with his 8 point Anson County Buck harvested 11-06-04.

Don Edwards of Hamlet, NC with his "yote" taken while deer hunting.  Don't think he got much venison out of that coyote!  My little digital camera caught Don's eyes about closed or I hope that was the problem. Many have commented that the coyote looks better than Don in this pix even though the coyote is stone dead.  Lets blame the photographer for this one!

John Gaddy aka "Big John" with a long beard harvested on April 21, 2001 in Anson County, North Carolina.

Kenneth Diggs of Polkton, NC with an 8 lb. plus Largemouth Bass caught on 06-23-02.

William McKnight Porter III, one of our two West Coast Grand Boys from Vista, CA  with the catch of the day in Southern California on July 15, 2001.  I believe we drove by this Lake in May 2008 while visiting with the California Porters and had lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant. 

Travis Lee Huneycutt , one of our East Coast Grand Boys from Lilesville, NC with his first fish caught in 2000 at Rose & Vondale Tucker's farm pond in Morven, NC.

Trevor Lane Huneycutt, another East Coast Grand Boy from Lilesville, NC  with his first fish caught on April 14, 2001 at Bill Escott's pond in Polkton, NC.

Had to go way back on this one to 1967...the young lady is Iris Bowers, and on the left is Rickey Bowers and Buddy Bowers from Burnsville, NC.  We all fished a near by pond....anything on the ole fly rod big or little is nothing but fun for sure.  Bill Porter 08-31-08

City Lake Archery Club trophy winners at Sapona Archery Club in 1987.  Our oldest daughter Laura Porter front left whose age had her in the Youth Division but she had little competition and entered into the Women's division at this tournament and took first place in the Unlimited Women's division class beating out veteran archers using 500 dollar plus bows such as the Hoyt Gold Medalists and she was using a 50 dollar Black Bear model bow..  Our City Lake Archery Club had three former NFAA NC State field champions and good instructors makes a big difference when training youth!  One of Laura's competitors filed a complaint that she was shooting in the wrong (class) division but the club rules stated you may enter into a higher level competition class but you could not go down a class.  We all got a good laugh and grin except the competition.  The little chap on the right is Jason Steele of Cason's Old Field, NC who is an off an on competitive bull rider; he has many battle scars and looks like the bulls fair better than Jason.  We use to kid Laura about being our secret weapon in the mixed competitive archery tournament groups since the competition could easily become distracted...grin if you must!

Above pixs of David Stewart of Ellerbe, NC with a 9 point buck he harvested around the Mountain Creek area in November 2007 taken with a shotgun firing 00 buckshot .  The buck had a 22 inch inside spread but the right main beam was very distorted due to an injury the buck sustained to his left hind leg of which the hock area was twice its normal size.  

Calvin Jones from Wadesboro, NC with a good catfish caught from the pond of hosts and good friends Kent and Brenda Wagoner, both NC native of Elon,  NC who they met on Calvin's second tour of shore duty in Patuxent River, MD in 1990.  Kent and Brenda returned back to the Tarheel state in 2004 after a twenty year navy career and twenty-four years as a government contractor and civil servant with the Navy.  

Calvin and Deborah Jones daughters...I will get the names very soon.

Calvin Jones, II with a pair of very fine fish caught from a farm pond in Lilesville, NC.

Deborah Jones with a keeper catfish.

Kent Wagoner retired from the Navy as a Chief in 1980 with a nice "fat daddy" Bluegill.

Brenda Wagoner with a super sized Bluegill. 

Kyle Johnson of Wadesboro with a pair of Largemouth Bass.

Thomas Kincer harvested this 12 point buck in Chesterfield County, SC.  Thomas is field testing my Dual Hens call this spring.

Jim Yarboro of Gun Barrel City, Texas with a nice 285 lb. buck harvested in November 2004.  Buck had 8 points with 16.5 inch inside spread and the G2s were 11 inches in length.  Jim grunted and called the buck out before shooting light and 15 minutes later made a good shot with his trusty ole 30-06.  For some reason Jim looks very small in this pix and he is a good sized to be the buck for sure shrinking Jim up!  Below pixs of his Texas hunting stand which is 8 feet square with a portable toilet inside and a gas heater.  Gives a new meaning to roughing it...grin Jim because I sure am.  Jim has taken 65 deer from this area over a couple decades or more. Nothing like hunting smarter not harder!


Jason Spradling of Remington Arms who teaches the Remington Law Enforcement Armor classes harvested this excellent 2004 Buck in Canada.

Jason Grimm who is Bill Escott's Grandson harvested this buck in Michigan and Jason does some serious predator trapping as evidenced by the following pix of a couple "yotes" trapped:

The above picture is of Alex Johnson age 7 with his first deer ever taken using a .243 caliber rifle.  He is the son of Brian Johnson of Wadesboro, N.C. who works for the N.C. Correctional Enterprise in Polkton, NC.  Congratulations to Alex for a fine deer harvested and I am sure there will be many, many more to follow.  I can see ole "Daddy Rab" grinning now!

Brian Johnson with an excellent old mature buck sporting 10 points that has evidence of some serious fighting.  The buck was killed coming to a doe that was running through a bottom that he hunts.  Brian has taken many bucks from that hardwood bottom. 

Virginia McSwain of Polkton, NC with her 5 point buck harvested on 11-15-08 and this was Virginia's first deer hunt and first buck...a good way to start out hunting!  Her hunting mentor John Gaddy aka Big John of Polkton, NC estimated the buck around 100 to 125 lbs.  Should be some good vittles! 

David Stewart of Ellerbe, NC with a good 10 point buck with a 16 inch inside spread from the Mountain Creek, NC area harvested on 11-27-08 using a .300 Remington Short Magnum around 5:00 P.M. whereas the buck was working a scrape line. 

Narrative by Brian Johnson:  Pic of Alex Johnson's 2nd deer for the year. He was taken from the same stand as his first, also with his .243. When the deer finally turned the way we needed him, Alex placed a perfect shot and the deer dropped on the spot. After this Alex looked at me and said "daddy I smoked him"." Yes you did" was my only reply as I kind of laughed.  Also is a pic of my cousin Phillip Johnson with a nice 7 pt that he took this year. He was probably 125 yards and taken with a .300 Win Mag.  He is employed by the Anson Co. DOT. 

Pix of Walker Stewart, nephew of David Stewart of Ellerbe, NC with an Ellerbe Farm Pond monster largemouth bass caught on 03-19-09 that weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz.  Walker has a right to be grinning.

Dillon Sellers with his first gobbler taken on 04-16-09 about half a mile from his home and had to lug this monster Tom home.  Weighted  25 pounds, 1 1/8 inch length spurs and a 10 1/2 inch beard.  Dillon used an owl hooter to locate the ole boy and called him in with a diaphragm call.  

Lewis Stewart on left and Aaron Callahan harvested this pair of birds on April 13, 2009 while hunting the upper part of Richmond County, NC.  Both fired at the same time.  Both young men are cousins and Lewis Stewart is the nephew of David Stewart of Ellerbe, NC. 

Jim Yarboro of Gun Barrel City, Texas with a pair of nice blue cats caught on 05-13-09 that were spawning and they weighed 6 1/2 and 7 1/4 lbs. and should be some good eating, either filets or catfish stew.

Carol Yarboro of Gun Barrel City, Texas with a nice 8 lb. catfish recently caught.  Carol and Jim have caught around 150 catfish this spawning season!  

Pix of Donald aka "Duck" Campbell of Halifax, NC with a couple of his squirrel dogs.  The tan colored dog (Lil' Man) is 7 years old and has been one of the best squirrel dogs around these parts.  The small beagle looking puppy (Happy Jack)  is 15 weeks old and both are Mountain Fiece and came from up near Kings Mountain, NC.  They are basically bred from Kerr and Plot hounds or down sized coon dogs.

Pix of John Gaddy of Polkton, NC with a good heavy mass 8 point buck taken with his Mathews Drenalin bow with Easton Axis arrows and Rage 100 grain 3-blade broadhead.   Live weight of buck estimated at about 190 lbs.

Another pix of the buck...John placed the arrow right into the "sweet" spot in the brisket...only shot he had and a perfect, well place shot...those Rage broadheads are awesome! Looks like a bush axe hit the buck.

Tammy Stewart, bride of David Stewart, Ellerbe, NC with catfish caught in the Pee Dee River in front of their beautiful log home.

David Stewart with a mess of trout taken with the ole fly rod near Damascus Spring Virginia, Spring 2009.

Quinton Thompson of Mt. Gilead, NC with a good 8 point "Management Buck"....let him grin on that statement!


Douglas Pettigrew of Reidsville, NC my #1 Brother-in-Law with a "freezer buck"....should be some good table fare!  Doug has had good luck this hunting season filling his freezer.

Bill Porter with a 6 point buck harvested Christmas Eve 2009 and destined for the freezer.   An early Christmas present!

Russell Jackson, Correctional Training Instructor I at DCC Division III, Kernersville, NC harvested this 16.5 inch inside spread 158 lb. 8 point bruiser with his Browning A Bolt on 12-23-08 at 8 A.M. 

Above pixs of  "Baby", our Daughter Laura's dog trying to figure out what I am doing!

Brian Johnson with a wild hog headed to the sausage grinder.

Steve Davis harvested this great 8 point buck weight 185 lbs. on 11-07-09 in Franklin County.  Steve used a Savage 110 chambered in .270 Winchester caliber.

Jim Yarboro of Gun Barrel City, Texas with a 42 lb. Flathead catfish taken on his home made catfish bait!  A great catch for sure!  05-31-10.

Randy Steele of Cason's Old Field, NC with a deer taken back in the early 1980s.  Check out the state of the art archery equipment back then!  This is one of his "milk mouth" bucks.

Shannon Steele of Wadesboro, NC with a Monster 8 point buck harvested in 1995.  This ole boy scored 149 B&C points and sported a 22 inch inside spread with a 10 inch G3 tines.  Can you say awesome?

8 year old AJ Harrington caught this 53 lb. catfish along with a 43 lb. and several more recently.  Ole Daddy Rab Avery Harrington didn't reveal the location....grin on that one.

William aka Jimmy Rogers with a 368 lb. wild hog taken in February 2010.

Doug Pettigrew my Nr. 1 Brother-in-Law from Reidsville, NC harvested this nice 8 point buck on 11-04-11 with the ole "smoke pole" around 4ish in the afternoon.

Russell Jackson harvested this great looking 9 point buck with a 17.5 inch inside spread weighing 182 lbs. with his .50 caliber smoke pole on 11-05-11.

Pix of Walker Stewart, nephew of David Stewart of Ellerbe, NC with a good 8 point buck harvested with a 16 gauge shotgun.

Jason Grimm who is Bill Escott's Grandson harvested this buck in Iowa this year with his bow.  Deer weighed 300 lbs.

Troy Smith harvested this 8 point buck in Alabama during the 2012 hunting season.

Dillon Sellers harvested this excellent Long Beard April 15, 2013 in Anson County, North Carolina.

My Number One Brother-in-Law Douglas Pettigrew of Reidsville, NC harvested this nice deer with bow and arrow on 09-17-13.

Doug Pettigrew with another deer for the freezer harvested on 10-24-13.  Doug made a frontal shot on the deer and the broadhead exited the deer's anal opening....can you say ouch out loud?


Today is November 7, 2013 and haven't done any serious "smoke pole" aka muzzleloader hunting yet this season.  Just haven't been in the mood with my bride and myself having several Drs. appointments out of town during the week which usually ties up the better part of a day......well, an excuse anyway.

My Number 1 Brother-in-Law,  Douglas Pettigrew of Reidsville, NC had good luck hunting this afternoon with the ole smoke pole.  He got into his hunting blind and wasn't there but about ten minutes and harvested a good 9 point buck at 4:08 PM.  Doug was using a can doe bleat call and lured the ole boy in.  My sister sent me a couple pixs of Doug with his deer which are posted below:


The buck has a drop tine over his right ear and 14 inches inside spread.  This ole boy should make for some fine eating.


John Gaddy of Polkton, NC harvested this nice 8 point buck weight at 175 pounds on 11-25-13 at 10:50 AM with a Browning X-Bolt .308 Winchester with a Hornady Superformance 165 grain SST bullet.  Deer was about 66 yards and dropped in his tracks and cold that morning at 19 degrees F. around day break.  John said the buck looked big and mean but the closer he got to the downed deer there was a tremendous amount of ground shrinkage.....grin if you must!

Big John Gaddy of Polkton, NC with a 9 point, 14.5 inch inside spread 180 pound Mega Buck harvested on 09-20-14 at about 0800 hours from one of his 20 feet platform stands at an undisclosed location in Anson County, NC.  John used a Striker cross bow with a 395 grain bolt with a G5 100 grain broad that took the ole bow down at 25 yards.  John saw a total of 5 bucks and three bucks about all this size were munching on his shelled corn when he touched the trigger on his cross bow.  Should make some "beautimous" venison.  Big John has been an avid bowhunter for many decades, however he had to give up the ole bow for a crossbow due to medical reasons.

Big John Gaddy strikes again with his Striker Cross bow.  Above 8 point buck weighed 221 pounds sporting a heavy mass rack with 17 inside spread.  Several asked the deer processor was his scales right and he said they were correct.  The buck traveled a good 200 yards before expiring with a shoulder wound of which Big John was trying to make a heart shot but sometimes it just doesn't happen the way we want it.  John had to recruit some help from Jody Brown and ole Jody bird dogged the buck down which left no blood trail due to the location of the wound.  This buck was harvested at an undisclosed location.......grin if you must!  

William Pence of PA, recently harvested this Illinois mega buck....looks like the ole buck's parents bred with a Hertford cow by the size of it's body!

Jim Yarboro from Gun Barrel City, Texas harvested this nice 9 point buck on 11-26-14 with a 16 3/4 inch inside spread.  Jim uses the homemade trough to gut his deer in since he has back trouble bending over and this allows him to stand up while gutting the deer.  Working smarter not harder!

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 12-06-14.


Douglas Pettigrew aka Brother Doug of Reidsville, NC harvested this ole pesky groundhog aka whistle pig at 50 yards on 10-22-16 with his .22 cal. scoped rimfire rifle using a modified Wolf long rifle round hose bullet turned into a hollow point using a custom Neil Waltz die.  That was the last dance the ole whistle pig did with Neil Waltz.

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-22-16.


Douglas Pettigrew, my No. 1 Brother-in-Law from Reidsville, NC, harvested this nice 6 point buck.  Doug hadn't been in his hunting blind but about 30 minutes and after bleating a few times, he said he thought he heard the deer get up.  His muzzleloader "smoked" the ole boy at about 45 yards and the buck ran about 80 yards before running out of steam.  

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-08-16.


I no longer donate calls to NWTF chapters or support the organization due to alcoholic bars set up with free drinks as a means to inebriate potential high dollar spenders and bidders at their banquets.  This is a disgusting and immoral way to conduct business to raise money in my humble opinion!  Also, the usage of "bar maids" (literally and figuratively) to serve the drinks and assist in the auction is low class.  When you are of the world, this is a normal protocol.

Web page updated by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 09-19-17.


William Pence of PA, recently harvested this excellent Ohio 10 point buck which was 200 lbs. plus and has a Boone and Crockett green score between 141 and 143 and his best bow kill to date.

Web page updated by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-10-17.


Michael Davis and his son Jacob harvested this nice buck on 11-11-17 at approximately 3:58 P.M. per the time/date stamp on the digital image.  Ole "Daddy Rab" Bill Dias is certainly proud of them!


William Pence of PA, formally from Hamlet, NC killed this monster 11 point buck in Illinois.  He green scored 147 B&C and was 20 1/2 inch inside.  William has a golden horseshoe because his regular slug shotgun was giving him trouble and pinch hit with a 20 gauge shotgun with iron sights and actually fired three rounds at this monster without a hit and the buck later came back and he made a good hit on him with the 4th round and sent a couple more downrange just for good measure.  See why I said he had a golden horseshoe?  William sent me the pix on 11-18-17.


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