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Porter Custom Calls feature a one-piece carved call body with a unique and novel "torpedo nose"  tapered sound chamber with the inside wall thickness of the sound boards curved and thinner in the middle than at the top leading edge for superior sound projection allowing the call to direct and reflect sound waves farther similar to a parabolic dish antenna.  Soundboards are hand tuned to produce lower pitch sounds emulating a “boss hen” and a higher pitch soundboard of a “younger hen”

Frequency analysis of recorded wild turkey sounds; yelps, clucks, purrs and cutts used as a bench mark to compare the sounds produced by the Dual Hens sound chamber and soundboards to check initial box call design along with actual field testing.   

Call body available in Honduras Mahogany, Black Walnut, Poplar, Sassafras and Butternut with lids from Eastern Red Cedar.  The more dense woods produce higher pitch sounds with the same physical dimensions in relationship to softer woods such as Mahogany and Butternut.  Satin lacquer finish applied over sealer undercoat.  I keep the finish on my calls at a minimum and hand buffed to a matt finish to reduce reflection and glare while in the field hunting.  In my humble opinion, box calls sound much better with no finish applied, however a call needs some protective finish although my calls certainly are not waterproof by any means! 

Calls inlaid with Original Pre-War style No. 4 design banjo wood marquetry inlay aka wood purfling used back in the late 1920s and 30s on extremely high dollar instruments for decoration and an inlaid American Eagle medallion.   

Each hand crafted custom call is signed and dated by call maker Bill Porter with a description of the wood species used and area where wood was harvested.  Each call as per picture above has a silencer strap installed and shipped with 1/2 sphere of Carpenter's Blue Chalk.

NOTE:  Call base is integral part of the call body and not glued in place. 

Limited availability of Dual Hens box call with current price $ 300.00 plus 15.00 shipping (USA) with a two to four month delivery time whereas April through May slower delivery time due to our annual spring turkey hunting season and field testing calls.  Money back guarantee (less shipping charges) if not satisfied provided call is returned prepaid and in undamaged condition.

NOTE:  Add $ 21.00 NC Sales Tax to above price for a total cost plus shipping =  $336.00.

METHOD OF PAYMENT:  I do not accept credit cards at this time or sell open account.  All orders must be prepaid via check or money order and call will be shipped after sufficient time to allow funds to clear the bank.  I will inform you via email or telephone call when call is shipped.

I do not ship orders outside of the USA.

I maintain a small inventory of my "field grade" calls for immediate shipment, so email for availability.


531 Burlington Street
Wadesboro, NC 28170-2501

Telephone:  704-694-6316  Leave a message on our voice mail.

Price and specifications subject to change without notice.

Listen to mp3 sound file of this call.


Length:             7.25”                            Length:            9.75”

Width:              1.75”                            Width:              1.75"

Height:             1.75”                           Thickness:       .250 to .330”


Eastern Red Cedar lid  inlaid with Mother of Pearl Dogwood blossom with Green Abalone Pearl center and the North Carolina State outline in  Red Abalone Pearl with strutting turkey in Green Abalone Pearl with etching/engraving for feather detail.  Call body is one piece carved with inlaid wood purflings (marquetry)  on each side.  Black Walnut from West Virginia.  Eastern Red Cedar wood is from Anson County, North Carolina locally cut and air dried several years before processing.  

Price for the North Carolina "Limited Edition" Custom Deluxe call is $ 500.00 plus $15.00 shipping which requires a $ 50.00 non-refundable deposit with current delivery time running between one to two years.  Total cost plus sales tax and shipping = $ 550.00.

NOTE:  This call is no longer available!

Price and specifications subject to change without notice.

Listen to mp3 sound file of this call.  

Above prototype call presented to our son Bill Jr. on 07-09-16.


Below yellow poplar box call painted by Barnie Slice of Pawleys Island, SC on 11-19-15 while visiting my friend and customer Jim Norris at his shop in Wallace, SC. 

Barnie did the painting in less than 15 minutes, a good guesstimate.  Barnie Slice is an incredible artist for sure.  Total cost plus shipping is:  $ 386.50.

The above box call is a special order and normally not kept in stock.


Optional mother of pearl and abalone pearl inlay designs available for both sides, top and ends.

Example of a Special Prototype Lid commissioned and not for sale at this time.  Green mother of pearl vine inlay and border of Green Abalam pearl.  Note:  This lid was not cut and inlaid by Bill Porter, but used as a master pattern!  David Nichols of Custom Pearl Inlay inlaid this lid and set the bar very high.  This is an example from a Master inlayer at the top of the craft/art!

Price and specifications subject to change without notice.

Special medallion inlaid in Eastern Red Cedar lid that has many small beautiful knots adding to the elegance of this call.  Customer provided the medallion for this call, whereas various motifs and emblems can be inlaid into the lid.

The above call made from Sassafras wood from Kentucky with the Eastern Red Cedar wood from Anson County, North Carolina.  Call made for a special friend of mine,  Quinton Thompson of Mt. Gilead, NC. and he requested that the Captain Insignia bars be used instead of the Eagle Medallion.  This call will probably see more service in his Call Display Case than in the woods knowing Quinton.  Sassafras wood gives off a wonderful aroma when carving, sanding, etc. and one of my favorite woods to create a call out of.  I have not seen any Sassafras trees here in Anson County large enough to make anything except the old-timey "toothbrushes" and the Old Timers would boil the roots from the small bushes to make Sassafras tea.  However, a friend of mine here in the County stated that he has seen the Sassafras tree about as large as your leg.

Click on the turkey icon for a sound clip of this call played on 03-08-12.

Another call made for Quinton Thompson featuring Butternut wood from West Virginia and Cedar from Anson County, North Carolina.  Call has a Sid Bell Original copyright CS1 turkey track medallion inlaid into the lid.  Call presented to Quinton at his retirement party on November 3, 2012.  Pix background added with PhotoShop by Ken LeVan, Shunk, PA.

Above, an Eastern Red Cedar lid from wood harvested in Anson County, NC and inlaid with colorful mother of pearl with the cedar wood stained black for contrast.  I am using one of Sid Bell's original copyright design pewter turkey track medallions to keep the turkey hunting theme going.  Plan to place the lid on one of my black walnut body turkey box calls and this custom call will probably see more time in my display cabinet than in the turkey woods.  No finish applied to the lid yet.

NOTE:  Many have asked if my calls have won any awards, etc. of which I have never entered a call into a call maker's contest.  I have donated probably 10 times as many calls than I have sold to various NWTF chapters for fund raisers, various organizations and individuals and have a few current owners turning down offers many times what they originally paid for their call which speaks for itself!  Those individuals had the opportunity to come by my shop and hand pick a call from my personal inventory to satisfy their specific requirements.  I currently have a small inventory of my "dual hens" field grade model calls to choose from.  The bottom line, my calls will lure wild turkeys in if used properly and are suitable for call collectors as well.

Updated by Bill aka Mickey Porter 05-18-15, 11-19-15 and 02-15-17.