Xander's 1st Birthday Party

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My bride and myself visited our youngest daughter Lisa Gonzales of Stamford, Texas to be there for their son Xander McKnight Gonzales first birthday.  We left Douglas International Airport at Charlotte, NC on March 16, 2010 and had an interconnecting flight out of Dallas/Forth Worth to Abilene, Texas.  We have went through DFW several times before and that is one airport that is really stretched out.  You normally come in on one side and depart the other side of the airport if heading West and Northwest.

American Airlines provided wheel chair access for my bride and staff were waiting at each stop coming and going.  My bride can manage without a wheel chair but with all the walking required up and down the flight ramps, the wheel chair works much better and was definitely safer.

Since this was a vacation and definitely desired to get away from anything that resembled a work environment, I did not access a computer the entire 7 days and only made a couple cell phone calls and that wasn't work related.  We had a great time and our daughter and son-in-law Steve were fantastic hosts and we lacked for nothing.   We got a chance to meet Steve's parents, Connie and Steve Gonzales and hit if off very well with them.

We had no desire to do a lot of touring different attractions but wanted to simply soak up our newest grandson and enjoy the fine hospitality provided.  I got a chance to do a couple of my recipes while there and got some on the job training from Steve and his Mother Connie to add their recipes to my Mexican Cuisine section on the website.

We also met other relatives of Steve and Connie Gonzales and took pixs at Xander's 1st birthday party. 

The town of Stamford, Texas is a more or less farming town/community and the recession has hit their town very hard like many small towns here in the USA.  The terrain is very flat and the weather would go from one extreme to the other and had some sleet and ice a couple mornings and the day we departed on March 23, 2010, the weather was supposed to be in the high 70's, quite a contrast from a few days earlier.

Below are thumbnail pixs taken and click on the thumbnails for a larger view:


Photos by Bill aka Mickey Porter and web published 03-28-10.

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