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My Sister Susan Pettigrew aka SusieQ and my # 1 Brother-in-Law, Douglas Pettigrew who lives in Reidsville, NC had plans to come for a visit on April 4, 2017.  I am certainly glad the weather was cooperating at both of our locations here in good ole North Carolina.

I had Brother Doug half a dozen frozen wild Cottontail rabbits aka "wabbits" as Elmer Fudd would call them, of which him and SusieQ enjoys rabbit and gravy as much as my bride and myself does.  I also saved him a two pound stalk of my Cajun Blend Venison Summer Sausage.

The 4th of April finally arrived and we planned to have lunch at The Shed Country Buffet in Cheraw, SC.  Our youngest daughter Lisa, Xander and baby Lily were to be our guests as well and everyone met at the Porter home prior to traveling to The Shed.  My bride has not been feeling well the past few days and did not want to spread any germs around, therefore she stayed home.  We left Wadesboro, NC around 10:30 A.M. in order to be at The Shed when the doors open at 11:00 A.M.

We have been to The Shed numerous times and they certainly do have an old time country buffet and the food is seasoned with the type of country seasonings found in our "neck of the woods."

There was plenty of State Highway road construction going on and we had to stop a couple times since there was one lane of traffic active in the work zones, but we made it to The Shed in Cheraw, SC right about 11:00 A.M.  There was a line waiting to get into the restaurant which usually means there is good food to be had inside.

I had my ole antiquated trusty Canon 30D DSLR camera with me and a standard 18 - 55mm zoom lens to document our visit which is my normal protocol.  I believe I took pixs at the The Shed in the past but for whatever reason, I didn't write a short story and/or save the pixs.

I took a couple pixs before we went inside.

Doug, SusieQ, Xander, Lisa and baby Lily.

I see yours truly in the reflection above, taking the pix.......grin if you must!  This was a planned pix.

As manifested by the pix, a car buff is and/or associated with The Shed by the amount of car memorabilia present in the restaurant.  Kathy Hunt, owner, stated that the building was once occupied by Bennett Motor Company.

I asked Kathy Hunt if she would allow me to take some pixs for a short story to post on my website and I gave her a business card, explaining what I planned to do.  She agreed and smiled for a photo also. 


We found a table that would seat at least six persons and it didn't take our waitress long to get our drink orders.  She was very reluctant to allow her pix to be taken, but I talked her into it.  I didn't inquire any further to ascertain her name.  She is an outstanding waitress for sure!

Below pix of our group sans yours truly behind the camera.


I don't have the daily schedule for the menu, but they have some outstanding crispy fried chicken every day on the buffet and it is seasoned wonderfully and not greasy at all. 

Click on the below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

As evidenced by the above pixs, there is a good selection of vegetables and meats along with a soup.  The fried cornbread as with all the items on the buffet is "off the chain good."


There is a salad bar as well, but got to hungry taking those pixs and the camera had to rest, while I got a good workout with the fork at our table.  The peach cobbler is one of my favorite desserts at The Shed.


I got a chance to talk to Ms. Betty Fields, one of the cooks and I thanked her for her wonderful cooking.  Below is a pix of Betty Fields:


Kathy Hunt showed me a drawing that was in her Mom and Dad's home that was done back in the 1920s if my memory is correct and the pix of the pix/drawing below:

The drawing/picture above is of the cotton operation near Mt. Croghan, SC.  Kathy also told me that the floor in the back rooms was from a local school gym way back when and her Mom and Dad danced on the floor before they were married.  How cool is that?  There is a lot of local history going on in The Shed and I will post additional pixs I took of some of the decor.


I planned to pick up the tab for the meal, but my Nr. 1 Brother-in-Law Doug Pettigrew beat me to the cash register, therefore my money wasn't any good......grin if you must.

I left our waitress a sizeable tip, of which she definitely earned it.  My bride worked as a waitress for years and I am very aware of the importance of leaving a good tip for someone that does an exceptional and superb job, since tips are a large part of their income.  It is amazing the number of "skinflints" that leave no tip or a meager tip and definitely in a position to do better as evidenced by their attire, jewelry, watches, etc., and/or their social standing in the community.  Ok, I've vented enough! 

In closing, we had a wonderful meal together and as I say so many times, "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed, Friendship and Fellowship."  Doug and SusieQ were heading back to Reidsville, NC from The Shed and they are always fun to be with.  Family and Friends are just a few of the bonuses that God allows us to enjoy.  Doug and SusieQ are a blessing to our family!


Baby Lily slept practically the entire time at The Shed restaurant and during the ride back to Wadesboro, NC.  Above pix taken when we arrived back home and it wasn't too much later when it was her feeding time.  She is a baby doll for sure.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 04-04-17.


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Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 04-04-17.

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