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On a cool spring morning during the month of April 2004 the singing and chatter of a nearby Mocking Bird awakened me from an apparent light sleep.  Sliding from beneath the covers still in a dreamlike state, I gathered a few crucial items of clothing and headed toward the kitchen to prepare a fresh pot of 8 O’clock Columbian coffee.  While grinding the beans, the thermos-type coffee pot was being filled with filtered water from the Culligan under the counter dual element filters.  While the coffee was brewing, I decided to get a sandwich baggie out from the work station/bar island cabinet to store some archery arrow feathers later in the morning.  While probing around in the cabinet, much to my surprise an albino cool to the touch tentacle fell onto my right hand. Not having a cup of Java yet, my cognitive process and psycho motor skills were still in LaLaLand….my feet wanted to move but I was squatted down on one knee and my right hand rocketed out of the cabinet and would have exited the kitchen but it was still attached to my arm and body which was wanting to move but the awkward position would not allow it to happen.  If you must go ahead and grin!  It took a few moments; maybe more to figure out what this “thing” was that had attempted to grab my hand/arm. After careful examination, I found that a new type of plant/animal was created. It had the tentacles of an albino octopus and the body of a Idaho white potato.  How the two got together might be a mystery. Was it the pheromones, hormones, estrogen or testosterone or a natural occurrence of nature such as oxygen, temperature, humidity and light or lack of light?  I have seen some of the Potatopus’s offspring in past years but those in the cabinet this morning have to be the Parents or Grand Parents because apparently one package of the potatoes is the male and the other is the female.  Since this is a new species, there is no documentation or reference material within my reach to determine the sex and age of them.   I took them out side for a photo session and will allow them to continue to reproduce in the back yard and hopefully by spring’s end, there will be some little Potato pusses all over the back yard/field..  

Attached is a pix of Mr. And Mrs. Potatopus for you to view.

Note:  I though I originally coined the word Potatopus, but it has been around a long time....grin if you must! 

Written and web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter, April 17, 2004.


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