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The following pixs were taken on October 31, 2003 and were archived on a back-up CD and just now getting around to loading them to my website.  My website was not created until around 2007 and recently started creating WebPages for the archived pixs.

From the pixs that I have located, it appears that 1999 was the first year that we started doing a Halloween party and that stemmed from doing it for the East coast Huneycutt Grandboys and it grew each year.  My bride had a massive brainstem stroke in 2006 of which she made a good recovery considering those types of strokes leaves a person dead or in a vegetative state.  It just wasn't her time to go and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ it wasn't any worse.

Click on the below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen.  When you open the pix in your web browser, the URL should display the information I have on each file as to who the people are:



This was the first Outdoor party that we hosted that Bernice and Bobby Talent, one of my bride's sisters and husband from Florida was able to attend.  We had several folks from our place of employment being The North Carolina Department of Correction; e.g., Joy Waddell, John Gaddy, Quinton Thompson and his wife Carolyn, Kenneth Diggs and his wife Felisha and daughter Grayson, Danny Wright and his daughter Danielle, Our neighbors Johnny and Pat Hildreth and their son Brian, Haywood and Sue Newton,  Brian and Lisa Newton, Kirk Haigler and his girlfriend, Lisa and David Netting, Wink and Rachel Myers, Boyce Adcock, Rose and Vondale Tucker, Laura, Keith, Travis and Trevor Huneycutt, Clara Lowry, Mom and Pop aka Bill and Ann Porter.  I am sure there are some that I overlooked.

Mrs. Joy Waddell provided some music and singing.  We had a PA set up and had soundtracks with scary Halloween music going until closing time.....grin if you must!

We served hot dogs and condiments along with my bride's Chili n Beans which hits the spot on those cold evenings and nights.

Everyone had a great time and there is nothing as relaxing as sitting close to a warm open wood fire on a cold night with the heat warming the body and soul.  Watching the glowing amber embers heading skyward and the popping sound given off as they exit the fire pit heading aloft is a wonderful experience!  It reminds me of the many weeks we spent on Blewett Falls Lake, Pee Dee River, Anson County, NC camping back in the late 1970s thru the middle 1980s when our kids were young.

It is great to be able to have such simple fun and enjoyment and give God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior the Praise, Honor and Glory in all things.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-14-16.

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