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Anson County North Carolina has not seen any snowfall on Christmas Day since 1947 and we were very close this year of having a White Christmas, however it didn't start snowing until around midnight and I took a few pixs of our Christmas yard decor the following morning December 26, 2010.  My Northern friends grin at us down South since we rarely see any significant snowfall and most of the time it will snow and immediately freeze a solid crust on top.  The snow this morning is of the powdery type and very pretty. 

With all the commercialization of our CHRISTMAS Holiday and so many attempting to get on the Political Correctness Band Wagon of not wishing to offend anyone and to me they have no backbone and don't stand for anything that really matters and mere puppets; "Pull my little strings and I'll do anything."  Without Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, there would be no Christmas since Christ is the Reason for the Season!   Whatever your personal Faith and Religion are, it is your choice and right;  I choose to be a Christian!  I have a lighted Star of David and a Cross elevated about 40 feet above ground to give symbolic tribute to the Christmas Season and several Angels to go along with the traditional seasonal decor.   Laus Deo "Praise be to God."  With that said, below are some pixs of the Porter Home Christmas Yard Decor; Click on the thumbnails for a larger view: 


My bride did the detail painting on the yard decor projects except the sleigh and I handled all the brawn stuff like fabrication and maybe a base coat or two of paint and sprayed the clear sealer coat on them...she is the artist not me!  Our youngest daughter Lisa Dianne would comment about angles not having red hair so my bride fixed that whereby painting one of the angles with red guessed it,  Lisa Dianne has red hair....grin if you must!

This has been a very special and wonderful Christmas this year with my Mom still with us and attending our Christmas Dinner.  She is a cancer survivor and not too long ago had a pace maker inserted and doing fairly well.


God is good and merciful to us all whether we acknowledge him or not!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bill aka Mickey Porter 12-26-10.

UPDATE:  Mom departed this life to be with her Lord and Savior on May 1, 2011 succumbing to congestive heart failure and is greatly missed. 

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