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The following archived pixs were taken during the month of December, 2002 documenting our annual Christmas Eve family party and also pixs of our neighbors; e.g., Johnny and Pat Hildreth and Tim and Joyce Deese.  This might have been the first time the Porter, Hildreth and Deese families hosted a Street Block Party, but don't remember Burlington Street being block off for this one.  Our last block party was Christmas 2006 due to members with serious and medical and life threatening.  I didn't take many pixs of the event but will post what I took. 


The following pixs were taken of the yard decor of the Porter, Hildreth and Deese homes along with a couple pixs of some refreshments served. 


Johnny and Pat Hildreth were the first ones on Burlington Street to go all out with the Christmas decorations.  Each year, the Hildreth, Deese and Porter decor got larger and better until our wonderful friend and neighbor came down with terminal cancer which eventually took his life in 2009. 

A bunch of lights and a ton of work getting them up and running!

A view of Johnny and Pat's decor from the bottom of the hill in front of our home.

Another view of the Hildreth yard decor.

Pat Hildreth serving refreshments.

Pat Hildreth and her sister Hilda.

Allen Hildreth and his little "rug rat"

Ralph Henry Coble and Johnny Hildreth.


Upper yard decor.

Life size manger scene.

Deese yard decor with Porter home in background.

Yard decor - multi-yards. 

Tim and Joyce Deese serving refreshments.


Porter yard decor viewed from up the hill.

I believe The Three Wise Men found the Star of David on Burlington Street!

Another view of the Porter home yard decor.

Needed a super wide angle to capture the entire decor and not enough room to move backwards.

My bride aka Mrs. Santa Claus serving some refreshments on 12-07-02.


We had our annual Christmas party on Christmas Eve with the Myers, Cranford, Tucker, Dixon and Laura Huneycutt, Clara Lowery, Caregiver Marshalene and Travis and Trevor attending. 

Frankie Cranford getting some of those home made vittles.  I see the remnants of deep fried turkey on the turkey serving platter.   My deep fried Butterball turkeys have been a big hit at our events.

Frankie Cranford, Laura Huneycutt and Marshalene with Rose Tucker's back to the camera.

Ron Dixon, Pop aka William A. Porter and Clara Lowery enjoying some of those vittles.

Vondale Tucker, Joyce Porter and Mom and Pop, Frankie Cranford and Laura in the background.

Rose and Vondale Tucker.


It takes several hours to create the webpage and upload all the pixs, but I do enjoy looking at those archived pixs and how much the Grandboys have grown.  On the sad element, over the years we tend to loose family members and friends and as I say so often, "Time waits for no one."


It is great to live in a Country where we are able to celebrate various Religious holidays of our choice and enjoy the freedom that other Counties which they had.  However, our current political regime and Democratic Liberal Party are doing about all they can to destroy America turning it into a Nation of Moral Decay.  Anyone that can support a political party that condones the killing of an unborn child as a means of birth control because of someone's rights has no Christian values whatsoever.  God will certainly punish the wicked for sure!

Our only hope is that America repent and return to God and that of course includes all the elected fools aka politicians we have in DC corrupting our Nation, both parties.  Open this link for some bible versus about repent.

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