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A couple months ago, my bride aka Joyce Porter had a sharp pain in her left ear and the following morning noticed she had an echo in her left ear which did not go away.  Following an office visit to our local family Physician Dr. Michael Lincoln, she was later referred to Cornerstone in Monroe, NC which specializes in Ear, Nose and Throat problems.  After an MRI which didn't detect any changes in her brain from a previous brainstem stroke that happened in 2006; further testing was done at a couple different locations at their Providence Office and another office in Monroe. 

It was determined after several diagnostic tests that her balance was impaired along with low frequency hearing loss in the left ear of which they tried a hearing aid which did not solve the echo problem in said ear.  Physical Therapy at Carolinas Rehabilitation in Monroe, NC was recommended to see if that would help reduce the echo and improve her coordination and balance.  Below a pix of the Carolinas Rehabilitation facility as viewed from 1106 Reynolds Street:

It should be noted that my bride has made a tremendous amount of progress since her Brainstem stroke in 2006 having to re-learn all the basic motor and cognitive skills, etc., whereas the rehab centers in Stanly and Anson Counties main concerns were getting their patients back on their feet as soon as possible progressing from the hospital bed,  wheel chair, walker and then to a cane of which she progressed very well.  Her type of Brainstem stroke normally leaves one dead or in a vegetative state and it just wasn't her time to die and thanks to God for allowing her to live.  She did not have the normal stroke related symptoms prior to her stroke, therefore immediate medical help was not obtained!  

Our initial visit at the Carolinas Rehabilitation facility located at 1106 Reynolds Street, Suit 200 in Monroe, NC on 08-28-12 formed a very positive first impression emanating a warm and caring atmosphere that permeated throughout the entire facility.  After our check in with Tiffany Helms at the receptionist desk, pix below:

We met with Susan Nowak, Physical Therapist who tailored a specific physical therapy program after reviewing Dr. Lukacs's documentation making clear to both my bride and myself what the objectives and goals were and did some physical tests to ascertain and determine at what level my bride was currently at.  Susan Nowak is a professional in every sense of the word with a joy and enthusiasm for her work that would be hard to surpass, very sensitive and caring at the same time and very pleasing to the eyes as well!   Pix of Susan Nowak:

Over the course of six or seven weeks, Susan Nowak has earned the nickname "G. I. Jane" since she really takes one through a very well thought out structured routine at a safe rigorous pace to improve ones motor skills and it is definitely working.  There is a tremendous amount of documentation throughout the entire process to keep accurate records to track the rate of progression which is a good thing.  When Susan is not working with my bride, Dayna Austin takes over and follows their custom tailored physical therapy protocol using various machines and techniques to address specific muscle groups that help improve balance, muscle strength, dexterity, flexibility, mobility and coordination skills, etc.  It is very evident that the personal health, safety and welfare of each patient is paramount as manifested by the Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistants one on one supervision guiding you through each of the exercises.  It is their profound enthusiasm that motivates individuals to perform at their maximum level to accomplish set goals.   Pix below of one of their balance machines in usage by my bride:


Assisting the Physical Therapist is Wilma Fagio below left in pix who has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.  Wilma is also on fire for the Lord and is not ashamed to share what God has done for her which is wonderful and certainly welcomed by my bride, myself and others!  Wilma's attitude along with the other staff members brightens ones spirit and is uplifting making you feel euphoric for sure.  Since we all are three parts; Spirit, Body and Soul, each part is pertinent in the healing process!  Pix of Wilma below:


Below pix of Dayna, Joyce aka my bride and Susan:

Click on the thumbnail pixs below for a larger screen view:


Following group picture taken during Rehab Week of Carolinas Rehabilitation staff.  Photo by Susan Nowak,  courtesy of Tiffany Helms.

An enormous amount of good has come forth from the physical therapy sessions at the Carolinas Rehabilitation in Monroe, NC and Susan Nowak, PT was quick to advise myself at the onset that physical exercise (walking) would certainly do me some good as well.  I took heed to her stern yet friendly advice and started walking every other day to get my wind and leg muscles back in shape and since then both my bride and myself have joined the Buff Monkey Fitness Company in Wadesboro, NC going at least four times each week for an hour to hour and half workout; upper body one day and lower body the next.

I took note of the amount of Professional grade mechanical and electronic equipment at this facility which is top of the line.  The cleanness and sanitation is to be commended and each piece of equipment and work station is hand sanitized after each individual usage.

In SUMMATION, my bride and myself are very impressed with this facility and the entire staff is very knowledgeable, courteous and professional making one immediately feel right at ease!  It is amazing and awesome that the staff can keep such a positive and up beat mental attitude since a physical therapy program requires contact with individuals that are already experiencing various degrees of discomfort and pain with physical limitations that foster inherent psychological issues and it takes a special dedicated person motivated with extreme sensitivity to address those issues to bring forth positive progressive results.  My bride and myself are spiritually, physically and mentally uplifted after each visit at the Carolinas Rehabilitation facility and my bride knows she has had an excellent physical therapy session as pain no gain...grin if you must!

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 10-04-12.


Carolinas Rehabilitation-Monroe officially closed as of Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013.  You will still have access to our excellent therapists as the team at Carolinas Rehabilitation-Monroe will transition to other Carolinas Rehabilitation locations in the area.  As part of Carolinas HealthCare System, Carolinas Rehabilitation is committed to providing our patients world-class care by a trusted network of rehabilitation specialists.  With the largest network of accredited specialists, nurses and therapists in the region, Carolinas Rehabilitation is nationally renowned and one of the top providers of rehabilitative care in the Southeast.  Thank you for allowing us to care for your patients at Carolinas Rehabilitation-Monroe.  Please feel free to contact us with further questions, at 704-355-3558.

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