Burlington Street Christmas Party 2004

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Below pixs taken on December 11, 2004 being on a Saturday.  My bride is the driving force for the majority of the outside yard decor and inside for the holidays, whereas I do the brawn stuff and she does the artistic and intellectual stuff.  The pixs taken were archived from a back-up CD and finally got around to web publishing them.   Back in 2004, I had a webpage called Porter Family Pictures that our son Bill Jr., had a sub folder for the pictures on his website www.mountainbikebill.com.  Sometime around 2007 or so with the help of Bill, we got my own website www.portercalls.com up and running when I started making custom turkey box calls.

We continued the outside parties until 2006 when my bride aka Joyce had a massive brainstem stroke and she has made an excellent recovery considering that type of stroke normally leaves a person dead and/or in a vegetative state.  With our Lords help, she has come a long way.  I still put up our Christmas yard decor and since 2006 have cut back about 1/3 or more on the amount of decorations, lights, blow-up figures, etc. but we still have it looking very nice and festive!

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Below pix of a 12 feet tall snowman....used this one for about 10 years before the blower motor went out and manufacturer doesn't have any replacements and/or parts.  My brother Allen Porter in the pix for size comparison.  This was one of my bride's favorite Christmas yard decor.





Johnny Hildreth with the aid of family help, would start on his Christmas decorations in the middle of November if memory is correct and have the larger portion of their decorations up and tested out.  Johnny had a self-contained steel fire pit behind their refreshment area that was a comfort during the cold weather.  As evidenced by the folks wrapped up, it was cold!  Our good friend and neighbor Johnny Hildreth passed away in 2009 and we sure do miss him.  I have plenty of pictures of Johnny through out this website.


Tim and Joyce Deese as the Hildreths, had plenty of Christmas lights going.  Joyce Deese made the wood cutouts displayed in the life-size manger scene above.

Our Burlington Street Block Party 2004 had an excellent turn out and the weather was very cold but no rain to keep folks inside.  A couple of years, we had well over 100 people attending and everyone really enjoyed the ole timey Christmas atmosphere and hospitality.  As stated earlier, these pictures were archived and finally got them out and created this page.  Several of the visitors, family and friends; e.g., Johnny Hildreth, Ann & Bill Porter aka my Mom and Pop, Hardin Martin and his Wife, Evelyn Riddle, Jerry Cassidy and one of his son-in-laws have passed away since then and "Time waits for no one" and I try to live each day the best that I can!

We live in a very dynamic and changing world, but God is forever the same.  Click on this hyperlink for a few KJV Bible Scriptures about God Being The Same. 

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-12-16.

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