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Every once in a while, there will be a day when nothing seems to be going right after your feet touch the floor upon exiting the bed.  Today, I do believe was one of those days.  I have read about biorhythm studies which I don't place a grain of salt in because there really is no way to accurately predict what is going to happen today, tomorrow and through out the month as for a high or low biorhythm day based on some type of mathematical cycle.  Many believe it works and if you have an acute case of psychological bias, it certainly works for you, but I will take the position of a Doubting Thomas on this one.  However, I do kid myself about having a bad biorhythm day once in a while.  There are some days when nothing seems to go wrong and you are at the top of your game with everything flowing as smooth and silky as hot melted bittersweet chocolate headed for a cappuccino brownie recipe.

Today, was certainly started off on the wrong foot and let me try and elaborate just a little.  I woke up early around 3:30ish and watched the clock for an hour or more and finally slide from beneath the sheet and covers.  I got dressed and headed for the kitchen and woke the Keurig K-Cup machine from its sleep mode and made a 10 ounce cup of McCafe coffee.  While enjoying the coffee, I made a few mental notes about what I needed to get done today with a few errands to run; e.g., Walmart, Smith's Cleaners, IGA and take used clothes to the Feed My Lambs Facility, etc.  Somehow, my morning meditation was put on hold, (CRS) disease and thus, a chain reaction began.

While in my basement woodworking shop around 8:15 AM, I heard the City garbage collection truck turning around in our drive way and then the light bulb came on.  Today is Monday and our weekly trash pickup day, but too late now.  That was the first boo boo for the start of the day if I don't count missing my morning meditation and decided I would first; go to the Feed My Lambs Facility and looked their schedule up on line, of which they are closed on Monday.  That eliminated taking my trash to the landfill since I have the trunk of the Buick loaded to the brim with bags of used clothing and didn't want to unload the trunk of the car and load it back up again.  I loaned my truck to our youngest daughter, therefore will have to wait one day on getting rid of the weekly trash which can get smelly even in the closed trash bins.......just don't take the lid off too often! 


I decided to check on my deer hunting area outback and noticed a dome tent erected about 12 yards off the Northwest corner of our property on the ole B. C. Moore and Sons estate land which is now owned by Allen Baucom Investments which is a large farming co-operative.  Whoever put the tent up was apparently living in or going to live in it since there was bedding materials, small pillows, blanket, clothes, tarp, personal hygiene items, food items (snacks), etc., or so it appeared!  I returned home and called the lessee of the land and he stated no one should be in there.  I then called the Sheriffs Department who connected me with the the Communications Center and they contacted our local PD and two Police Officers came out and I escorted them to the dome tent.  What was strange, there were about a dozen or more used empty gallon size plus plastic potting containers beside and in front of the tent and a couple were much larger than one gallon in size.  There was a piece of steel 55 gallon barrel going to be used as a fire pit/ring which definitely would be dangerous as dry as it currently is with the wind gusts. There was no evidence that a fire was started yet, but there was fire wood inside the barrel ring.

One of the Officers name was Yarborough and forgot the other Officers name and they were just as puzzled as I am as to what is going on.  I was in the immediate area on the 15th of this month scouting, etc., and the dome tent and potting containers were not there because the dome tent sticks out like a sore thumb.  Several days ago, I noticed a white male who did not look like a homeless person walking around the edge of the wood line in our back yard, whereas he never looked toward the home as if trying to avoid a video camera and exited onto our street.  I thought that was very odd, considering the direction that he came from which is a 12 year old cut over that is fairly thick now with undergrowth. 

I carried my 35mm DSLR camera with me and couldn't get the camera to work properly and that is another reason for thinking of a low biorhythm day.  I am no novice to using a camera but "brain locked" on why it wasn't working properly at the time which later proved to be the Operator's fault.  The Police Officers advised me to keep a watch on the area and maybe install a game camera and if I see anyone in the area to give them a call.  On the way from where the dome tent was erected, we noticed someone had tied heavy white nylon masonry line to trees marking a trail from the tent and it went across our property, crossed a little branch aka Culpepper Creek and then stopped at a trail/path coming from the end of our street which is a dead end street terminating onto our property.  We own the property below it and have 1/2 interest in the road that was never dragged since the land was subdivided and sold in 1952.  Whoever placed the markers on the trees, must not be familiar with this area or easily prone to getting lost in the woods needing visual aids for night access.

Below are some pixs of what I have described above:

Dome tent tucked back into the edge of cover with roots and small trees removed where the tent is erected and a few small trees and bushes removed directly in front to the tent on our property giving them a more open view in case someone comes into the immediate area.  The tent door was zipped open and someone might have heard me coming earlier and made a fast getaway.....just a guesstimate at the best!

Click on below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

I went back and placed a surveyor's orange ribbon across the front of the tent to let the individual know that he or she's presence had been compromised.  This doesn't appear to be the work of young folks needing to release some DNA and more inclined to believe it is a part of a marijuana growing operation on a small scale by the empty potting plant containers and the means to dry the plants out.

Maybe, the individual will get the message and as they say, "Get out of Dodge."   I will be heavily armed, locked and loaded the next time I am in that area and be moving in a stealth like mode for sure.

The clothing and bedding items in the tent wasn't dirty or wrinkled up and don't think it is someone who is homeless.


After taking the pixs above, I followed the advice of the Police Officers and got my game trail camera out, mounted it to a wooden adjustable hinged mounting bracket where I can position it high overhead and hopefully, make it difficult for someone to remove it without a ladder.  The bracket is bolted into the tree with a 1/4 inch diameter x 3 inch length lag bolt and the camera body is secured to the wood hinged bracket with a couple machine screws. 

I had to remove a few small trees in the cameras field of view to capture anyone coming down the trail going to the tent.

After getting the trail camera set-up, I rerouted the white nylon masonry line markers to where the person will come in the camera angle of view.  If the person spots the infrared flash, that person will try and remove the camera for sure since they know they are trespassing and probably up to something that is totally illegal in my humble opinion.

The newer trail cameras have the ability to send a pix via email to you or a remote storage server depending on how much money you want to spend.


I triggered the camera a few times, removed the SD memory card, downloaded it on my pc and everything looked ok as far as the setting of the camera angle on the wooden hinged bracket.  I then placed the SD card back into the camera and ready to go live and on line.

I plan to keep check on the area and go into my stealth mode and see if I can find out who in using the dome tent and what they are up to.


I had a shooting lane I wanted to open up and while trimming some small bushes and limbs out of the way, I slid down an embankment and just about made it into the small creek which has water in it, but I was grabbing hold of anything I could to keep from getting wet.....grin if you must!  

I will post additional information when it surfaces.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-24-16.


Today, October 28, 2016, I checked on the trespasser and squatter dome tent, whereas the door to the tent was still open and animals had removed some of the food items stored in the tent and had it scattered on the ground in front of the tent consuming part of it. 

I checked the game trail camera and no human activity, however I did get a few pixs of a deer, fox and squirrel.

Hopefully, this young buck will remain in the area and end up in my freezer.

It appears, that no one has come back to the tent since I located it on 10-24-16 and hope they have left this area for good!

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-28-16. 


Our youngest Grandson, Xander McKnight Gonzales and myself checked the trail camera while he was visiting with us yesterday.  He had a cast removed from his right arm but that didn't slow him down any.  Below is a pix of Xander and myself walking toward the camera to remove the SD card: 

Xander got a kick out of the pix.  He said he had one big eye......grin if you must....he was rubbing his right eye for some reason.

The usual pixs of the deer, fox and maybe an opossum was on there but no human activity other than  Xander and myself. 


I checked on the trespasser and squatter camp site and the dome tent and contents were gone.  Hopefully, they will not come back into this area again.  I am currently doing the Intel to install remote wireless video cameras running off my wireless network to further extend our home security system.

At least, I know the coyotes haven't killed all the deer around here yet and maybe will get a chance to add a couple of deer to our freezer before the NC annual big game hunting season ends.  I heard a coyote howling outback this morning (11-03-16) around 2AM which definitely interrupted my light sleep and couldn't get back to sleep.  So much for sleeping in this morning.  It is now 0657 and have already had breakfast with the bride, cleaned out one of the lower kitchen cabinets, got a couple Christmas gifts ready to send on its way and will do a little deer hunting this morning.  Next on the agenda, start putting out some Christmas net lights since the outside yard decor is in place as of Halloween.

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-03-16.


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