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February 11, 2017 was a day set aside to celebrate the Adcock family February birthdays which encompassed January and March birthdays too.  Also, a baby shower for our youngest daughter Lisa Dianne Gonzales who is expecting a baby girl sometime in early March, 2017. 

The gathering was coordinated by Sue Newton of Lilesville, NC and Kathy and Jerry Adcock of Monroe, NC graciously offered to host the event at their beautiful and very spacious home which is an ideal setting for such an event. 

I asked Sue Newton to do the narrative for this event and below is a copy and paste in her own words:


What better time to celebrate Family than at Valentine's?  Family is, or at least it should always be, about love.  We have all seen the ugly proof that for many a loving family is not a reality in their lives. Thankfully and humbly, I say our family is blessed. This is not to say that ours has had no problems but it is proof that with enough courage and determination and from an inborn nature to want to love and be loved, we have created a loving family… moving forward into four generations we are leaving a wonderful legacy of this treasure.

Under gleaming Carolina Blue skies, warm sunshine and soft breezes with temps in the mid to upper 70's on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at the gorgeous and spacious home of Jerry & Kathy Adcock, we the Adcock sisters & brothers enjoyed a day of celebrating the family.  We have MANY birthdays in Jan-Feb-Mar and within a couple of days, it would be Valentine's Day and we have Lily Danielle Gonzales (due March3) who we celebrated by gifting her with a Baby Shower.

Kathy always has her home looking like it came right out of a Southern Living décor photo shoot.  With Valentines as her theme, the house was lovingly decorated adding so much 'class' to the affair.  Of course, Jerry was her right hand man with setting up tables and chairs and then getting out of the way.  A man does not need a wife and several sisters giving him instructions or a 'honey do' list. :-)

Remembering how we all loved, in 'the old days' the practice of making Valentine Boxes at school, we did that and for those who didn't, there were decorated gift bags for the birthday cards, Valentine's and gifts that would be given.  We all learned that no one any longer makes Valentine cards in a bag like we could get back in the 50's-60's. There are expensive single cards or perforated sheets of 'junk' that is suppose to pass for Valentine cards. But some made their own, some created PC cards and some used the junk (guilty… I used some of both). Still it was all just about the fun memories and the present shared love.

You know there is no celebration of any kind that doesn't include food.  I am talking GOOOOD FOOD!  Not me, but a lot of my sisters, brothers and in-laws of both genders, could be chefs.  Our menu was created of a joint effort.  Pulled pork BBQ (Bill Porter aka Mickey to us), a beautiful mix of baby greens, seedless red grapes, Mandarin oranges in a salad dressed with an amazing gourmet dressing (Frankie Beachum, who is a paid cook/caterer), two slow cookers of home made from scratch soups, one vegetable and one chicken noodle (Kathy Adcock), egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad with crackers (Rachel Myers) and also no sandwich can stand alone without some chips. The dessert department certainly was not slighted.  Coconut-date bars (Rachel), chocolate pecan pie and a boxed cake mix/cream cheese frosting from a can/bagged coconut comprised the efforts of filling time in a sleepless night (Sue). The pie was planned and made ahead.  I often have insomnia and I cannot just lie in bed wide awake.  I have to get up and do something and Friday night, actually 2am Saturday, I pulled these item out of the pantry and made the cake. I was surprised that it was really a good cake.  We had a large cookie (10” diameter) with Valentine frosting (Kathy) and for the baby shower, strawberry cup cakes with pink frosting and baby decorations (Lisa Newton).  All of this with a variety of cold and hot drinks was a celebration of taste for the palette.

A few years ago, realizing that we brothers and sisters were getting some age on us and we needed to make time for family, we decided to do just that.  We try to meet somewhere for a lunch and catching up, at least every other month.  Usually we go to a centrally located restaurant and sometimes we drive further to enable some who cannot travel far, to be a part of our time together. Occasionally for special events and always at Christmas we do it Celebration Style, which is what we did last Saturday.

Mickey is always on hand with his camera and we are so thankful for him.  He is our photo-journalist, who posts the photos and his commentary on his website for all of us to have access to them.  Of course there were phone cameras everywhere.  Some photos are posed and others the subjects may not have even been aware they were being photographed. Up close photos of 'the girls' have one stipulation. They have to be made before the eating begins.  Eating makes wrinkles around 'mature' lips and all the lipstick has disappeared.

He asked me to write the commentary this time.  I am not the writer he is but I told him I would and right now, this is me keeping my word.  If I am anything, I am dependable.  I do what I say I will do, I go where I say I will go and I will do it on time, if not early. This may be classified as a fault, but that is how I expect people to be with me, as well.  Not to keep a promise to me is excusable only by a death (and probably your own would be the acceptable one :-) That's just how I am made.  If I wasn't using such an old computer for keying this, I would insert those little sticker thingies, so you would be able to see that I am writing in a joking format.

My PC is having problems and Calvin won't be home until the first of March so I am having to use this one that just keeps on going, But it has none of the 'bells and whistles', which is probably why it keeps on going.

So, with four generations present, and Lily due within a couple of weeks, we also learned that in September the fourth generation will increase by two. Shannon is having identical twins. The sex is not yet known but it is known that they are sharing one placenta… ta-da! Identical twins.

To you who were not able to attend, you know that you were missed.  It will probably be around Easter when we have our next family day.  In the mean time, do all you can to stay well and just keep on caring, sharing, praying and loving.  Family is to be celebrated!

Now, back to Bill aka Mickey Porter's pc........

I featured Katy and Jerry's home in one of my short stories in 2012, whereas Kathy and Jerry hosted an After Christmas Party which was outstanding.

Below is an archived pix of their home taken then:

Below is a pix of our host, Kathy and Jerry Adcock with their son Dean and his wife Stacy:


Those with February birthdays as follows: Sue, Autumn, Ray, Madeline, Wink, Mickey, Joyce, Boyce, Tina, Frankie, Geoffrey, Jessica, Lynette, Bernice, Curt and Emma.

Kathy had a Valentine's Day decor theme going since there were bags for everyone with gifts, etc.


The Porter family; e.g., my bride, Laura, Lisa, Xander and yours truly arrived a little early and it didn't take long before I had the Canon 35mm DSLR camera's shutter going off at a regular rate.  Below are pixs of the Valentine Day theme decor.  Click on thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:


Rachel Myers gave our prayer, blessing the food and my camera was quickly put aside and helped myself to some of the very tasty food. 


After, my meal, I got the ole camera going again, walking aka waddling around snapping pixs.  Pixs below taken before and after the food was served.


It is great that the Adcock family gave Lisa a baby shower and everyone was so generous.  Her son Xander will be eight (8) years old next month and she had given away all her baby items; crib, high chair, stroller, etc., apparently thinking she would not have another child! 

In closing, we had a wonderful Adcock Family Day, combining birthdays, Valentine's Day and Lisa's baby shower.  A special Thank You to Kathy and Jerry Adcock for hosting this event and to each and everyone that helped make this a success.  Another Special Thanks to Sue Newton for the narrative introduction, of which I greatly appreciate.

As I say so many times through out this website, "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed, Friendship and Fellowship." 

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 02-13-17 with updated narrative on 02-14-17.


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