Xander's 8th Birthday

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Our youngest Grandson, Xander McKnight Gonzales had his 8th birthday on March 21, 2017, however we celebrated it today on March 25, 2017 at the Pizza Inn in Rockingham, NC during their lunch buffet.


Earlier, in the morning around 8:30 A.M., I picked Xander up at his home in Lilesville, NC  and we rode to the Permanet Solutions Salon owned by Jennifer Johnson to get him a fresh haircut.  I have a before and after pix of the birthday boy with his new haircut.

Haircut in progress below:

Xander with a good grin going after Jennifer did her magic:


Below is pix of their operating hours, etc.:

My bride, Xander and myself were to meet our NC Grandboys, Travis and Trevor at the Pizza Inn, Rockingham, NC of whom the NC Grandboys are now grown men.  They will always be our boys, since my bride tended to them when Travis was 9 months old and Trevor after he was born until they both entered Kinder Garden.  She then picked the boys up after each school day and kept them until their Mother Laura got off from work.  My bride continued to do this for many years until she re-entered the job market again and later managed the Pizza Inn in Wadesboro, NC until it closed some years later.  The owners of the Pizza Inn property got very greedy and increased the upcoming 10 year lease from 3K to 4K per month and Scottish Food Systems, Inc. of Laurinburg, NC who had the franchise for the Pizza Inn, decided not to renew the lease and close the store here in Wadesboro, NC.  That was the demise of great pizza here in Wadesboro, NC in my humble opinion.

My bride could eat Pizza Inn pizza everyday.  We personally don't care for the two pizza establishments here in Wadesboro, NC and make a monthly trip to Rockingham, NC to enjoy their daily buffet.  Every once in a while, we will get a chance to talk with Sam Smith, Pizza Inn Area Supervisor when he happens to be on site.  I like to tell him, "Play it again Sam" from the Bogart movie Casablanca!  Sam has a great personality and a people person for sure.

Sam Smith is in the above pix to the left of the gray haired gentleman.  Pix was taken at Myrtle Beach, SC during one of the Scottish Food Systems annual banquets, of which my Bride and myself attended.  I don't know the exact year, but it was way back when....Sam has a good grin going too!

I got a little side tracked there which is my normal mode of operation (modus operandi) mo for short. 

My wires got crossed and went by Xander's home, but Lisa and baby Lily had already departed and were already in Rockingham, NC picking up Xander's cake at Walmart aka Wally World.

We were unable to get up with Lisa's sister Laura, therefore she missed out on the birthday party.


Lisa and baby Lily arrived shortly after we did as did Travis and Trevor and we all went inside and were quickly greeted by one of the waitresses who got us a table.  Normally, I can remember the name of our waitress and other staff members, but today was one of those "brain dead" days so to speak.  I think it goes along with that date on my birth certificate and/or CRS disease.....grin if you must!  Below a pix of our waitress:

It didn't take but a jiffy and our orders were taken.  After a prayer was said to bless our food, we headed for the salad and buffet bar.

NOTE:  We were at the Pizza Inn on 05-13-17 and the waitress' name is Catie.

Click on the below thumbnail pixs taken for a larger screen view:

I enjoyed a variety of pizza and it was all outstanding.  The last pix above is my plate and I will plead the 5th amendment if you ask me, "how many slices of pizza I consumed!"


The Pizza Inn staff brought out Xander's birthday cake and the candles were lit.  The staff sang an upbeat version of Happy Birthday with Xander blowing out the 8 candles. 

Xander with a big grin going too!

Below, a close-up of Xander's Birthday Cake:

Everyone got a slice of the cake and it was very tasty as Xander would say!


My bride got Xander a large fire truck for his present and he received a gift card and/or money from others.

Our waitress took a group pix of us:

Normally, you don't see Bill aka Mickey Porter in many of my short stories due to not taking the time to set up a tripod, whereas my camera has a timer on it plus, I have a wireless remote control for the shutter also.  I think the problem is not wanting to lug around a tripod.....my bad.  Photo taken by our waitress.

Below is a pix of Lisa and baby Lily.....she didn't hardly make a sound during the entire birthday party.


Our friendly and courteous waitress did a great job and she earned a sizeable cash tip for her work.  I believe in tipping very well to those that do a first class professional job, whereas tipping is a very large part of the wages that they earn for their hard work.  

In closing, we had a great time celebrating Xander's 8th birthday at the Pizza Inn in Rockingham, NC and wish Xander many more birthdays to come.  The various pizzas and salad bar condiments on the buffet were fantastic.  You are allowed to place an order for a couple of your favorite pizzas and I ordered a Loaded Baked Potato and a Monster pizza, of which my bride loves the Loaded Baked Potato pizza and so do I.  They will serve you a couple slices and the rest goes onto the pizza bar for others to enjoy.

I have a short story of Xander's 1st birthday when they lived in Texas linked here.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 03-25-17.


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