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During our weekly visit to Permanet Solution's Salon located on Beaver Road, Wadesboro, NC, on 04-06-12, Sgt. Danny Wright dropped in for a chat and asked if I had seen his bottle tree in his yard which is about a couple hundred yards from Jennifer Johnson's Salon?  I replied that I had not noticed it from the road since I drive like a mule with blinders on looking straight ahead.   Danny invited me and my bride to come by after my bride's hair appointment and I asked Jennifer Johnson, owner of Permanet Solution's Salon to capture a few pictures of the tree for me since my little digital camera was not with me today of which she gladly agreed to.  Below are a few pixs taken by Jennifer and she had to do some serious body positioning to get that sky ward angle pix from the base of the bottle tree toward the top portion.

As noticed from the first picture, the pole consists of a cedar tree that has been partially de-limbed and totally debarked with a protective finish applied over the entire remaining tree and shortened tree stem system.  The bottle tree is buried about two feet into the ground with cement around it for stability and a bed of white rock bordered by larger granite stones to accent the base.  There are a couple  lights added to highlight the tree in the late evenings and at night.  Danny Wright and his bride "Punk"  spent many hours to erect this bottle tree and the variety of shapes and colors of the bottles are totally awesome.  What a wonderful way to creatively display a bottle collection. 

Now for a history lesson on bottle trees, we will have to go back to the invention of glass and bottles which dates back to around 3500 B.C. for glass made in northern Africa and to around 1600 B.C. in Mesopotamia and Egypt when hollow bottles were first produced.   It did not take long after the invention of bottles for tales, rumors and myths to materialize that "spirits" inhabited the bottles no doubt caused by the wind blowing over the bottle's opening giving rise to the believe in "bottle imps",  genies and other superstitions 

About this time according to Folk Lore, people started using glass bottles to capture or repel bad sprits since they believed that roaming night spirits could be lured into the bottles and trapped inside and in the morning the sunlight would destroy them.  Danny and Punk are not using their bottle tree to capture roaming spirits but solely as a yard or garden ornament and such garden art is really on the up sweep featured in garden shows around the world.  There is no set pattern, rule or recipe for erecting a bottle tree and one of the earliest ones around Wadesboro was made from a wooden pole with dowels installed at an angle to display the owners bottle collection which is very unique indeed.  I believe it was Dr. Ruth Elum if I am not mistaken. 

The sun rays will illuminate and reflect off each bottle in a different way due to the color or hue of the bottle, bottle thickness and by the various patterns and textures that is formed into each bottle which re-directs the sun rays similar to a prism especially when moisture aka dew is collected inside the bottles during the night temperature cool down.  

If you are in the neighborhood or want to make a special trip to view Danny and Punk's bottle tree, swing by Beaver Road and take a look at their creative work.  They also have a fish pond they built with a continuous running waterfall and all the amenities that go along with it like miniature palm trees and various species of gold fish.  Their yard offers beauty, peace, tranquility, calmness and a feeling of relaxation which is unsurpassed!

Written and web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 04-07-12 and photos courtesy of Jennifer Johnson taken on 04-06-12.


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