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I was invited by one of my friends Robert Webster of Hamlet, NC to his upcoming wedding on February 13, 2016 and the day finally arrived.  As is my nature, I gave Robert a good ribbing about getting married and of course it was all in fun and he has been a good sport about it too and we both cracked a grin from time to time. 

My bride has been feeling poorly the past few days and about to come down with another one of those serious colds we call the "crud".  She decided to stay in but certainly wanted to attend the ceremony and I am sure she did the wise thing; not get any worse herself or the possibility of spreading whatever she has.

With my trusty Canon camera in hand and a spare battery, I arrived a little early around 1:20, whereas the wedding was scheduled for 2:00 P.M. at the Cathedral Baptist Church on Old Lilesville Road here in Wadesboro, NC.  Robert's bride to be is Sandra McIntosh from Lilesville, NC and they share many common interests and I do hope they will be as happy as my bride and myself have been the past forty-eight (48) years.  Marriage has its ups and downs and takes effort by both people to make it work with true enduring love!  Sandra will be certainly getting a man that is multi-talented and knows his way around cooking which is always a good thing.  I don't think there is anything that Robert can't do in the way of building things; electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding, mechanical, etc., which are good skills to have when it comes to maintaining your home.  Robert knowing how to use the kitchen sink and dish washer is another big plus for Sandra along with his vacuum cleaner and moping skills too....Robert, grin if you must!  Robert is already domesticated but he will need to get back into the saddle to step it up a notch or two.  Robert is a very giving person of his time, talents and other resources and does unto others as he would like them to do unto himself which are admirable personality characteristics to possess and those type of traits normally start off with parents who set the example!  

I first met Robert back years ago while working with the NC Department of Correction, now called Department of Public Safety and we have shared some personal projects together since both of our retirements and it was a pleasure today to meet some of his relatives; especially his Dad and two Aunts along with many others.

Click on the below thumbnail pixs taken in the Cathedral Baptist Church sanctuary as the wedding was getting ready to take place:

Below pix of Robert's son Wesley, his wife Katie, son William Agustus aka Gus, his wife's parents Renea and Barry Craven.

Sandra being escorted down the isle by Grandsons Kobie and Bryson Jackson:

After their vows were taken, Robert kissed the bride and they were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Robert Webster:

I didn't think Robert was going to let Sandra come up for air but he finally did....grin if you must!

Click on below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view as folks headed to congratulate Robert and Sandra while in route to the fellowship building reception to sample some of Robert's grilling and cookin':


The pictures taken in the fellowship hall are not the greatest due to needing an external flash and also I didn't change the camera setting for the fluorescent light source.  Normally, the camera's automatic white color balance works ok but there was far too much of the color RED left over from an early Valentine's Day party which fooled the camera sensors; my bad on that one.

I finally put the camera down because it is hard to operate a camera with a fork in one hand and cup of tea in the other enjoying those "beautimous" vittles.  Normally, I am a guinea pig on some of Robert's new recipes and finally got a chance to enjoy some of his proven and tested ones.  The potatoes and onions were "off the chain good" as was everything prepared!

I was a little bit alarmed earlier in the day when Robert called me sounding sort of serious and said that he thought he had made a mistake.  I told him that was on him and he explained himself a little clearer.  He said that he had put his son Josh in charge of the grill finalizing the chicken and thought that was a mistake....we both got a good grin going on that one for sure!


Robert Junior Webster, Robert's Dad about to get a grin going there too!

I talked with Robert's Dad and told him that some where in our lineage, someone in our families had crossed the Pee Dee River since Robert and myself were alike in many ways!


Below pix of Robert's Dad, Aunt Betty Lou Shepherd and Aunt Jacklin aka Jackie Rankin:

I am certainly glad Robert invited me to his wedding and definitely enjoyed meeting some of his family!  I will quiz him later on some of the names that I forgot and edit this short story later and do not want to disturb him on their wedding night!  I believe Robert's Dad could pass for his brother.

There were between 80 to 90 that attended and everyone had a great time!

In closing, "Two of the greatest ships that ever sailed, Friendship and Fellowship."   Wishing Robert and Sandra Webster the best that life has to offer.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 02-13-16.

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