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May 16, 2009 will long be remembered as a special day in the lives of the families of the Wadesboro Church of God.  This day had been set aside to honor, not just Mothers and not just Fathers but the entire family unit.  At 6:00 P.M. they all met at the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall of which it was larger and would accommodate more people than the Wadesboro Church of God fellowship building.  A total of 106 people met there and each family had decorated their own tables in whatever manner they chose.  It was very interesting to stroll through and look at the different decor of each table.  There was everything from a family tree for the Kelly family to a table by the seaside for the Thomas family.  For the sports lovers our Pastor's table was decorated in Carolina Blue with the logos of the Ram and UNC.  The Myers table was decorated in Red, White and Blue representing an "All-American Family."  Most creative was the McCaskill table with a centerpiece with a "cake" made from diapers.  The McGrady table was made up of sports equipment and family pictures; the grand children are big into sports.  The Allie Newton table had lots of pretty things; flowers, pictures, goblets while everyone else drank from plastic cups while they enjoyed their drinks in crystal glasses.  Jessica Player had her table decorated with pink and her grandparents came to enjoy the evening with her.  There was a special table decorated with a 3 layer cake with a big M on it.  This was in celebration of Michelle Thomas graduating from her college studies.  It was later cut and served to all those who wanted more to eat.

The food tables were loaded down with everything from salad to deep fried turkey and dressing with gravy, BBQ and fried chicken...etc.  It did not take long to fill a plate to over flowing either.  There was also a dessert table that was wonderful to look at.  Everyone had done their best in the kitchen and so much to enjoy! 

The featured speaker was not able to come due to sickness and the rest of the evening was done by people volunteering to read poems, sing, do recitations, etc.  The piece that Ina Rachel Stucker did on John 3:16 was a sobering moment.  It added enough seriousness to balance out the other things that were going on.  The Pastor's son, Joshua, had started the program off with a family song and it ended with everyone singing together and we are already looking forward to doing it again next year.  

Above written by Rachel Myers and web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 05-26-09.  Click on the below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view.


Bill aka Mickey Porter 05-17-09.

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