Venison Country Sausage

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15 lbs. ground venison
10 lbs. ground pork shoulder
4 tablespoons crushed red pepper
4 tablespoons rubbed dry sage
8 oz. pkg. Legg's Old Plantation Pork Sausage Seasoning Blend # 10 (no additional salt required)

Have ground pork shoulder and venison chilled to about 34 degrees and spread evenly onto a very large flat pan or surface.  Distribute the sausage seasoning mix, sage and crushed red pepper onto meat and mix well by hand.

If you desire, you can regrind the meat and seasonings again which will better distribute the seasonings through out  the sausage.  Fry a patty of the sausage and check to see if there is enough red pepper and sage; adjust as needed.  Frozen sausage's spices will mellow out over time and the spice level needs to be a little on the hot side to begin with.  Package and freeze as soon as possible.

The "secret" to good venison country sausage is use enough pork fat.  You want your pork shoulder to be about 35 percent fat and if it is too lean, you can always add additional pork fat trimmings.  Bill aka Mickey Porter 01-25-09.

I still have fond memories although at the time it didn't seem "fond" of processing our own hogs and cleaning out the intestines of Mr. Pig to stuff the sage and red pepper sausage into the hog casings.  It took the better part of a day to do all the processing for a couple of large hogs weighing from 200 to 600 lbs. each and a Yorkshire will go grow much heavier than that in a single season.  My Uncle Douglas Ross Coley was in charge of this and wish I had paid more attention to the details but that is youth for you!  Most everything was used except the hog's squeal and hair.  Finished products such as salt and sugar cured hams, hot link sausage, liver pudding, liver mush and souse meat to name a few of the items; even the brains for fresh brains and eggs...go ahead and grin or squirm.

Check out my sausage making short story out for additional information about sausage making.

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