Valentine & Easter Decor 2004

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While going through back-up CDs and DVDs of pixs taken before 2007 when this website was created, I found a few Valentine and Easter decorations that my bride did inside.  Before my bride's brainstem stroke in September, 2006, she decorated every seasonal Holiday.  We currently only do the Christmas decorations, whereas I do the outside yard decor and she does the inside with the help of myself and two of our East coast Grandboys, Travis and Trevor Huneycutt.

Life has a quick way of changing things, but we both are thankful for each and every day that our Lord Jesus Christ allows and give Him, the praise, honor and glory in all things.



Most of us can remember while young, our families and/or local Church would put on Easter egg hunts and the Wadesboro Church of God had some outstanding events.  They would have a good cash prize inside of some of the eggs and the youngster really did look for those Easter eggs.  My bride has boiled many dozens of eggs over the years while our kids were growing up.  Back then, you did most of the artwork on the eggs yourself but there were kits available to make dying the eggs much easier.

The same thing was repeated when the Grandboys came along and time really does seem to fly by, even though time is constant in speed in duration.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-15-16.

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