Thompson's Retirement Party

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Family, Friends and Co-workers met at the Welika Lake Fish Camp in Lilesville, NC on November 3, 2012 at 8:00 PM to honor and celebrate the retirement of Captain Gregory Quinton Thompson from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety aka North Correction Department of Correction.   Sergeant Danny Wright gave a brief introduction and stated, "Anyone that does 30 years of service with the North Carolina Department of Correction definitely deserves a retirement party" of which I whole heartily concur.  Lieutenant Dycus also complemented Captain Thompson for his continued help and support and he was a large part of his own personal success.

There were between 60 and 70 that attended and represented the different departments; e.g., Administrative, Custody, Programs, Medical, Training and Operations, however I did not see any upper level management present from the Administrative, Custody or Operations Sections.  Guess they were all stressed out from their normal work load or refusing to fraternize "Actions speak louder than words."

Everyone had a fantastic time and the food was good.  It was great to see the staff again and Quinton had requested earlier to Sgt. Wright that no one get up and roast him....grin if you must!  Quinton has a heart of gold  and like some of us wants to maintain a stern demeanor and constantly dealing with a few knuckle heads in the workplace, it is very understandable; another grin is in order.

At the end of our meal, Captain Thompson was presented a plaque from his custody shift, pixs below:

Captain also received a few cards as well; don't think any money fell out of them though but here was a gift card from Bass Pro Shop of which an outdoorsman can always put to good use:

A couple Tee shirts were given:

Bill Porter made a special turkey box call for Quinton of out Butternut from West Virginia and Eastern Red Cedar from Anson County, North Carolina with an inlaid turkey track medallion on the lid and Quinton played a few seductive hen yelps on the call:

Click on the below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

Quinton was very relaxed and retirement has a way of bringing that about very quickly.  May God richly bless Quinton and his family and hope he has a long, prosperous, healthy and enjoyable retirement. Amen!

Two of the Greatest Ships that ever sailed:  Friendship and Fellowship.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 11-04-12.

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