Thanksgiving Sale 2012

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Jennifer Johnson had her Annual Sale Saturday after Thanksgiving 2012 on November 24, 2012 and there were at least 35 that attended.  The displays and refreshments were outstanding.  The most unusual decor was an upside down Christmas tree.  It must have been difficult to walk around on the ceiling and defy the laws of gravity.  Then again, she might have gotten one her Angel Wings a little early, who knows!, Apparently she got hold of something as evidenced by the pix below:

Pixs of the refreshments served.  Can you say "beautimous" out loud? They tasted as good as they looked.

Refreshments included veggie tray with Ranch dip, fruit tray with caramel dip, chocolate pound cake, homemade taco dip with Tostitos chips, Oreo cake balls, mixed nuts, chips with French onion dip, meat and cheese tray, soft drinks, wassail, coffee and homemade peach and scuppernong wine.  I did a little grazing myself on the refreshments but only had one glass of peach wine!

Click on the following thumbnail pixs below for a larger screen view:

Jennifer Johnson with a grin for the camera!

I believe Jennifer had a great turn out and I probably lost a bunch of "man points" with all the Estrogen in the place but someone needed to take the pixs....grin if you must.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter  11-24-12.

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