Thanksgiving 2009

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Thanksgiving 2009 was celebrated by the Porter family with the traditional turkey, however the past 12 years we have deep fried them in the Justin Wilson style with only salt and cayenne pepper worked into the skin of Mr. Tom Turkey.  Our Porter family traditional Thanksgiving meal in the past has been a fairly good sized crowd of family and special friends but due to my bride's stroke three years ago, we have not had a gathering at our home and my bride felt up to it this year.  We had a small group of eight  and it brought back many ole memories of the fellowship, friendship and good food enjoyed in the past along with new memories as well.  Pixs below with a few narrative comments:


My bride aka Joyce getting ready to join hands in our customary prayer circle of which we are to give a prayer to God our creator through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior for the many blessings he has allowed and bestowed upon us!

This is the standard view that I normally take a pix of the work station kitchen island used as a serving table and also has room for several bar stools.  Our meal consisted of the following:  deep fried turkey, home made pork BBQ with City Slicker BBQ sauce, green bean casserole, collard greens, black eyed peas with snap and ham hock, sweet yellow corn, sticky rice, cornbread dressing with giblet gravy, potato salad, deviled eggs, sweet potato soufflé, corn bread, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, cranberry salad,  spiced pumpkin roll, chocolate pound cake, banana pudding with meringue topping and sweet tea.


Pix above mostly of the desserts which were "beautimous" tasting and quickly devoured!

My bride on the left and my Mom aka Ann Porter loading up the plates getting ready to enjoy some fine Thanksgiving vittles. 

From left to right: Ann Porter, Trevor Huneycutt, Joyce Porter, Travis Huneycutt, Laura Porter and Rachel Myers.

Travis Lee Huneycutt age 16, our first Grandson on the East Coast, LA area, Lilesville, NC with some type of "what" hand signals...

Trevor Lane Huneycutt age 13,  our third grandson from Lilesville, NC.

Another pix of Ann Porter, Trevor and Travis Huneycutt, Laura and Joyce Porter filling those plates up....notice it was my time to do the dishes so we are using Styrofoam and paper plates...grin if you must!

Wink Myers, spouse of Rachel Myers standing back waiting his turn at the vittles.

Pix of the final chopping of the Boston butt that was on the grill several hours ready for mixing some of the very spicy Bill Porter's Anson County City Slicker BBQ sauce. 

The food and fellowship were outstanding.  Bill Porter was behind the camera on this one and didn't take the time to set up a tripod with the remote control and that is just as well, since it is hard to take a pix with a turkey leg in one hand and the camera in the other.....grin if you must!

Bill aka Mickey Porter;  web published 12-05-09.

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