Thanksgiving 2004

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The past week, I have been uploading archived pixs taken before 2007 when this website was created.  We have pretty much kept to a standard format on some of the meats that we prepare such as deep fried turkey and baked ham.  Frankie Cranford will usually bring a Boston butt baked either in the oven or grill with some BBQ sauce.


It is my job to get the turkeys deep fried and I started off deep frying them on the deck and later placed a 55 gallon steel drum lit under the propane cooker for safety purposes.  However, later I moved the turkey cooker under the carport with the cement floor for additional fire protection.  One of the first things I did when getting a turkey pot and cooker was fabricate a longer rod with an S hook on it to use to lower the turkey into the boiling oil.  The ones that came with the turkey pots were about the size of a coat hanger and was definitely a burn accident waiting to happen.

Frankie Cranford is eyeballing that deep fried turkey

The turkey has been prepped with salt and Cayenne pepper massaged into the pores of the skin and also rubbed on the inside.  See the deep fried turkey page for additional information.  I keep a close check on the hot oil temperature.  If using peanut oil, you can deep fry at 375 degrees F.  Once the turkey is lowered into the hot oil, the temperature will drop about 25 degrees or more but will slowly work its way back up to the target temperature of 350 degrees F.

One of treats that the cook and/or any spectator has in preparing the deep fried turkey is to sample at least one of the crispy golden brown deep fried turkey wings and also after slicing the turkey and getting it on the serving platter, enjoy the remnants of the carving.  Below is pix of Frankie Cranford doing just that with the skeleton about demolished too:



The serving island has some great looking home cooked vittles on there including the deep fried turkey of course, Boston butt, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, deviled eggs, potato salad, baked ham slices surrounded by pineapple slices.  Rachel Myers will usually bring her famous and requested Collard Greens and Laura Porter her Green Bean Casserole along with other things.

After giving thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for his many blessings, it didn't take long before everyone had their plate full and ready to enjoy some delicious food. 

Click on the below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

Those attending our Thanksgiving Dinner 2004 as follows:  Ann and Bill Porter aka Mom and Pop, Betty Jo and Allen Porter, Laura Porter, Robert Hough, Jason, Monica and Kambrie Kearns, Clara Lowry, Joyce Cherry, Travis and Trevor Huneycutt, Rachel and Wink Myers, Bett and Frankie Cranford, Lisa, Cris and Carmon Cranford.

We had a great time enjoying the meal and the fellowship with one another, whereby making wonderful memories that last for a lifetime. 

Since those pictures were taken, my Mom and Pop have passed away along with Clara Lowry.  Time waits for no one and live today the best that you can, for tomorrow is promised to no one!

I like to quote something from one of my departed friends Bill Escott, "Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift and Tomorrow is a Mystery."

God richly bless each and everyone one of you!

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-15-16.

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