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After retiring from the North Carolina Department of Correction aka NC Dept. of Public Safety on March 1, 2012, I created a Things To Do List, aka Bucket List and some also call it a Honey Do List, of which getting a large White Oak tree adjacent to our home trimmed back for safety reasons was on the list.  This White Oak tree judging by it's trunk size has been here since the home was built in the mid to late 1950s by one of my Uncles, Cecil Ackerman (deceased) of Morven, NC who owned Ackerman Construction Company.  Pix of Cecil below:

On the recommendation of one of my friends Linda Driggers of Cheraw, SC, I contacted Tim Pope also of Cheraw, SC who owns T & D Tree Service at 843-921-2750  that trimmed,  removed and stumped a couple trees for her and Jack Driggers and they were very pleased with the work performed, whereas quoted  price was very reasonable and competitive. 

I contacted Tim Pope in the summer months and was advised to wait until cold weather to trim the large oak back.  This years Winter was very wet and had to wait until yesterday before Tim Pope could get started due to the weather and of course other scheduled work commitments.   Our yard was still wet and soggy in places but it will be landscaped after I replace a couple front gutter downspout drainage lines.  Also, there was one dead Red Oak tree on our property line that needed coming down and I normally can drop a tree where I want it using chains and a chain drive geared Come-A-Long aka type Coffin Hoist manufactured by Duff Norton Company that the utility companies still use on a regular basis.  That particular tree was partly rotten at the base and my common sense, (believe that) would not allow me to attempt to remove it since it was leaning toward the power service, cable and telephone lines to our home. 

Above pix of Tim Pope with his equipment getting ready to start trimming the large White Oak tree with limbs that extend over the roof line of our home.

My bride and myself have enjoyed sitting under the White Oak tree the past couple decades when time would permit swinging back and forth and enjoying some good quality time and hopefully the tree will put out enough shade this spring and summer to shield the sun and if not, will install a roof or canopy over the swing metal frame support to shield the early morning sun if it is too much.  Click on the below sequence thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

Below pix of the White Oak tree with a new trim and look.  The large White Oak behind our home is much farther away than it appears due to the compression of the depth of field by the digital camera's lens automatic aperture setting. 

Tim Pope is coming back in a week or two and grind the two maple tree stumps at the end of the drive that I cut down back in June 2012.  I was very pleased with Tim Pope's work and he and his helper (ground man aka Grunt) did an outstanding job.  They dropped the partly dead tree on our property line with the usage of the Bobcat and steel cables pulling it in the direction it needed to fall and dropped it exactly where it needed to be without damaging anything.

I highly recommend T & D Tree Service!

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 03-07-13.


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