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Frankie Beachum coordinated the Adcock Sister's seventh annual retreat for this year from October 9th thru the 11th and she reserved rooms for those that could attend at the Truett Baptist Camp there in Hayesville, NC.  However, due to the flooding throughout South Carolina and into the Georgia and North Carolina mountains, Aline Mosteller called Frankie and advised her to cancel and reschedule the weekend trip due to the localized flooding there in Hayesville, NC.  The seventh annual retreat was rescheduled for November 13th thru the 15th being the nearest available opening at the Truett Baptist Camp.  My bride and I elected to stay only two nights and don't remember if any others were planning on staying over Sunday night or not.  Frankie and Bruzy Beachum were not able to attend due to Bruzy being very ill.  Just like a repeat of last year, the rooms Frankie reserved for us were excellent with two double sized beds in each room and each room with it's own bathroom.  This year, we had the entire building to ourselves and we all stayed on the lower level which has a large spacious recreation and/or conference room where we normally have a good spread of food items to enjoy through out our stay in addition to dining out.

Below is pix that Tammy Smit of Frankfort, Illinois, Aline and Roy Mosteller's eldest daughter sent me that was taken last month during their visit at the Mosteller home in Hayesville, NC with a view from their porch:

NOTE:  Tammy said she used a "cheap" IPhone to take this wonderful pix.  Awesome view!  It is all about composition and this pix has it for sure.

The sisters attending this year were as follows; Aline Mosteller, Rachel Myers, Rose Tucker, Sue Newton, Kathy Adcock and Joyce Porter.  Spouses were Roy Mosteller, Wink Myers, Vondale Tucker, Haywood Newton, Jerry Adcock and Bill aka Mickey Porter.

Our plans were pretty much a carbon copy of last year's retreat except we planned to drive the Northern route via Ashville, NC rather than coming up the Southern route through Hiawassee, Georgia which appears to be a little faster drive time.  However, we used the I-485 loop around Charlotte, NC and the traffic was horrible around 8 A. M. and were at a crawl off and on for many miles.  I believe going the 74 route using Brookshire Blvd. and connecting to I-85 South would have been much quicker.

My bride and myself got up much earlier than normal being a little on the antsy side and didn't sleep that well and were on the road sometime after 6ish on November 13, 2015.  We stopped at our usual breakfast location being the Waffle House in Monroe on Roosevelt Boulevard and below is an archived internet pix:

We normally order their All Star breakfast but elected to eat a little lighter since I had made some "beautimous" Belgian Waffles a couple days ago and we didn't feel the need for any pancakes, waffles and syrup for breakfast.  My bride ordered scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, hash browns, toast and black coffee.  I ordered a Western omelet, hash browns, bacon and black coffee.  Our waitress Sylvia gave outstanding service and she earned a good tip in return.....grin if you must!

The Northern route seemed very slow and due to the traffic took much longer than the Southern route of which both are around 279 miles distance from Wadesboro, NC and about 4 hours and 40 minutes drive time under ideal conditions.  The majority of the leaves had already fallen due to all the rain we had and being this late in November, what leaves left were past their color prime but nevertheless, a good scenic ride all the way.  We made one pit stop in Sylva, NC to top off the gas tank and use the rest room.  I couldn't remember where at and my bride later reminded me on 11-16-15 of the location and updated the information; guess that Senior Citizen stuff is kicking in pretty good this evening as I am typing this short story.

We arrived sometime after 12 noon at the Truett Baptist Camp and Sue and Haywood Newton were ahead of us and had already unloaded their vehicle and selected their room.  Aline Mosteller had left word via Rose Tucker to try and be at the Camp ground sometime before 3:30 P.M. on Friday afternoon and we knew that our schedule was to have lunch aka supper at Daniel's Restaurant in Hiawassee, Georgia around 5:30 P. M. which is around 10 miles from Hayesville, NC and doesn't take that long to get there.

Below are a few pixs taken of where we were lodging at the Truett Baptist Camp:

Roy and Aline Mosteller our hosts came over sometime around 2:30 in the afternoon bringing some homemade items to snack on; e.g., home made pound cake, fruit tray, caramel nut popcorn, etc. and visited with us prior to departing for our evening meal.  Click on below thumbnail pixs taken for a larger screen view:

The first five pixs above are out of focus and I think I had the Canon 35MM DSLR camera in the manual focus mode and also the ISO setting was way to high to begin with and later corrected the errors.  I joking state that I am on The State Eye Plan which appears not to be the best as evidenced by those first five pixs........grin if you must!  My bad on those for sure!

Sometime after 4:30 P. M., Roy and Aline Mosteller led the pack to Daniel's Steakhouse in Hiawassee, Georgia.  Below is an internet archived pix of the restaurant:

Aline had previously made reservations for fourteen (14) but Frankie and Bruzy Beachum were not able to attend.  We were cordially greeted as we entered the restaurant and our waitress Miss Bailey escorted us to the room reserved for us and took our orders.  All of us ordered the hot bar and being Friday, fish and shrimp were the main meat menu items on the hot bar along with Mr. Yard Bird for those not wanting fish.  Click on below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

Roy Mosteller picked up the tab for all the meals and would not have it any other way.  As I stated on last year's Sister's Retreat 2014, Roy has a type of bone marrow cancer the past few years and the Lord has seen fit for him to continue to live although at the initial onset they were only giving him about 6 months to a year to live without Chemo or Radiation treatments.  Roy decided not to take chemo and radiation treatments after much prayer and when it is time for Roy to depart this life, it will be on God's timetable and not the timetable of man.  Anyone that is familiar with bone marrow cancer will ascertain that it is a very painful disease even with the latest treatment and medications.  Roy has been a devout Christian his entire life and has given freely his time, energy and financial recourses to help promote the Word of God with Aline by his side.  Raising money for Mission work is Roy's passion and the Church and community will loose a great Christian worker and witness for the Lord once Roy is gone.  Aline Mosteller has been a Pastor for many decades and was the driving force in establishing two additional churches there in Hayesville, NC and doing this without accepting a salary and working her full time job at the same time.  Even during her retirement, she is still the full time Pastor of one of the churches she helped establish years ago and promised them three (3) years as their full-time Pastor.  Both Roy and Aline are retired educators and their Christian Life is an example for all of us to emulate! 

After our meal and fellowship, we headed back to the Truett Baptist Camp and the following day, plans were made to have a box lunch at the Lake around noon time.  My bride and myself enjoyed a big breakfast at the Huddle House there in Hayesville, NC and I must say our waitress was not that great.  A young man named Dakota was in training and he basically did all the work taking care of our needs and was an outstanding waiter, whereas the waitress that took our order did nothing after that.  I shouldn't have left her a tip but did anyway.  I personally handed Dakota his well earned and deserved tip.  I believe in tipping well since tips are a big part of their income.  Below an internet archived pix of the Huddle House:


Sometime during mid morning on Saturday, November 14th, Roy and Aline came over and we helped unload a meal they had prepared consisting of pulled pork BBQ, BBQ sauce, potato soup, baked beans, slaw, hamburger rolls, bread and other condiments instead of us going out for the bag lunch at the Lake as previously planned.  Click on thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

Below is a group picture enjoying the wonderful food that Roy and Aline Mosteller prepared:

I had the camera on the tripod and used the self timer and got all of us in the pix.  As I have said so many times throughout this website; "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed:  Friendship and Fellowship."   

After our meal, all of us had a chance to talk with Roy and it was very emotional for him since all of us expressed our Love for and to him and he was really touched by it.  Somehow, I got the impression that Roy was saying his last goodbyes to us and the Lord has a grand place reserved in Heaven for him whenever it is time for him to go.

Roy gave each family a Rada Cutlery paring knife and a vegetable peeler and they work great.  I don't know what I would do without my Rada vegetable peeler and I have been using them for decades and a gift that will certainly get used.  Below a pix of them:


After that wonderful time of fellowship enjoying the meal, Aline took a few of the ladies out on an afternoon shopping excursion in Hayesville.  Up until two years ago, Roy would guide about half of the group that wanted to see some of the North Carolina and Georgia attractions and Aline would take those that wanted to do some serious shopping (all Lady folk) around Murphy, NC and would meet back up later during the day for a lunch at their favorite Pizza Place.  Due to Roy's declining health, he is no longer able to stay active that long during the day.  After Aline and the Ladies returned, Roy and Aline Mosteller left for home as Roy was beginning to tire quickly and no doubt in considerable pain too.  We got the conference room back in order putting up the folding tables and the chairs and getting the items that needed ice and/or refrigeration taken care of and packaging up the food for those that wanted to take it home with them the following morning/day.

My bride and myself hit the "sack" much earlier than normal and of course woke very earlier around 4ish; got our shower, loaded our car and headed to the Huddle House for breakfast.  Our waiter was named Billy Joe possessing a great personality and did a fantastic job and was well compensated for his outstanding service. 

I decided to take the Southern route back to Wadesboro, NC and went through Hiawassee, Ga. via Highway 76 and onto Highway 123 which is a very scenic route which connects up with Interstate 85 North.  We experienced a wonderful sunrise and stopped at one scenic overlook in Georgia and took a few pixs:

It is easy to understand how The Blue Ridge Mountains got it's name. 

We stopped at a little Church toward Clayton, Georgia where my bride and her sister Rachel Myers enjoyed a picnic lunch several years ago and my bride said they made the best tomato and mayonnaise sandwich she had every had.  They parked near the entrance road to the Church and you could hear the water from a nearby stream meandering along creating a state of tranquility and peace.


The Southern route home seemed to go by quickly and made one restroom stop.  We arrived back home in Wadesboro, NC sometime around 12:15 P.M.  

NOTE:  We accessed I-485 near Charlotte, NC but our GPS unit went crazy and somehow got yours truly onto highway 16 but we had been that route before using Brookshire Blvd. onto Highway 74 East which worked out fine and the traffic wasn't too bad either.

In summation, my bride and myself had a fantastic time and the friendship and fellowship we shared is what makes life so worth while creating wonderful memories to last the rest of our lives.

Everyone send a special prayer on behalf of Roy and Aline Mosteller and as always, they were great hosts and true Christians who give freely of themselves to promote the Word of God!  God bless each and everyone of you.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-15-15 and updated on 11-16-15. 


Roy Mosteller, age 78, died at his home, surrounded by love, on June 10, 2016.

Roy was born in the Tusquittee area of Clay County, NC, one of three sons to Henry and Elizabeth Mosteller.  The date was September 24 or 25, depending on if you believe his mother or the Social Security Administration.  Celebrate both.  It means more ice cream.

He attended and graduated from Hayesville High School and Western Carolina University, finishing the first at age 16 and the latter only three and one-half years later.

Roy earned a master’s degree in Education and spent his 32-year career using books and chalkboards to educate generations of students in Mecklenburg and Clay Counties, NC.  He taught the more important lessons in life with the gentle example of just being Roy.

In 1962, he met and fell fast for Aline Adcock, his eventual wife of 53 years.  Through the years, “And Aline” became the middle name that his mother never gave him.  Together, they were parents to three, grandparents to four, pioneers and pastors to two Assembly of God Churches, and loving, devoted partners to each other in all things…except day-long shopping trips.  One’s story cannot be told without the other.

Like kindness, food was part of what made Roy, Roy.  He cooked, ate, grew, picked, ate, canned, froze, jellied, juiced, and ate more (yet he never outgrew his size 32x32 Levis Action Slacks).  Mostly though, he shared it.  He volunteered at a food bank, picked end-of-season farm fields so nothing went to waste, and he had his own unofficial meals-on-wheels circuit that quietly cared for a community.  Dinner with a side of kindness.

Few foods were better than his signature chicken-and-dumplings, or potato-ham soup, caramel popcorn, or his fried apple pies (OK, baked, but don’t tell), except Roy might argue, ice cream or a milkshake or any variation of the two.

He created masterpieces to be treasured for generations.  Some were from wood and carving knives. Others were from crochet thread and hooks. They earned accolades from county fairs, crafters’ guilds, and countless friends and family who were recipients of his made-with-love creations.  He was a humble man, but did openly and often boast of his masterpieces of the living kind-his grandchildren. (How could he not?  Have you met them?)

Roy loved deeply – God, his wife, family, friends, amigos amado, and life.  He was loved deeply in return.

He lived well, brought honor and respect to his name, and left a legacy of love, goodness, and kindness.  Those blessed enough to have been in his life were indeed blessed.

Roy is survived by his wife Aline Adcock Mosteller (Hayesville, NC), their children Tammy Smit and husband Bruce (Frankfurt, IL), Dana M. Little and husband Phillip (Monroe, GA) and Monty C. Mosteller and Becky (Hayesville, NC). Grandchildren are Derek Floyd and wife Emily (Murphy, NC), Dakota Floyd (Atlanta, GA), Kristen Contreras (Athens, TN) and Jade Stiles (Hayesville, NC).

Memorial Service and visitation will be held at Hillcrest Assembly of God in Hayesville, NC, on Saturday, June 18, 2016.  Visitation will be from 9-11am with the service and internment to follow.

In lieu of flowers, perform a quiet act of kindness in his memory or donate to a mission’s project of your choice.

Mountain View Funeral Home of Blairsville is in charge of the arrangements.  You may sign the family guest book and send condolences to the family on line at 

Written by Dana Little.


The world lost a good one today.  After a nearly three year battle with bone cancer, my grandpa passed away shortly after 6 this evening.  He left this world in the best way anyone could hope to -- peacefully, surrounded by the people he loved.

Roy Mosteller will be remembered by some as a school teacher, by others as a congregation member, and still by others as a florist; a friend; a blackberry picker; can recycler; books to prisoners; or a wiry boy from the rolling hills of Tusquittee, North Carolina who had some big dreams.  While I also knew my grandpa in some of those contexts, to me he'll always be Papa Roy, the most generous and caring human being I have ever had the privilege to come in contact with -- let alone be related to -- whose only vice was occasionally eating too much ice cream.

From a young age, I learned lessons about life, humility, and kindness through my grandpa's actions.  He taught me to put good into the world for the sake of it, to feed the hungry, clothe those in need, provide shelter to those with no other place to go.  In my 26 year existence I never once heard him speak a word of foul about anyone.  He treated strangers like family, gave rides to every hitchhiker, and never passed up an opportunity to check in on anyone in the community having a hard time.  He was the type of guy that if asked for a pair of socks would give you three pairs and pair of sneakers to go with them or the type of person who would cut your grass while you were propped up recovering from a broken ankle.  You didn't need to ask him to do these things; he just did them.  Oh, and my terrible sense of humor? I got that from him too.

Unfortunately, despite my grandpa's generosity towards others, cancer never gives; it always takes. The son of a moon shiner, my grandpa never smoked, drank, or took anything stronger than ibuprofen.  He ate produce grown in his own front yard, plucked fruit directly from the vines, and cooked some of the best food you could find at the church potluck.  He took his vitamins and smelly fish oil pills daily.  He exercised by filling gallon jugs with water and lifting them above his head as he walked around the backyard.  Other than the ice cream, he seemed to do everything right health wise.

While his bout with cancer had its ups and downs, the last two weeks were brutal.  Even with pain medication, the cancer's toll on his body became nearly unbearable.  As they say, however, the good that one puts into the world comes back around.  My grandpa's last two weeks were spent in the company of friends, loved ones, and family.  People from all walks of life stopped by to joke, share stories, and say goodbye to their teacher, friend, coworker, or relative.  The migrant workers he used to feed every harvest season brought fresh fruits and veggies.  The kids he bought school supplies for came and mowed the grass, sweating it out in the Carolina heat.  The family that he influenced so much brought their memories and love.

Although my grandpa has left the physical world, I have 26 years of memories, life lessons, and cringe-worthy jokes that nothing, not even cancer, can take away from me.  For that, I am grateful.

Hold tight to the ones you love.

The above was posted on Facebook by Dakota Floyd.

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 06-11-16.


My bride and I attended the memorial service of Roy Mosteller at the Hillcrest Assembly of God Church there in Hayesville, NC and it was a wonderful service celebrating the life of Roy.  Even though their was much sadness, grief and heaviness of our hearts, the ministers including Roy's wife Aline who gave the eulogy, brought not only tears but some smiles, grins and a few laughs during the service relating events over the decades in the life of Roy.

Below are a couple scans of the funeral program; click on pixs for a larger screen view:

Roy's remains were buried in the Hillcrest Assembly of God cemetery and a Gazebo was being erected by the Church in memory of the life, dedication, service to the Church and the community that Roy so faithfully and passionately gave.

Dana Little and Monty Mosteller prepared Roy's ashes and Aline Mosteller wanted him wrapped in burlap since he was so humble and that burlap was fitting.  The scarf above was one that Roy had crocheted.  Tammy Smit did the flowers on top and Derek Floyd buried him.  Photo courtesy of Tammy Smit.

The Church had a meal prepared for the family and friends, however my bride and myself did not stay for the meal but elected to leave after the service for the 278 mile return trip, hoping to get home safely before dark of which we did.

Our prayers go out to Aline Mosteller and her family in their time of need and the Lord always provides his grace and mercy to those that have accepted and trust him.

1 CORINTHIANS 15:48-54

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 06-20-16.


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