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S & S Graham Archery, Inc. on Highway 29, 1700 N. Main Street, China Grove, NC 28023 telephone:  704-855-1300 is owned and operated by Sonya and Sie Graham and have been following in their Dad's foot steps Buddy Graham.  Buddy died in 1981 and was an early Easton Distributor and manufactured the E Z Climb climbing tree steps and was a good friend to the archery community.  I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Graham but those that shot NFAA tournaments back in the early 1970's with him before the compound bow became of age;  Merrill Kinlaw, Frankie Cranford, Mike Howell, Joe Young, Wilber Wooten and a host of others all commented on how he loved the sport of archery and was a friend to anyone and was a generous and loving person.  His two daughters Sonya and Sie continue the tradition and are following in their Dad's footsteps which are large ones to fill and follow indeed and doing an excellent job. 

Our City Lake Archery Club of Wadesboro, NC shot many tournaments around the Salisbury area and all over the State of North Carolina back in the middle 1980's and that was when I first met Sonya and Sie Graham and it has been many, many years since visiting their shop since I stopped shooting tournaments around 1990.  The last new cam bow I purchased was in 1993 and visited their shop this week after ordering a Mathews Drenalin Solo Cam bow via telephone from them.  I am going to insert some pixs of Sonya and their shop and Sie was not in the shop the day of the visit since she was up late at night doing her Taxidermy work and sleeping late of which I will insert several pixs of some of her recent work. 

John Gaddy and myself both ordered a Mathews Drenalin from Sonya and we were greeted by an unlikely odd couple at the right front entrance of the business; a potbelly pig and duck  Note:  The potbelly pig's name is Lulu and was coming in "heat" and doing some serious rubbing on John's Toyota truck wheel rim:  Lulu was friendly and would wag her curly tail when you talked to her, rubbed and scratched her head and would smell your boots but had to quickly abscond once she started biting into the toe of my boot....grin if you must!

Mr. Duck was also on the scene with his curious demeanor.

A pix of Sonya behind the counter where some serious money will leave your hands quickly into the cash register when the big boy toys gets tallied up especially when you go top of the line...another grin is in order!  You will get a super deal and service on anything you purchase from S & S Graham Archery, Inc. and they stand behind the products they service and sale.   Sonya and Sie have  been to the manufacturer's warranty repair schools and clinics and they have the knowledge and experience to do any warranty repair necessary.  S & S Graham Archery, Inc. is a full line Pro Shop and their "service after the sale"  is paramount!   They have a good inventory of the top archery manufacturer's products and accessories and if not in stock can get what you need in short order.    


UPDATE: Sonya Graham died in an explosion and fire at their business Friday night June 29, 2012.  A tragic loss to the archery community, family and friends! 

Pix of Rick below who does about any type of bow set-up you need and the shop has plenty of equipment to get the job done right the first time.  A multitude of different bow presses around for the shortest to longest axle to axle bows, past and present.

Sie Graham was not present on the day we picked up our archery equipment and accessories but I did take some pixs of some of her latest mounted deer heads.  She does an outstanding job!  I will insert a pix of a large 28 point buck that was taken out Midwest.  I will get the details at a later date.

This ole boy has some battle scars and wonder what the other buck looked like!

Click on the below thumbnails for a larger view:  One thing you will notice right off when entering S & S Graham Archery, Inc. is the warm,  welcome and relaxed atmosphere present and no questions will go unanswered of which you will receive expert advise on all aspects of archery, hunting and competition! 



Mathews parallel limb design in action on the Drenalin bow!

Rick did a great job setting my bow up and this was the first time anyone has ever set a bow up for me since I normally do it myself and was totally surprised when the bow was ready to go.  After a few minor adjustments to the rest, sight and peep sight location,  the Drenalin was quickly dialed in and ready for some 3D shooting before going into the woods. 

Give S & S Graham Archery, Inc. a visit or call 704-855-1300 for any of your archery needs.  They are currently in a temporary location and have a website up and running at: www.sandsgraham.com

Bill aka Mickey Porter 11-01-08.


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