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One of my friends, Robert Webster of Hamlet, NC is featured in many places on my website; e.g., recipes and short story pages.  Robert is a good sport and enjoys a good grin as much as I do myself, therefore I am going to relate a couple incidents that happened a couple months ago until recently.

Here goes the saga as best as I can remember since it doesn't take too much effort on my part to loose details and facts very quickly; might be a product of maturity or something like that.

I made a trip to Lowe's in Rockingham, NC to pick up a few items for a current project and while in the plumbing or hardware section, don't' remember exactly which; I ran into Robert Webster.  We talked for awhile and he had a couple chain saw chains in his vehicle for me that the Hamlet Hardware had sharpened.  When through shopping and checkout, we headed toward the parking lot and I asked Robert where he was parked and he pointed in the direction of his vehicle and was trying to get ahead of me but he was stopped by some of his friends and I continued walking to his vehicle.

I was standing outside Robert's Mountaineer and he hurriedly opened the door and got between myself and the vehicle and I was immediately curious since such actions are suspect after working in a Prison environment for 33 years, whereas I think one is more in tune to human behavior and actions than a regular "street person."  By now, I was on full alert and glanced across the front seat of his vehicle and noticed the cutest little dog lying down on the passenger seat as quiet and still as a Church mouse.  I asked Robert, "Is that your dog" and he replied "that it came with the marriage and belonged to his bride Sandra."  Robert had a sheepish look on his face and I could tell he didn't want me to see the little dog named Brandy riding shotgun with him.

I called Robert that same afternoon and he related to me that his youngest son Joshua aka bucket head per Robert, pulled up beside him at an intersection a short time after he left the Lowe's parking lot and Josh spotted the little dog in the passenger seat and said some things I had better not post of my website......anyway, Josh was laughing at the top of his lungs from what I put together.  I told Robert he lost some serious "man points" with Brandy riding in the front seat and I broke out into a grin myself while talking with him.

I kidded Robert every now and then about Brandy and him losing man points and not to be outdone, he had someone take several pictures of a retired German Shepard police dog sitting in the passenger seat of his Mountaineer, implying that was his dog and emailed me the pictures.  I immediately called him back and told him he wasn't going to "water head" me with those pictures.  I told him to "man up" and send me a picture of him and Brandy which did not happen.

A couple weeks after the Robert and Brandy incident in the Lowe's parking lot, I was talking to Robert on his Obamaphone and his bride got on the phone and related to me, prison lingo "ratted him out" about another incident that happened with him and Brandy again and here goes the story.  Mind you, that Robert didn't want to tell me about the following episode.  Robert and Brandy were riding from the Lake Tillery Family Campground on Highway 24/27 and his Mountaineer ran out of gas within walking distance from the campgrounds.  It was very hot and Robert didn't want to leave Brandy in the truck and put Brandy on a bright colored plastic stretch lease and started walking back to the campground on the shoulder of the road.  You have to get that visual image in the brain; a 6' 2" robust man walking down the road behind the little "toy dog."  Not only did the larger vehicles blow their horns at him but regular vehicles did the same thing too and the occupants were grinning like an opossum eating persimmons.  I certainly did have to grin when Sandra related that occurrence to me and when Robert got back on the phone, I didn't cut him any slack or show any mercy but had to grin out loud on that one.

To continue this saga, Robert was headed toward Lake Tillery from Lilesville, NC after doing some repairs to his bride's home which they plan to turn into a rental unit and had a few packs of frozen Lake Tillery White Perch filets and catfish nuggets to bring me on one condition.  I had to promise him that I would not take a picture of Brandy that would be riding with him in the front seat and I promised him that I would not break out the camera, as bad as I wanted to.  Say what you want, but Robert has become attached to Brandy and she has provided some good company for him since his Bride is still working but plans to retire before too much longer.

I kept asking Robert to send me a pix of him and Brandy because this short story that I had in mind was just too good to pass up and a picture of both of them would seal the deal.  Finally, yesterday or the day before, I got a chance to talk with Sandra while Robert and myself were talking and she agreed to send me a pix of Robert and Brandy for the short story.  Today being 08-01-16, I reminded Robert about the pix and he finally allowed a pix to be taken so I could web publish this short story.  I reminded Robert, "A person's word is his bond."

Below is a pix that Sandra aka his bride sent me on the sly she took of him and Brandy and she also sent it to his son Joshua.  Joshua called Robert or texted him and said, "Go ahead and turn your man card in" of which I broke into another serious grin.  Robert is about to crack a grin in the pix below himself:

I can't find too much fault with Robert because growing up, I had a small dog named Brownie aka Beaner which was a "Rat tail Fice" and we shared many hours together during my youth.  Brownie was a squirrel and rabbit hunting dog at times and could be a lap dog given the chance as well!

The ironic thing about the relationship between Brandy and Robert, she definitely wasn't that fond of Robert to begin with as she would sneak up from behind and attempt to nip him on the back of the legs; just goes to show you what a little bit of TLC (tender love and care) will manifest!

Robert, myself and my No. 1 Brother-in-Law, Douglas Pettigrew of Reidsville, NC are scheduled to fish on Lake Tillery Wednesday, August 3, 2016 and taking a chance on publishing this short story until after the fact since Robert is the "Charter" boat Captain.  Doug said he was going to wait in the car at the campground and let me get out first and make sure Brandy wasn't running loose; he didn't want to get bitten.  I told Doug, we might end up fishing off the dock at the Swift Island boating access and never get to go fishing on the Lake with Captain Robert Webster again.....grin if you must!

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 08-01-16.


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