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Randy Steele of Cason's Old Field, Anson County, North Carolina brought the Christmas season in early with an evening party held on November 30, 2013 and yours truly and my bride were invited.   I dug the ole trusty Canon 30D camera out and charged an extra battery and we headed to Randy's home around 5:20ish PM and the party was already underway when we arrived.  There were a few folks gathered around a barrel in the back yard with a good fire going and it reminded me back to our camping days in the late 1970s on Blewett Falls Lake, Pee Dee River, Anson County, North Carolina.  A few pixs below of the outdoor activity:

The fire barrel was giving off some wonderful heat with an occasional upward shower of glowing embers that would light up the night sky briefly like a small swarm of fire flies aka Lightening Bugs! 

Click on the thumbnail pixs below for a larger screen view"

It was good to see Jason Steele, Randy Steele's youngest son of which I had not seen in a few years and he was the proud father of a new baby boy.

After taking the outdoor pixs, it was time to get back inside and check on the food prepared which was Boston Butt, Grilled Chicken, Ribs, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Macaroni n Cheese, Cake, Pie, etc.; pixs below:

Randy did his stuff with the Boston Butt on the grill; it would melt in your mouth and he had an excellent home made BBQ sauce to go with it.  Everything was fantastic and I did my share of "grazing" once I put the camera down and went back for seconds on the Boston Butt.  Below pixs of those enjoying those "beautimous" vittles and there were many folks out of camera range:

I found out that Randy has a knack for doing some Christmas tree decorating and other decor but believe that Joan Smith had a big hand in the decorating.  Below pixs of the decor and also do believe that I saw a few of Santa's Reindeer on the wall with red bows attached to them and hope Santa has some replacements for them on December 24, 2013 for his midnight Christmas Eve deliveries............ grin if you must!

Randy and Joan were gracious hosts and everyone had a fantastic time and if anyone left hungry, it was their own fault.  The food, friendship and fellowship were outstanding and as I express at every opportunity both written and verbally; "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed, Friendship and Fellowship" and this evening was certainly no exception.

A special Thank You to Randy Steele for the invitation of which my bride and I thoroughly enjoyed everything!  Family and Friends make the Holidays especially enjoyable!

Merry Christmas to all and remember that "Christ is the Reason for the Season." 

It is my hope and prayer that God richly bless each and everyone of you daily and during our annual Christmas season,  whereas next year brings you happiness, good health, prosperity, faith and that our Country will wake up and see what is happening to her and hopefully, once again,  America become the Greatest Nation of this Earth!  Amen.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-30-13.

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