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Randy Steele of Cason's Old Field, North Carolina celebrated his 59th birthday on January 12, 2013 at the La Fagota Mexican Restaurant in Wadesboro, NC with family and friends.  Randy was not aware of the surprise birthday party headed up by his Lady Friend Jane Livingston of Wadesboro, NC. since Randy's birthday was on the 10th of which I am sure added to his total surprise..

The lighting was a little on the dim side in the restaurant and the dark color scheme of the walls and decor absorbed the output from the built in flash of my pocket size antiquated digital camera and further augmented by the bright TVs and neon beer advertising signs.  I have a larger DSLR Canon camera in the sling aka inoperative, hopefully soon to be factory repaired if feasible. 

I counted 18 that attended and will post most of the pixs that I took and give a brief narrative for a few of the pixs.

Randy was grinning like a possum eating persimmons as he and Jane entered the back room that was reserved for his party.  My bad on the quality of the pix but there was too much distance for the little camera flash.  After everyone had a chance to order from the menu, Jane presented Randy with several gifts.

Jane had one of Randy's favorite pixs that he took back on November 17, 2012 while hunting, enlarged and framed.  There was a heavy frost on the ground that morning and it looks like a light snow in the picture.  I have a copy of the digital image on my Hunting 2012 page.  Click on above picture for a hyperlink that will open the pix up.

Randy getting his cake and the La Fagota staff fitted him with a sombrero and sang their rendition of Happy Birthday of which I had to grin a little myself!  Good thinking ahead by Jane on the number of candles on the cake since 59 might have set off the fire alarm! 

Randy has a big grin on his face for sure.  Over several decades of knowing Randy Steele, he is usually quiet and well reserved but he does grin once in a while, seemingly more so of late........grin if you must Randy! 

I believe I got 16 of the 18 that were present in this picture...my bride is sitting in a booth and yours truly behind the camera.

Randy opening another present and not quiet sure what he is about to open!

Randy is about to dig into what looks like a plate of sizzling Fajitas.   I believe I need to spend a few evenings at La Fagota and show them what a Gringo can do making authentic Tijuana style Enchiladas.  Yeap, we have been to Tijuana and got far from the border and experienced some fantastic Mexican cuisine and music!

Click on the below thumbnail candid pixs taken for a larger screen view:


The birthday party was great and a total surprise to Randy.  As always, "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever sailed, Friendship and Fellowship!"  Wishing Randy many more birthdays to come!

Web posted by Bill aka Mickey Porter 01-13-13.

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