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RANDY'S PARTY 11-29-14

Randy Steele of Casons Old Field, NC had his annual Christmas party with family and friends on 11-29-14 commencing at 6:00 P.M.  Randy had recently renovated his home with an entire new kitchen, bathroom and carport with many more upgrades including a flat screen TV in the carport with rocking chairs and a swing......talk about relaxing, it just doesn't get any better than that. 

My bride and I were invited and brought along the 35MM DSLR camera and there were many folks already present since my bride and myself were not too early.  Below pix of Randy working out on the Holland gas fired grill:

Randy grinning through the grill smoke:

The grilled chicken was excellent and fall off the bone good; moist and succulent.  The menu consisted of grilled chicken, pulled pork, beans, potato salad, mashed potatoes, slaw, hash brown casserole, rolls and various desserts, soft drinks and coffee.

It didn't take long before around twenty-five (25) were present and after a prayer was given, everyone started filling their plates and everything got quiet for a while with everyone enjoying those "beautimous" home prepared vittles. 

Joan Smith was the hostess and she kept everything running very smoothly, although it was very difficult to get her still for a photograph but I sneaked several in and did get some immediate feedback from her......grin if you must!  Below a few pix of her:

There were several DOC personnel present that I still remember from the Minimum Security Anson Correctional Center there in Polkton, NC and things has really changed since those days back in the 1980s, etc. 

Below are pixs taken in Randy's trophy room and I do believe that Santa Clause is going to be short a few of his reindeer this year by the looks of things, although I did not see one with a Red Nose, therefore Rudolph apparently escaped from Randy's hunting areas to make it back to the North Pole in time to pull Santa's sleigh for the annual Christmas eve deliveries:

I didn't take a complete set of pictures of all the mounts but this will give you the idea that Randy is a serious trophy hunter, whereas I harvest those little small "milk mouth deer" more akin to a Jack Rabbit than these bruisers.....another grin is in order.  Those little deer sure do look good on a plate with some gravy, biscuits and mash potatoes.

Below pixs taken of the guests present and hope I didn't miss anyone but when the serving line got underway, it was time to put the camera down and enjoy those excellent "groceries" aka vittles:

After the meal, several of us gathered outside around a fire barrel that Randy had going and it definitely helped to get a little heat into the bones.

Randy took the opportunity to burn some documents not needed instead of shredding them and the color of the flames from a few of the envelopes were a bright blue to a purple color, of which I  accused him of accidentally incinerating his Viagra.  You know several of us about burst a gut in laughter and Randy cracked a very big grin too!  Below a few pixs:

Before leaving, Calvin Lambert took me next door to show me one of his trophies called a Jackalope:

Looks like a Jack Rabbit and an Antelope got crossed up there for sure....another grin is in order.

In closing, the food was outstanding and enjoyed the fellowship and friendship of others and Randy knows how to have an excellent party.  As always, I give thanks to God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior for his many blessings and the opportunity to live in a Country that allows such freedoms.

A very special thank you to Randy Steele for the invitation and to his hostess Joan Smith for keeping everything running smoothly and the desserts she prepared.

Merry Christmas to all and look forward to a Happy New Year and pray that God will bless each and everyone of us with his grace and mercy, allowing health and prosperity to abound and that his will be accomplished in our personal lives.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-30-14.

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