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The past week or two, "Tweet" aka my bride was getting a little restless of her regular routine and I will not use the words Stir-Crazy although current updated definitions are a little more appropriate than when the term was first used in the early 1900s referring to inmates confined for a long period of time.....Ok, grin if you must!  She was ready to get out and about and make another day trip since our last day trip was in the middle of June although we have visited some of our favorite restaurants since then on a weekly basis. 

My bride also used some heavy Psychology 301 to validate her case and reminded me that just this week I had a day of fishing with Robert Webster on Lake Tillery.  As good as Perry Mason was, he would have lost this case with the jury deliberating less than a couple minutes.  However, I failed to mention to her that she also reaped the benefits of the harvest by those golden fried White Perch filets that I brought home to her.  I called my lovely Sister Susan aka SusieQ to schedule a day visit with them in Reidsville, NC and they were currently in the Mountains of NC and would return before this Sunday, July 19, 2015 and a day visit was all set.

We left our home here in Wadesboro around 0600 hours and enjoyed a large breakfast at the Waffle House in Biscoe off Highway 220N and that second cup of Java got me all jacked up and ready to ride some more with my bride.

The ride up 220N is a very pleasant one going through scenic farm country, whereas the traffic was fairly light this morning.  It did get a little bit congested in the Greensboro area but it is four (4) lanes of travel just about all the way.  There are a couple routes to take and the 109N route is the shortest at around 107 miles and about 2 hours of travel depending on the driving conditions, etc.   However, we took our time and elected to take 74E to Rockingham, NC and get on 220N there, since it is all four lanes of travel and the 109N is two lanes of travel to Troy, NC, where 134 will take you to 220N through some winding and twisting turns but it is the shortest route. 

We arrived at SusieQ and Doug's home around 0845 and kicked back for a while catching up on current events and other things.  Below some pixs taken of their home which is located on a good sized track of land they own and offers my Number One Brother-in-Law some excellent hunting for Whitetail deer and our Eastern Long Beard Turkey:

I don't have an accurate count of the storage buildings they have on the property but it is more than half a dozen for sure.


Doug has a small garden planted and they enjoy fresh tomatoes and veggies but it has been very dry this year and had to do some serious external watering of his garden.

Once we got inside, my sister got a large tote that had some family photo albums that we looked through as I wanted to scan some of the pixs to archive them as many were getting in bad shape due to the ole acetate "protective" cover over them which eventually will destroy the pixs due to the chemical reaction.   My bride and Sister SusieQ got into her bead making supplies very quickly and my bride said she had two boxes of nothing but hand tools to do all the fancy stuff with the beads and enough bead raw materials to supply Wal-Mart.  Well, I embellished a little on that one but you get the idea she has a large quantity of beads nevertheless! 

While my bride and Sister SusieQ were doing their thing, Brother Doug and myself had a good time shooting the breeze and talking about some of his former Prison work as a Correctional Officer and later as a Correctional Sergeant before retiring.  Doug related one incident to me that happened right after he completed the Correctional Officer Basic Training School and was assigned to take an inmate to Central Prison by himself, whereas he had never been there before.  Doug stated that when he and the inmate finally arrived at Central Prison and turned his weapon and ammo in at the outer check entry point then drove through the last sally port, they were met by two Correctional Sergeants from the intake or receiving section.  He unbuckled the inmate from the rear seat safety belt in the back caged area of the car of which the inmate was in full restraints; e.g., leg shackles, hand cuffs, black box and a waist chain.   Once the inmate was out of the car, Doug opened the trunk to get the inmates property bag out and the inmate got it out himself not waiting on Doug and he stated to the two Central Prison Sergeants that he was so happy to be there.  Those Sergeants said that was the first time an inmate has stated they were happy to be there.  The inmate alluded that with Doug's driving, it was a wonder that they made it there alive.  Doug said those two Sergeants were killing themselves laughing.  Doug said that was the last time his unit sent him on a transportation trip of which someone must have called back to his unit and related what had happened.  Doug and myself almost tore a gut out laughing.  We both got a good grin going when talking about his Grandpa Pettigrew who was the Sheriff there in Reidsville way back when and he said that many attended his Grandpas funeral and a couple stated they wanted to be sure that Mr. Pettigrew was in fact dead, especially one or two that he had wounded with a firearm in the course of making arrests, etc.  Most of the folks that remember Mr. John aka The Sheriff, said he was a tough, honest and fair man!   Some of the ones he arrested, he would even go their bond himself.  Pix below of Brother Doug.  I just about got his autograph since he looks like Wilford Brimley for sure and don't think people hasn't come up to him while they are out and about on vacations, etc., wanting his autograph thinking that he was Wilford Brimley....another grin is in order.  Doug said he was up at Cherokee and the Indian Chief was charging $ 5.00 for each photograph taken and a Lady came up to him thinking he was Wilford Brimley and he told her he only charged $ 3.00 dollars....true story.....Doug will certainly have you grinning in short order!

Some time around 1:30 PM, we decided to go to the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet restaurant in Danville, Va. which is about half an hours drive of which the food selection is fantastic.  We have been there before with Doug and SusieQ and the food has always been wonderful and they have a humongous selection of Chinese, Japanese and American cuisine as well.

I took the ole Canon DSL camera with me and took a few pixs outside and asked the young lady inside who greeted us if it would be ok to take some pixs of the food, etc., and she said it was OK.

Our greeter has a good grin going too!

Click on the below thumbnail pixs taken of the various cuisines and desserts....warn you now, get a snack ahead of time if you are hungry!

One thing right off about the Chinese and Japanese Cuisine at this Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, they don't use the same generic sauce on all the dishes; you can actually taste the different food groups instead of being inundated or swamped with the generic sauce.  Also, for the sushi eaters, they have something for you as well.  The fried frog legs was off the chart too!  I didn't take any pixs of the salad bar but they had some interesting items on there as well.  By the time I got through taking the above photos, it was time to do some serious food consumption my friends!  Below pix of one of the chefs behind the sushi bar with a good grin going too: 

Below a pix of Doug, SusieQ and my bride:

Anyone leaving this place hungry, it is your own fault for sure.  My sister SusieQ captured a pix of myself and Brother Doug.

Below pix of the wishing well near the entrance/exit:

Pix of my Sister SusieQ and yours truly.  I will confess, this was after we had "eaten"....grin some more!

My Sister took the pix below and did a little styling for her.  Not really, trying to hid my camera!

After that fine meal, we went back to Doug and Sister SusieQ's home and kicked back a while.  My sister gave me a DVD burner out of an ole HP Pavilion desktop pc of which she wanted to keep the hard drive and the hard drive housing latch inside the pc would not allow the hard drive housing to be removed as it normally would.  I had to use brute force and tear the sucker out to make it happen.

When you are around my Sister SusieQ and Brother Doug, you are in the presence of good positive vibes and energy.  If you can't crack a grin, something is bad wrong.  They treat others as they would like to be treated themselves and definitely fun to be with.

We left around 4ish and it took about half an hour longer than the normal drive time because we drove into a severe rain and thunderstorm of which you couldn't see but a short distance in front of you.  I observed a couple vehicles on 220S that apparently had hydroplaned off the road but luckily, their vehicles were still upright and no one seemed to need medical attention, but a change of underwear might be called for!.  The heaviest rain we encountered was on highway 134 heading toward Troy and 109S but we took our time to be safe.

In conclusion, my bride and myself had a great day trip visiting with my Sister and Brother-in-Law of whom I call "Brother Doug" and they always make you feel right at home and welcome when you are with them.  As I have stated many, many times throughout this website:  "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed, Friendship and Fellowship" and without family, friends and Jesus Christ in our daily Lives, there would not be much meaning to Life itself but an existence!

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 07-19-15.  


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