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Above pix taken August 14, 2008 at the Permanet Solutions Salon owned and operated by Jennifer Johnson at 2157 Beaver Road in the Gulledge community about 7 miles or so South of Wadesboro, NC off highway 109 South with a few turns to get you there.   This is a very unique salon that has recycled timber/wood from the old Little Cotton Manufacturing Co., Inc. in Wadesboro, NC that was torn down several years back.  Jennifer's husband Jimmy obtained the wood and resurfaced it himself along with some of the front cedar timbers used on the porch main supports of which he logged the timber himself being in the logging business.   Permanet Solutions Salon was opened at this location on March 5, 2007 and I will take you on a pictorial essay whereas my bride and myself have been using Jennifer's talent for several years now. 

In front of the Permanet Solutions Salon is a beautiful vinyl and wooden sign adjacent the entrance road to the parking lot and you know you are at the right place. 

As you enter the porch area you will notice a very catchy overhead sign which sums your visit up very quickly.

Today my bride and myself were greeted first by "Twig" a young pup that enjoys a little extra attention if nothing more than a simple "hey boy, you flea bag",  but he will not let you get off so lightly most of the time.  Pix of Mr. Twig wagging his tail.

Camera angle "compressed" Mr. Twig's size!

Jennifer Johnson quickly responded with a friendly "Hey Yawl" greeting  with a bit of Southern drawl/accent in her voice and I will tell you a little about Jennifer.  She has an outstanding personality and well versed on many subjects and in her own words, "this is the type of work I have always wanted to do."  But first, let me insert a pix of Jennifer doing what she likes to do best:  Seated in the chair is Tyler Chewning.  Jennifer is a country "girl" all the way yet ritzy and upscale when the need arises.  Ok,  I could just have easily said luxurious, glamorous, grand or elegant instead of ritzy for you Reader's Digest groupies; grin if you must!

Jennifer is originally from Burnsville, NC and attended the Carolina Beauty College starting June 10, 1993 that was located in Monroe, NC and is now the Regina Beauty College and I believe she graduated May 18, 1994 and worked for nearly 10 years in Fountain Hill, NC and later opened Permanet Solutions Salon in Casons Old Field in 2004 and stayed there for about 4 years.  It is there where my "bride" Joyce Porter met her and using her services ever since.  While waiting for my bride, I sometimes pick my Dobro aka resophonic guitar;  it is amazing at the cross talk one can pick up while picking and grinning with the ole Dobro guitar.  She has tanning beds as well but did not venture into those areas;  I don't have immediate access to nitroglycerin pills!

One thing you will notice upon entering her salon is the warm and relaxed atmosphere and the perceptible welcome feeling along with an ever changing decor to match the seasonal holidays and artistic displays she uses to promote her beauty products and accessories.  Her salon has plenty of mirrors and I tried to take advantage of the mirror reflections to make you think I knew what I was doing with the little digital  camera....go ahead and grin if you must.  There are several custom  hand made mirror frames by Randy and Jason Steele featuring weather beaten rustic looking wood that goes very well with the wood scheme pattern of the salon.   The solid wood interior walls have a diagonal pattern at different locations breaking up the horizontal and vertical wood orientation for additional eye appeal, interest and natural beauty.  I will insert thumbnail pixs from here on out and simply click the thumbnails for a larger view.





Maverlee, Jennifer's daughter is  5 years old and attends Jesus Lord Christian School in Cheraw, SC and is in the Kinder Garden class.  Maverlee is an added bonus to the salon and will keep you entertained with her collection of toys and art work in progress and will insert pix. 

That hour or so at Permanet Solutions Salon today went by very fast and had a chance to get my hair cut as well.  My bride and myself always leave Jennifer's place in a very relaxed state of mind which can be attributed to the surroundings where Friendship and Fellowship abounds.  Before leaving,  Jill Trammell came in for her regular hair appointment and I forgot to take a pix of her and will blame it on it that CRS disease; can't remember sometimes.

Give Jennifer a call at 704-694-0103 and visit her salon and you certainly will not be disappointed.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 08-14-08.


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