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Above pix taken August 14, 2008 at the Permanet Solutions Salon owned and operated by Jennifer Johnson at 2157 Beaver Road in the Gulledge community about 7 miles or so South of Wadesboro, NC off highway 109 South with a few turns to get you there.   This is a very unique salon that has recycled timber/wood from the old Little Cotton Manufacturing Co., Inc. in Wadesboro, NC that was torn down several years back.  Jennifer's husband Jimmy obtained the wood and resurfaced it himself along with some of the front cedar timbers used on the porch main supports of which he logged the timber himself being in the logging business.   Permanet Solutions Salon was opened at this location on March 5, 2007 and I will take you on a pictorial essay whereas my bride and myself have been using Jennifer's talent for several years now. 

In front of the Permanet Solutions Salon is a beautiful vinyl and wooden sign adjacent the entrance road to the parking lot and you know you are at the right place. 

As you enter the porch area you will notice a very catchy overhead sign which sums your visit up very quickly.

Today my bride and myself were greeted first by "Twig" a young pup that enjoys a little extra attention if nothing more than a simple "hey boy, you flea bag",  but he will not let you get off so lightly most of the time.  Pix of Mr. Twig wagging his tail.

Camera angle "compressed" Mr. Twig's size!

Jennifer Johnson quickly responded with a friendly "Hey Yawl" greeting  with a bit of Southern drawl/accent in her voice and I will tell you a little about Jennifer.  She has an outstanding personality and well versed on many subjects and in her own words, "this is the type of work I have always wanted to do."  But first, let me insert a pix of Jennifer doing what she likes to do best:  Seated in the chair is Tyler Chewning.  Jennifer is a country "girl" all the way yet ritzy and upscale when the need arises.  Ok,  I could just have easily said luxurious, glamorous, grand or elegant instead of ritzy for you Reader's Digest groupies; grin if you must!

Jennifer is originally from Burnsville, NC and attended the Carolina Beauty College starting June 10, 1993 that was located in Monroe, NC and is now the Regina Beauty College and I believe she graduated May 18, 1994 and worked for nearly 10 years in Fountain Hill, NC and later opened Permanet Solutions Salon in Casons Old Field in 2004 and stayed there for about 4 years.  It is there where my "bride" Joyce Porter met her and using her services ever since.  Jennifer is definitely a magician in addition to being an expert beautician as I have personally witnessed the transformation of most of her clients and can only presume she has some type of secret magical potent or formula because a mere mortal cannot do those things so well and quickly.  While waiting for my bride, I sometimes pick my Dobro aka resophonic guitar;  it is amazing at the cross talk one can pick up while picking and grinning with the ole Dobro guitar.  If Jennifer ever ops for another profession, she already has the experience of a Psychiatrist with all the things being voiced out by her clients while doing her magic;  sort of like being a bar tender without the alcohol and shot glasses and with the room missing the dark leather couch whereas she uses combs, scissors, rollers, hair dryers and many other tools of the trade; nevertheless a very excellent opportunity to become a trusted listener; ladies, ok men too,  just don't talk too loud over the noise level of the hair dryer.  It must have something to do with the chair and that certainly could be part of the magic  I eluded to.  She has tanning beds as well but did not venture into those areas;  I don't have immediate access to nitroglycerin pills!

One thing you will notice upon entering her salon is the warm and relaxed atmosphere and the perceptible welcome feeling along with an ever changing decor to match the seasonal holidays and artistic displays she uses to promote her beauty products and accessories.  Her salon has plenty of mirrors and I tried to take advantage of the mirror reflections to make you think I knew what I was doing with the little digital  camera....go ahead and grin if you must.  There are several custom  hand made mirror frames by Randy and Jason Steele featuring weather beaten rustic looking wood that goes very well with the wood scheme pattern of the salon.   The solid wood interior walls have a diagonal pattern at different locations breaking up the horizontal and vertical wood orientation for additional eye appeal, interest and natural beauty.  I will insert thumbnail pixs from here on out and simply click the thumbnails for a larger view.





Maverlee, Jennifer's daughter is  5 years old and attends Jesus Lord Christian School in Cheraw, SC and is in the Kinder Garden class.  Maverlee is an added bonus to the salon and will keep you entertained with her collection of toys and art work in progress and will insert pix. 

That hour or so at Permanet Solutions Salon today went by very fast and had a chance to get my hair cut as well.  My bride and myself always leave Jennifer's place in a very relaxed state of mind which can be attributed to the surroundings where Friendship and Fellowship abounds.  Before leaving,  Jill Trammell came in for her regular hair appointment and I forgot to take a pix of her and will blame it on it that CRS disease; can't remember sometimes.

Give Jennifer a call at 704-694-0103 and visit her salon and you certainly will not be disappointed.

Written, photographed and web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 08-14-08.


Jennifer Johnson had her Annual Sale Saturday After Thanksgiving Sale today 11-29-08 and following pixs of the seasonal decor and sales displays at her beauty salon.  My bride and myself attended her sale this morning around 9:30ish or so and left around 11:00 and there was a good turn out.  She put a tremendous amount of work and effort into some very artistic displays and had some outstanding refreshments such as sausage balls, butter pecan cake, cookies, ham biscuits, party mix, tea and coffee.  She super charged the Pillsbury butter pecan cake mix with the addition of her own ingredients and the cake was extremely moist and wonderful.  Naturally, I had to get the recipe and will feature it on the Cake and Pie section of the Recipes on this website.  I guess by now you know I am very much domesticated for an outdoorsman.  You always feel welcome and relaxed at Permanet Solutions.  Sit back and relax with a cup of tea, coffee or your favorite adult drink and enjoy the following pixs:

Jennifer had her sales banner and sign displayed at both ends of Beaver Road.

A few customers browsing around among the many displays.

Everywhere you turn, there is a beautiful display and it is easy to get into the Christmas and Holiday spirit, not to mention some good deals for you ladies!

A closer look at one of the "live" Christmas trees decked out.

Refreshment table with some "beautimous" looking and tasting goodies.

Sharon Wallace who helps Jennifer on weekends at the jewelry display case.

Jennifer tucked back in her office corner doing something?

Mr. Twig, Maverlee Johnson and Mickey Porter kicked back on the couch!

Click on the following thumbnail pixs for a larger view.  The title of the pix should display in your upper left browser window.




We had a great time and as always, Two of the Greatest Ships That Ever Sailed; Friendship and Fellowship!


Jennifer Johnson had her Annual Saturday After Thanksgiving Sale today 11-28-09 with her seasonal artistic displays loaded to the brim with goodies for the ladies!  I picked up some cross talk about the very reasonable competitive prices of the products she has on sale and who isn't looking for a good deal, especially in this tight economy?  Below pixs of her creative displays:


Below pixs of Jennifer Johnson:

Jennifer might be a little camera shy but "snuck" this one in...grin if you must! 

If those displays doesn't get you jump started for the Christmas Holidays, something is definitely wrong!

Erica Sellers of PATTYCAKES BY ERICA, telephone:  843-287-1355 did the refreshments which were outstanding and I certainly sampled a little of all of it and "tight as a Georgia tick on the back of a coonhound in the month of July."  A listing of what was served:  Brownies, red velvet truffles, home made apple butter - in jars to sale, pumpkin pie cheesecake, pumpkin roll, pumpkin chocolate strudel, caramel pecan pretzels, jars of homemade hot cocoa mix for sale, Cheewine punch, tea, coffee, chips, cheese and sausage dip. 

Cindi Crowley of Handcrafted Polyclay Jewelry, left in pix, Cheraw, SC telephone:  843-409-5056 had an excellent display of custom one of a kind design jewelry for sale also.  Pixs below:

A highlight for myself was a little wine tasting of some home made wine by Erica Seller's husband's Grandmother (Shirley Sellers) of which the wine was excellent and consumed only a small sample since I did not have a designated driver....grin if you must again!

Erica had several bottles of wine available for sale also:

Following are thumbnail pixs of some of the customers browsing around and other display/decor pixs::


My bride and myself had a great time and you definitely feel welcome in Jennifer's salon!

Photos and web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 11-28-09.


Twig and Mickey Porter kicking back on 02-05-10 and Twig getting ready for the rodeo!


Jennifer Johnson hosted a cheer party on April 10, 2010 from 12:00 noon until 2:30 P.M. and 20 girls attended.  Pizza, cupcakes and drinks were provided and each young lass got a hairdo, nails painted, necklace, face painted, goodie bags, glittery eye shadow and a custom printed Tee shirt.  Below a few pixs of the successful event:

Pixs by Jennifer Johnson and web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 04-16-10.


Jennifer Johnson had her annual after Thanksgiving sale and my bride and myself missed this one, however Jennifer sent some pixs taken.  It is to my understanding she had a good sale!  Click on thumbnails for a larger view:

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 12-04-10.


My "bride" aka Joyce and myself attended Jennifer Johnson's Annual After Thanksgiving Sale today November 26, 2011 and she had her usual outstanding seasonal decorations inside and outside her beauty salon and took a few pixs in between enjoying those lovely and tasty refreshments; Chocolate pound cake, Chex mix, Peanut brittle, Chocolate chip cookies, Kiwi Cheesecake dip with Honey graham crackers, Spinach dip with Ritz crackers, Tea, Wassail, Berry Blush wine Daiquiri...all were Beautimous" to say the least!.  Below a few pixs to document the event:

Note:  "Names are withheld to protect the Innocent", well, only the ones that were camera shy:  grin if you must:



I noticed that "Twig" the salon mascot has a couple feathers attached to the back of his head reminisce of Steven Tyler's hair style from a few decade back when his group Aerosmith was on the charts regular.  Hey, you didn't think an ole Bluegrass man listened to that music!

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 11-26-11.


As you have gathered by now, Jennifer does a complete decoration for each Holiday and rearranges the fixtures/decor around in her shop.  Pixs below taken by Jennifer of what her shop looked like during the Valentine Holiday season:


Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 02-27-12.


Quote by Jennifer Johnson, "I had the honor to do Jessica Hildreth's hair on her special day!  She had 9 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl and everything went Great"!  My daughter told me, "She wished Jessica had a party every weekend".


Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 05-23-12.


Following pixs taken by Jennifer Johnson of her fall and Halloween seasonal decor:

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 10-26-12.


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