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Our son William M. Porter, Jr. who lives in Southern, CA with his bride Casey and two sons Will and Jake called a few weeks ago and said he had three weeks of on site training in Norfolk, Virginia as part of his new Defense Contractor job of which he will be handling the West Coast operation and needed to "shadow" an install taking place on the East Coast for the experience and would try and visit us for a weekend if the time restraints would allow.

Due to the weather forecast on Friday September 5, 2008, their Norfolk, Virginia install was cancelled for the entire weekend and he gave us a call and stated he would be in sometime in the afternoon and that was great news indeed.  We recently visited with him and his family for a week to attend his retirement ceremony from the US Navy after 22 years of active duty on May 6, 2008 and my bride and myself had a wonderful time.  See pix below of Bill at his retirement ceremony in Dress Whites.

This was also great timing since he is my "probono" tech support for all my personal computer problems that are above my PC101 skill level.  Bill is well versed in many other technical areas and I needed his tech support on some website issues that I created and was unsure how to resolve them.  After a hour or so at Permanet Solutions Salon for my bride's weekly appointment and a meal at the Jade Restaurant,  it was time to start gleaning from Bill's expertise!

Inserted is a pix of Bill aka Mountain Trail Bike Bill kicked back in the basement with his ever present laptop doing some photo editing for his website  


I picked his brain quite extensively on Adobe PhotoShop but he is so far advanced with what he can do to a digital image when needed it is unreal.  He said the "trick" is to take a pix that doesn't need much image editing but that doesn't always happen in my case.  Bill studied photography when he was in high school under Mr. Hayes Dunlap, now deceased that taught Photography at the Community College at the Polkton and Ansonville campus and Bill had a good foundation before the digital photography came of age.  I can only do the basic stuff and did learn some new stuff from Bill the past couple days and did take notes!

I was wondering about his mountain trail bike riding as he doesn't stay too far away from his love of a good trail ride and you guessed it, he had the mountain trail bike with him on this trip as well.  Go to his blog link at: for a detailed account of what he had to do to be able to ship his mountain bike on the plane without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for the airline shipping fees.  He was able to ride a close by trail near his hotel there in Virginia which I am sure he already did his "recon"  well in advance of his trip.

I tried a few recipes out on him this weekend and prepared one of his favorite recipes Fried Pork Chops of which he thoroughly enjoyed!

Below pix of his ever present mountain bike in the back of the rental SUV:  Grin if you must!

The sun was too bright to allow any detail from this view of his mountain trail bike inside the SUV but wanted to get our son Mountain Trail Bike Bill in the photo as well.  Note:  I published this page and noticed that Bill looked like he was missing part of his right leg and apparently he had it tucked in behind him for what ever reason when I took this pix.  I haven't seen too many one leg mountain bike riders and will harass him a little on his stance for the picture.  Go ahead and grin because I sure did!

We had a great time with Bill and he got to enjoy some of my special Cajun blend Venison Summer Sausage and my Venison Chili N Beans along with other East Coast Southern Style recipes.  It was perfect timing since I had planned to do a few specific recipes to take some digital images for the recipe section of this website that were missing pixs.

Family and Friends sailing on the two greatest ships that ever sailed: Friendship and Fellowship,  it just doesn't get any better than that.

Bill aka Mickey Porter 09-08-08.


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