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This year, Mother's Day is celebrated on May 8, 2016.  For many decades, we celebrated Mother's Day with our immediate family, Mom and Pop, friends and a few "in-laws" at our home but since my bride's brainstem stroke about ten (10) years ago, we had to cut back on many of our larger annual events and have relied on restaurants to help fill in the gap.  My bride was the driving force behind such gatherings and she really misses them held at our home.  She did all the planning, decorating, artistic touches, baking, stove top cooking, etc., and I handled all the brawn stuff on the grill and deep fried turkeys.  I am sure the date on our birth certificate has a little to do with our scaling back as well........grin if you must!  Both the Adcock and Porter Klan definitely know how to do some serious food preparation as evidenced by the many hundreds of pixs published on this website.  Whether celebrating at our home or out and about, the friendship and fellowship shared along with a good meal makes the occasion a lasting memory!

As far back as I can remember, our families have celebrated Mother's Day which was indeed a very special day for our Mothers and our Spouses!  The Holiday goes back to the Roman and Greek era but the Christian Holiday was instituted in the USA around 1908 and usually celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year.  My bride of 48 years wrote a beautiful poem titled, "White Flowers" in memory and honor of her Mother Nellie Adcock who died August 7, 1974.  My bride aka Joyce, read the poem during a Mother's Day program at The Wadesboro Church of God and a real tear jerker for sure!  I have a sound file in .wav format which is 54.7 Megabytes, therefore, click on file and save as instead of streaming the file.  My older sound editing program doesn't work with win64; have too much old technology that is antiquated and need to change the file to a mp3 format for faster download.  My Grandma Della Coley also died that same year who raised me as her own son and I sure do miss her.

Our oldest Grandson Travis Lee Huneycutt of Lilesville, NC has been trying to get up with us the past few days and I finally got in touch with him yesterday and he stated that his Mother wanted us to get together for lunch on Mother's Day at one of their favorite restaurants in Rockingham, NC, The ICHIBAN BUFFET.

Everything was all set and we planned to be there sometime around 1sh and on the way to Rockingham, we noticed that most restaurant's parking lots were filled up and that is a good thing.


Below a pix I took of my bride with her special Mother's Day gift of a small bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume which is her all time favorite, however I love the fragrance of Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume on her too:


Below pix of her Mother's Day card:

After a twenty plus minute drive to the Ichiban Buffet Restaurant in Rockingham, NC, it wasn't long before Laura our eldest daughter and her two sons, Travis Lee and Trevor Lane Huneycutt showed up and I took a few pixs before we entered the restaurant.

Below Trevor, Laura, Joyce aka my bride and Travis.

It took us about 20 minutes to get seated and the placed was totally packed out.  I am guesstimating the place will seat far more than a hundred.

While waiting to get a table for five, I got pixs of the decor, some of the staff at work along with many pixs of the hot bar items.

A beautiful Eagle carved into a large piece of driftwood.....awesome!



Their Hibachi Chef stayed back logged the entire time we were there filling orders:

Click on below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:


I normally bypass the Sushi bar and reserve those offerings (raw fish) for fishing bait but will break down every once in a while and consume a few items.  Their Sushi bar was about depleted when I got around to taking a few pixs and tried a couple items but Sushi still isn't my "cup of tea" so to speak.



I had a few people ask if I was taking pixs for the newspaper, etc. and had to grin a little because I knew they wanted their pix taken.  I took a couple of their pixs below and told them they would be World Wide Web posted on my own website in a short story:


After taking all those pixs, it was time to revisit the buffet islands minus the camera and get this ole boy some vittles.  Below pix of my fully loaded and colorful plate:

After our meal and fellowship, the Grandboys presented my bride and their Mom a small bouquet of flowers.  

The sun was directly in their eyes and they certainly did do some squinting in front of the camera but did manage to crack a grin.  Laura forgot her Mom's gift and card and plans to bring it to her later.

In summation, this was a wonderful Mother's Day for my bride and Laura.  Our son William, Jr. who is a Defense Contractor currently working in Bahrain, called while we were out to lunch.  My bride returned his call this afternoon and had a great short chat, however she forgot there is a big time zone difference and it was 3:15 A.M. Monday morning May 9, 2016 there in Bahrain, whereby awaking him from an apparent deep sleep....another grin if you must!  I must confess that it was my bad since I dialed the number and handed her the telephone.  I bet he will be moving in slow motion during his work day and might need a few extra cups of espresso or Java to make it through the day fully awake and alert.

Our youngest daughter, Lisa Dianne and her son Xander visited with us yesterday for half a day and we certainly enjoyed the visit.  I took seven year old Xander on a hike outback and his energy level is amazing.

A special prayer and blessing to all the Mothers and I do miss my Mom and Grandma but Life is very dynamic and time waits for no one.  My bride certainly does miss her Mother Nellie Adcock and she is never far from her thoughts. 


PROVERBS 31:25 - 31:30 KJV BIBLE

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Laura brought her Mom's Mother's Day Card and Gift to her on 05-15-15 and we had a great visit.  Laura got a chance to sample my latest batch of Venison Summer Sausage - Cajun Blend and I sent a two pound stalk of it home with her. 

Below pixs of her gift and card:

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