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I got another invite from Robert Webster to fish with him on Lake Tillery this morning and the weather conditions were excellent; slight breeze out of the North, a little cooler than the last trip and the lake was smooth.  Below a few thumbnail pixs taken from the time we left Robert's campsite until we got off the lake.  Robert had a senior citizens moment or a Rookie Mistake and left his fly rod back at the Campground and after unloading the boat, he went back and got his fly rod.  Click on thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view:

Robert went to his regular fishing area that has been a producer for him this fishing season and it wasn't long before we got into some White Perch.  Robert with a pair of keeper White Perch:

However, the action was short lived because we got a couple rigs hung up on some type of underwater structure, whereas the water was around 25 feet deep and shouldn't have been hanging up on anything according to Robert.  We got "unsnagged" and moved to a different location that has been a fish producer also and the rods started shaking, rattling, bending and Elvis Presley would have busted a move with all that rhythm and action going on for sure.....grin if you must!

Somewhere between 0815 and 0900, the fishing action was so frantic that neither of us could catch a break to get a drink of water.  I broke out into a sweat, water running off my forehead down into my eyes and thought I had jumped into the Atlantic Ocean by the way my eyes were burning from the salt water.  I used enough of Robert's paper towels to deplete half an acre of pulp wood trees used to manufacture those paper towels used and certainly didn't help support the ecological conservative folks this morning; e.g., "Save A Tree Project".  There might be a little embellishment on my part but you get the idea! 

This is what our fish cooler looked like around 0830:

The White Perch were also feeding on the top bursting out of the water and the small shad bait fish were trying their best to get away from them.  At one time, I thought the White Perch were going to come into the boat.  I did manage to get a couple pixs of their action but you can't tell too much by the glare from the sun's angle to our position but some of action was captured.

Robert and myself caught a few Crappie that we kept which is some good eating too!  There are fish breaking water in the back ground in the below pix to the right of my hat brim.

We only kept the larger White Perch today and for every one we kept, three or four were released to grow bigger and be caught another day.  We continued to catch fish until around 0900 when the cooler was getting pretty full and Robert made the statement that it was about time we had caught a catfish in this area with the shad bait fish all around us and he hadn't gotten the words hardly out of his mouth when both the two rear rods that has his special rig and lures on they went to screaming.  The rod on the left which was his side of the boat was screaming out with line being peeled off the reel and I picked it up and there appeared to be a good fish on.  We managed to keep the lines from getting tangled up and we landed both the Blue Catfish.  It took Robert a couple tries or more to get that Blue Catfish into the net and he said, "We need a bigger fish net."  Below is a pix of the first one landed:

That ole Catfish has a bigger belly than Robert and myself and no telling how many shad and larger fish that ole boy has consumed over the years before turning himself into some filets rending some golden fried Catfish nuggets, etc.  As evidenced from the Digital fish scale, he weighted 18 lbs. 10 oz.:

Below pix of Robert with both Catfish and the Catfish he landed weighted 9 lbs. 13 oz.

Below is pix of what the fish cooler looked like when we stopped fishing for the White Perch and we couldn't close the lid:

We thought we were doing some serious fishing until Bob McLean showed up grinning like a "possum eating simmons" and he showed us a Striper that was caught around the bend in the lake where canoes are stored on Morrow Mt. State Park.  He kept pretty much mum about the details of the catch but the picture speaks for itself below.  The Striper weighted 16 lbs.

Click on below thumbnails of Bob for a larger screen view:

After Bob displayed that Striper, both Robert and myself had our head hanging down and looked like ole Tom Dooley aka Dula heading to the White Oak hanging tree......grin if you must!

Robert and myself used the ole buggy whoppers a little but the Bream aka Pan fish were not doing much action on top water popping bugs and we called it a morning.  Before leaving the lake, Robert cruised by the backside of the Family Campground and I took a few pixs, however I had the little digital camera in my pocket and it had some moister collected on the lens; my bad.

After getting back to Robert's Campsite, we transferred the fish caught to a larger 100 quart cooler and placed some fresh ice in there with fresh water to keep them cool until Robert did his magic with the fish filet knife.  Pix below:

Close-up of Mr. Crappie:

Robert took the pix below of the 18 lb. 10 oz. catfish back at his campsite.

Robert had 6 quart bags of White Perch filets and 3 quart bags of catfish filets/nuggets headed for his freezer.

Robert and myself went to Albemarle Food Lion and picked up a few things needed for the fish fry and it wasn't long before Robert had the hot oil going and those "beautimous" White Perch filets sizzling in the hot oil.  Click on thumbnail pixs below for a larger screen view:

Bob McLean was invited to the fish fry and Robert has some fresh home grown tomatoes sliced and cooling in the refrigerator and served with the wonderful fried White Perch filets, Cole Slaw, sliced Dill pickles and he almost forgot to bring out his baked sweet potatoes and cold Ice Tea. 

Check those White Perch filets out in front of Robert aka Jungle Jim!

Bob McLean has a good grin going with the American Flag flying in the background.

Again, that was some wonderful fish Robert prepared and served.  Robert and Bob both said this was the best fishing season they have had in three (3) years and Robert said he has caught fish like we did today the last eleven (11) times out in a row.  I know I have enjoyed the three times that I have went fishing with Robert and the ole saying, "The proof is in the taste of the pudding" and "A picture is worth a thousand words", I rest my case.

Before I left, I caught Robert fishing at the Blue Bucket again and I believe he must have a thing going for the color blue and hope it isn't those Viagra blue pills; maybe I had better ask him to clear things up for the record.  One of his friends in Hamlet aka "Cut Bait" is alleged to be on those things but that is only hear say and he has a buddy named "Buzz Bait" who fell out of his boat while they were fishing and earned the nick name buzz bait by the way he was flopping around in the water trying to get back into the boat!


Robert must have a golden horseshoe large enough to fit a prehistoric Mastodon foot by his outdoor success with fishing and hunting tackle and anything he attempts to do.  One thing I have noticed about Robert, he is not afraid to "think outside the box" and that I am sure has a lot to do with his success in his many other areas of interest and expertise!

Again, I brought my bride home some of those fried While Perch filets along with cole slaw and a sweet potato but she elected to have the filets and cole slaw.  Since typing this narrative, my taste buds and appetite has kindled back up and I am going back up topside and have myself another helping of those "off the chain" good fried fish filets.

In conclusion, we had another great successful day on the lake and as I say many times on this website, "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed, Friendship and Fellowship!"

Web published update by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 07-22-15.

Bob McLean with a good pair of Stripers he caught; pix courtesy of Robert Webster 07-23-15 taken with his Obama Phone.


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