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While looking through a back-up CD of 2002 on the early morning of 12-03-16, I located a few pixs of some paintings that my bride did using a technique called, "one stroke painting."  My bride, prior to her stroke of 2006, was into all types of crafts over the years; e.g., oil painting, ceramics, crochet, cake decorating; (I mean hand painting scenes on the cakes before the spray on decals were used) and one stroke painting technique using acrylic paint.

My bride took an oil painting class at the Anson Technical Institute in Ansonville, NC of which was later called Anson Community College and currently named South Piedmont Community College and has several large campuses in Anson and Union Counties here in NC.  I have one of her oil paintings mounted and is in our Master bedroom.  I am sure there is a pix of the painting somewhere on this website.

I have featured some of her crochet on this website and have a PowerPoint slide show titled, Tweet's Crochet.  This is a large file size, so right click save target as to your hard drive to keep from streaming.


The above and below painting are my favorites.

I can't remember what happened to those paintings; either given away or stored in my file cabinets because they are not mounted and on display in our home.

PS:  My bride told me that our Daughter Lisa has a couple of them framed.

My bride and myself are like "two peas in a pod" since we have enjoyed many hobbies and crafts over the decades and not afraid to try different things and we both do "think outside the box."  She is far more creative than myself in the art department and she really misses doing her crafts, of which her massive brain stem stroke has limited her dexterity to do those crafts but she does what she can.

She is still the love of my life and we both know we were destined to be together.  She realized that the first time she saw me on August 11, 1957 at the Wadesboro Church of God and I somehow knew the same thing; still remembering the color of dress she was wearing, her dark brown hair in braided pig tails, dark tan and dark brown eyes, but a little slower to catch on than she did.  That might be a good thing, since our son would be about 55 years old now instead of 48, (If I survived her Dad's 12 gauge shotgun buckshot blast)......grin if you must!  I tell our son that and he also gets a good grin going.

In closing, it is great to be married to someone who is also your best friend, soul mate and to reiterate, "The Love of my Life."


God richly bless each and every one of you.

PROVERBS 31:10 - 31:31

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 12-03-16.

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