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Above is a pix that Jennifer Johnson of Wadesboro, NC sent me on March 14, 2012 which shows her broom standing by itself perfectly balanced in the kitchen.   I have always know that Jennifer has some magic about her and she definitely doesn't need a broom during the Halloween Holiday.....grin if you must, so I had to do a little research and get to the bottom of the balancing broom phenomenon.   Yes, I know I lost some "man points" on that pretty little broom, but grin again anyway!

Recently, there has been an enormous amount of picture posting on Facebook, etc. with brooms standing by themselves and many have claimed it is because of the "planetary alignment" or other such drivel.  Upon further investigation, the Spring equinox doesn't occur until March 20 so we can about rule that one out as far as some extra gravitational pull or force exerted on earthly objects.

I hate to be a "Doubting Thomas" and the balancing broom sparked my curiosity since I tried it with a regular straw type broom and could not get it to balance no matter how hard I tried.

The trick is to use a flat-bottomed broom of which can be angled or straight but with fairly stiff bristles and stand it up on a flat floor and hold it loosely for a few seconds and try and find the brooms center of gravity.   If that doesn't work, you can push straight down forcing the bristles to spread apart on each side which creates a wider platform or base and again find the center of gravity.  This might not work every time for every single broom but most of the time it will.

A query from the Internet provides this explanation; "The broom can stand by itself because the center of gravity is directly above the edge on which it balances.  And the bristles are soft enough to spread out a bit at the contact point with the floor and provide a stable base to support the handle and allow the broom to balance".

A week from now, a month from now, you can do the same thing and it doesn't have to be any particular solar event with the moon and sun in alignment, etc.  As far as the Spring Equinox,  I guess this might be a mini-Myth Buster...grin if you must.

Bill aka Mickey Porter 03-15-12

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