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Tim Inkenbrandt of Mt. Gilead, NC who works for the North Carolina Department of Correction in the maintenance department as a HVAC mechanic harvested a monster buck this month and the following is the harvest details in his own words:

My wife gave me a Moultrie game camera for my birthday.  It was the best gift I have ever received.  Needless to say, when I saw this big buck on my camera I was elated.  He seemed to be nocturnal, as I was only able to capture night time pictures.  However, my wife said she saw him one morning in our back yard near the garden, after I went to work.  I let several deer pass by this season, hoping to see the big one in my scope.  On December 4th, I had a morning doctor appointment.  I was in the bathroom "butt naked", shaving and looked out the window toward the back yard and all I saw was antlers.  I threw on my bathrobe and slippers, grabbed my 30/30 Marlin and 2 cartridges.  I slipped out the front door, loaded the 2 rounds and levered one into the chamber.  I leaned around the corner of the house, finding in my scope the biggest buck I have ever seen.  I didn't look at his rack but concentrated on a heart shot and squeezed the trigger.  He kicked straight out, ran about 20 yards and dropped.  Here he is weighing in at 185 lbs., 12 points, 24" inside and 27" outside.  Scored 156 4/8 on Buckmaster.  Ink.

Comment from Bill Porter:  I believe the ole buck thought he had Tim's work schedule figured out but he made a fatal mistake. 

The truck seems to get small with this buck.  It looks like a reindeer and maybe got loose from ole Santa's sleigh!

Can you believe this, the deer appears to be posing for a picture.

Check the darkness of the tarsal glands out where he has been urinating on the tuffs of hair!

What a trophy this buck is and I know Tim is looking forward to having him on the wall not to mention Tim enjoys eating venison as much as I do and does some serious cooking too.

Tim is a very talented craftsman with wood working tools, does some beautiful oil paintings, antler carving and I commissioned him to do a wood carving project for my custom turkey box calls also.

Tim can now do some relaxed meat hunting to finish filling his freezer!

Bill aka Mickey Porter 12-20-08. 

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