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My good friend David Stewart of Ellerbe, NC who loves the outdoors,  a country person at heart , an excellent craftsman with wood and builds self long bows and the old style scratch box calls of all varieties along with the real wing bone call.  David gave me a recent picture of his answer to the high soaring gas prices of late and I guarantee you his vehicle takes very little carbon based fuel to get you from point A to point B.  He did not have the miles per gallon calculated but is has to be phenomenal mileage indeed.  Take a look at the detail in his custom gas less mode of transportation:

Notice the camouflaged recurve bow, wood arrows, camo bicycle,  turkey decoy and of course one of Bill Porter's Dual Hens box calls that already has turkey blood on it early in the spring 2008 season.

David built the log cabin home in the back ground and it is a show place for sure.

I don't think I have the lung and leg power for this mode of transportation but David has back up horses in case his legs give out on him.  David has not been checked for Emissions Standards Testing and might have just a little difficulty in certification especially when he does an uphill climb!  Jeff F might want him on his show if he gets "wind" of this, well maybe not!  

Enjoy  Bill aka Mickey Porter 09-10-08

Below thumbnail pixs of David Stewart's lovely bride Tammy who loves horses, hiking, gardening and canning:

Tammy Stewart on Gypsy....owned and rode her over 30 years.

Tammy riding "Sugar Bar" at Greyson Highland State Park in the mountains of Virginia.

Tammy with pack goats as she hikes the Appalachian Trail.

Tammy Stewart  working their garden at Log Home on the Pee Dee River in 2009. 

Web published on 12-16-09 by Bill aka Mickey Porter.

My bride and myself visited David and Tammy Stewart on May 28, 2011 and had a great time.  After the visit,  David and Tammy treated us to a wonderful steak dinner at the Little Bo Club in Ellerbe, NC to top off an outstanding visit.  I took a couple pictures of David and his "bride" Tammy and are posted below:

    Tammy Stewart on the left in his pix

David and Tammy are like "Two peas in a Pod";  their personalities and interests are so compatible.  Fantastic people who love animals and the outdoors and a pleasure to be in their company!

Bill aka Mickey Porter 11-21-11

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