Halloween 2005

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Below pixs of the last year we had our annual Halloween party due to my wife's stroke in 2006.  She was and is the back bone for most of the holiday decor and seasonal Holiday parties and it takes a good amount of prep ahead of time to get everything coordinated and she is not able to do so at this time.  I did not add pixs of the yard decor since the majority of the outside stuff is about the same as last years 2004, however I am adding new faces that attended, especially those from the Brown Creek Correctional Facility in the Administrative/Warehouse section which is now collectively called The Special Operations Section.  We did have Joye Waddell and Rosa Lee Powell of Polkton, NC provide some entertainment and we all had many laughs!  Buck Morton won the pumpkin carving contest two years in a row and it was a very tight and close race but he just barely edged out the competition.

Small kids and the big kids too is what makes these types of gatherings so much fun.  Thumbnail pixs follows:

We had a great time with plenty of Trick or Treaters dropping by for some "goodies" for their treat bags. There are three family and friends that are now deceased since those pixs were taken on 10-31-05 and they are: William A. Porter, Hardin Martin and Ms. Clara Lowry and all are greatly missed.  Time waits for no one and never miss an opportunity to tell your friends and love ones that you Love and Appreciate them because tomorrow is promised to no one!

Also remember, "Actions speak louder than words", therefore show your friends and love ones that you truly love and appreciate them.

As always:  Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed:  Friendship and Fellowship.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 08-25-08.

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