Halloween 2004

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Prior to my bride's stroke in 2006 she would normally decorate the outside and inside for each seasonal holiday and I would do the heavy moving/lifting stuff and she would do the more serious artistic decorating.  Inserted some pixs of our "seasonal" Halloween outside party in 2004 that started at dusk dark and continued until around 10 PM or so depending on whether Halloween fell during a week day or weekend.  We kept a good camp fire going and the little and big kids roasted wieners, marshmallows and the like and kept a big pot of home made chili and beans along with potato salad, fried chicken, slaw and various condiments.  Every kid left with a treat bag and we handed out treats to the Trick or Treaters that came by.  There was an old fashioned apple bobbing tub for the kids and the finale was a pumpkin carving contest with a few prizes awarded.  We had live entertainment some years and each year had a PA system set up for music to match the season and music going back to the 50's for the senior citizens like myself.  It was a tremendous amount of good wholesome clean fun and entertainment of which the little and big kids continue to ask, "Are you going to have a Halloween party this year."  It took a lot of prep work and expense to put on but well worth it.   

The balance of pixs will be thumbnails so click pix for a larger view.  Enjoy!


We all had a great time, wonderful memories and nothing beats Friendship and Fellowship!

Bill aka Mickey Porter 08-24-08

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