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Our son called some time back giving us his upcoming itinerary for him and Nichol's private wedding ceremony in Great lakes, Illinois on November 12, 2016 and their plans to visit with us.  His son Will, planned to join us and Bill said that Will had a special request to do some fishing while here.  I told Bill that one of my good friends Robert Webster of Hamlet, NC has a camper and boat on Lake Tillery, NC and would schedule a day of fishing and have a fish fry mid-day.

After contacting Robert Webster, the fishing trip was scheduled for November 18, 2016 and everything was all set with my No. 1 Brother-in-Law, Douglas Pettigrew going too.

Bill and Nichol arrived the afternoon of November 16th and Bill picked up Will at the Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC on November 17 at around 7PM.  We had an early Thanksgiving 2016 planned for November 17th of which we had a great time.

Nichol, SusieQ, my sister and my bride planned a Girl's day out while we went fishing on the 18th on Lake Tillery.  The Girls went to my bride's hair stylists beauty salon and then to the Pizza Inn in Rockingham, NC for lunch, etc.

On November 18th at around 7:00 AM, I picked Bill and Will up at The Dream Inn and my number one Brother-in-Law, Douglas Pettigrew at their motel and we went to BoJangles for breakfast.  I was supposed to pick up a ham biscuit for Robert Webster but went "brain dead" on that one.  I seem to have that CRS disease at various times.  Believe me, I heard about the ham biscuit the rest of the day with Robert doing a lot of chin music and beating his gums together......grin if you must.

After our breakfast, it was about a 30 minute drive to The Family Campground off highway 24/27 where Robert has his camper and boat.  While driving by the Swift Island boat landing off 24/27, I thought I saw Robert's Mountaineer vehicle and the campground is about 1/2 mile away.  When getting to the campground, Robert and his boat were not there so I called him on the cell phone aka Obamaphone and he said he was waiting for us at the boat landing.

I drove to the Swift Island boat landing and Robert had everything ready to go and it didn't take but a few minutes to get loaded onto his boat and off we went.  It was very foggy in the cove and on the Lake and Robert decided to fish near the mouth of the cove until the the fog lifted.

I am trying to figure out what type of expression Bill has on his face as we were going up the cove: Flatulence?

Robert is certainly causing Gillette's stock to plummet as evidenced by his beard growth!

As soon as we got anchored, the White Perch were biting the lures about as fast as you could get them back into the water.  The White Perch were on the small size and for everyone that was kept, at least 3 or 4 fish were released.  I didn't drop a single hook into the water and operated the camera.

I believe Robert caught the first fish and it was a fishing frenzy from then on; catching as many as four (4) at a time on a single rod/line with many doubles and triples on.  Robert has several rods rigged up with four shad king lures on them and a couple rods with other lures.

Pix below with Will with four (4) fish caught at one time.  Will said, "Catching them by the stringer full."

After the fog lifted, we headed out into the lake and more fish were caught.

Above pix showing how calm and still the water was with a beautiful picturesque fall color palette to view.  It just doesn't get any better than this, being able to enjoy what God has created for all of us to enjoy!  This was the very best weather we have had in weeks and perfect for our Guy's Day Out of fishing on Lake Tillery.  It was a little nippy in the morning, but by the mid-afternoon, it was probably around 75 degrees.

It was getting up into the late morning and everyone agreed it was time to head back in and enjoy a good fish fry meal.  Robert pointed out an active Bald Eagle's nest on the way back up the river with the pix below.


One thing that Robert Webster knows is how to properly fry fish.  I took pixs of him in his outdoor kitchen which has a roof over it adjacent his camper.  It would be scary to know how many thousands of fish Robert has caught and fried over the decades.  Robert caught a "mess" of fish the day before and had them chilling out in his refrigerator ready for the fish fry. 


While watching Robert do his magic in his outdoor kitchen, the rest of us sat around salivating at the mouth taking in the "beautimous" aroma of the fish and French fries permeating the air.

Robert's dog Brandy, was let out of her sleeping cage in the camper onto the kitchen deck and I believe she tried to do a "sneak attack" on Will's legs and Robert let her go outside in the yard where she was barking and kicking up dirt and grass with all four feet.  Will took a few video clips of the action with his cell phone.  Below is a pix of Brandy:

I know what you are thinking; Robert is losing some serious man points with the dog but Robert said, "Brandy came with the marriage", grin if you must!  I have a short story hyperlinked above which will shed some light on Robert and Brandy.


Robert's fishing buddy Bob McLean was invited to join us for lunch and as soon as the serving tray was on the table, it didn't take a second call to help yourself.

I put the camera down and got myself a plate fixed which consisted of Catfish nuggets/filets, White Perch filets, slaw, French fries and Kosher sliced pickle.  Robert even brought out an apple pie that he said he baked and had Bob believing that he had in fact baked the apple pie, but it was store bought....we all got a good grin going out of that one.  After that fantastic meal that Robert prepared, it was time to head back out on the Lake again.


Will caught a nice striper but a little too short to keep and the striper was released.

The guys caught a good number of fish including a couple stripers, catfish and plenty of White Perch.  After that fine meal, yours truly laid down in the boat resting my back and head on a cushion and put my hat over my face and caught a good long "napster" as I call them.  When I woke up, someone had thrown a fish on top of me but they forgot to take a picture of myself getting that napster, so I guess the joke is on them.  All four of them had cell phone cameras.  I know why they call them cell phones, "They are prisoners to them; just look around you."  I own a flip top 18 dollar TracFone, more or less for emergency usage only and definitely no prisoner to it....grin if you must

Bill, Jr. took this pix with his cell phone capturing the sun about to go down....awesome pix.

Below is a pix of the fish caught:

Robert put the fish on ice and the next day said there were 102 White Perch kept in addition to some Crappie and other fish that Bob McLean put in the cooler.

It was about dark when we got back to the Swift Island boat landing and Will spotted the large boat that nearly swamped us out on the lake and Robert went and talked to the owner and put some "chin music" on him for not paying attention to other boats on the lake.  Robert said the guy apologized and Robert told him to be more careful in the future.  

We had a wonderful time on the lake; enjoyed a great meal and the friendship and fellowship was awesome as well.

Will said, "That was the best fishing trip he had ever had" and that makes it worthwhile and a memory to last forever.  Robert gave us an open invite to do it again.

In closing, this was a great "Guy's Day Out" and to reiterate, the friendship and fellowship was outstanding.  Not to be outdone, Will took Robert a left over cold ham biscuit from BoJangles that he had forgotten about that was left in my car........grin if you must!

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-22-16.


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