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I have several pictures on this website of my Grandmother aka Grandma Mary Frances Coley on my Mother's side of the family, whereas I lived with my Grandma Coley as far back as I can remember until I graduated from High School in 1964.  My Mom and Pop lived next door during this time and my Grandma "conned" my Mom into letting me live with her.  I mentioned her quite a bit in the short story titled "Memories From The Past" in this section and it does the spirit good to reflect back in time especially on very memorable and happy times and events that has a positive influence on our personal lives. 

Whether one believes in God as our creator or a higher being or void of any meaningful belief , I can only answer for myself that through my faith in God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, I need no other evidence than the Word of God and the spirit that lives within to be and remain a believer!

The below .mp3 file gives an account of something that happened in my personal life in 1982 that shows just how much God is concerned about our happiness and well being.  I do not try and explain what happened, I just relate what took place.  After making the audio cassette from the reel to reel tape, it was not long afterward (a couple months) that my Uncle Douglas Ross Coley died and the audio cassette of my Grandma was a comfort to the entire family.  I played the tape of Grandma to Uncle Doug not long after I transferred it from the reel to reel to a cassette tape and he really enjoyed hearing his Mother and asked why I did not let him hear it sooner?  I told him that I had just found the tape.  Uncle Doug was deeply touched and comforted and things do happen for a specific reason whether we believe it or not!

Right click on  Grandma and select save target as to your hard drive to prevent buffering since file is 23.7MB .mp3 sound file:

Above picture of my Grandma Coley and myself taken in the mid 1960's.

Bill aka Mickey Porter 03-25-09.

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