Frog and Hog

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Greg Cook and one of his grandsons Mason Krol aka Frog along with Danny Riedel who is one of Greg's three son-in-laws stopped by this afternoon to pickup a custom turkey box call being donated to a benefit auction fund raiser for Hospice of Stanly County by the Stanly County chapter of the NWTF.

Greg had some pixs that he took of Frog's hog hunt that they were on last month when the temperature was in the 90's and I will insert a pix and give some details of the hunt.  Training youth to be responsible and safe hunters becoming good stewards of our natural resources is a big priority with organizations such as the NRA and NWTF and our State hunting license fees put money back into the management of our wildlife resources for all to enjoy, even though the anti hunting groups give nothing but lip service  to the preservation of our natural resources while the big wigs live high off the hog soaking up all the donated money being gobbled up in what they report as administrative costs!  Greg is doing a wonderful job training Mason Krol aka Frog.  Check Frog's smile out!

Greg related to me that they were hunting several miles out of Wadesboro, NC off White Store road and had put out corn earlier and some type of hog attractor.  They were on stand around 4:30 P.M. and Greg said he was reading a current copy of the NRA magazine and at around 5:30 P.M.  Frog whispered Hog which was about 25 to 30 yards out and Frog put the cross hairs on him and squeezed off a round and the hog went down like a fallen tree.  A few more pixs and as Paul Harvey would say,  "The rest of the story."

Greg stated that they stayed on stand about another hour waiting to see if another hog would show himself but it didn't happen and it was a good thing indeed because Greg said the hog weighted 235 lbs. and he like to have never got the hog loaded onto the carrier of the four wheeler.  Greg said by the time they got home around 11PM, he believed the hog smelled better than he did!

Frog shoots a Remington 700 .270 Win. caliber in a Youth model and using Remington's 115 grain Managed recoil load and it kicks very little of which Frog easily handles the reduced recoil. 

Frog with his Trophy hog...should be some good sausage and chops for sure!

PS  Several have asked why the AKA, well I guess old habits are hard to break sometimes and I use AKA like a "normal" person would use the term "nick name" when actually aka is Also Known As and primarily used by law enforcement officials to specify an alias and with about 30 years of service with The North Carolina Department of Correction aka is used and heard very often.

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