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Rachael Myers coordinated our family February Birthdays this year and we met at Quincy's in Monroe and below is a narrative of the event I received this afternoon 02-08-12 from her as follows:

February 4, 2012, a day set aside for a celebration of life, a day or year.  Many were present at Quincy's Restaurant in Monroe, NC that were actually born in the month of February but no one born on the 4th.  The oldest one there "Wink" Myers was born on February 9, 1932 and singled out to be honored.

We enjoyed the delicious food of Quincy's and then cut and ate a special "Over the Hill"  Birthday Cake complete with a rocking chair.  Of course we had to sing the traditional Happy Birthday and take pictures of all the folks celebrating birthdays in the month of February.

Many thanks to Dalton Beachum who kept the afternoon rolling on as Master of Ceremonies and Ina Rachel Stucker for getting some roasting done on Wink.  There was a comical rendition of "Are You Lonesome Tonight" by Janet Harris.  Every ailment know to the elderly people was named as she sang beautifully for the crowd.  Not a shy bone in her body either!

Then, Alana Steelman, Janet's Grand Daughter sang, "It is Well With My Soul" in a great and moving way.  Several prizes were given away and Alana returned to sing her Mother (Trina Steelman) a special song, "Like My Mother Does" of which  was very inspirational and so perfectly sung.  Money could not purchase the precious feeling that was there.

More prizes were passed out; a few jokes told and then it was time to go our separate ways.  The Myers family and the Adcock family had shared precious moments together and celebrated each other.  There were approximately 55 people present.

On a spiritual note;  Several family members are in need of prayer for physical healing; Jane Tucker is recovering from back surgery and Ina Rachel Stucker is undergoing some serious testing and difficulty in adjusting to an arthritis medicine and Frankie's granddaughter Rylan Teague has a syndrome she is fighting.

Please remember these ladies in prayer and celebrate the fact they are still with us.

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We had a great time and Rachel always does an outstanding job getting special events organized. 

Web posted by Bill aka Mickey Porter 02-05-12 and updated the narrative by Rachel Myers on 02-08-12..


Rachel Myers again headed up a birthday party today February 12, 2012 at the Wadesboro Church of God fellowship hall and posted are pixs taken today.  There was plenty of good home cooked food and desserts and if anyone left hungry it was their own fault.  Click on the thumbnail pixs for a larger view:


Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter 02-12-12.

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