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While going back through archived CDs and DVDs of past pictures taken , I found a CD that I created in 2001 with pixs taken in the year 2000 which had our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween pixs saved for that year.  I Web published the Christmas 2000 pixs last night and those pixs sure do bring back a pile of wonderful memories from the past!

There were only a couple pixs taken of our Easter Lunch 2000 which included one yard decor pix.  For whatever reason, over the years we have not had many family get together at Easter.

Both my parents Ann and Bill Porter have passed on and "time waits for no one."  It is hard to believe that I only took a few pixs but it does happen.  I usually try and get pixs of everyone that attended.  Along with my parents, Wink and Rachel Myers, Haywood and Sue Newton and Lisa Vanderburg attended. 

As evidenced from the spread on the table, looks like some "beautimous" looking vittles for sure.  There is someone on the far right of the pix which I cannot make out and also on the left.

Pix above of some of the Easter yard decor.  My bride cut out the large rabbit out and did the artwork, but the Milwaukee hand held jig saw was too heavy for her....I usually go "overkill" on tool purchases; no Black and Decker replacement Walmart tools here.....grin if you must!  I believe the signs on the tree were store bought.

Our son Bill, Jr. who lived in Oceanside, California sent me several pixs of our Grandson William McKnight Porter, III.  My bride visited with them when their second son Jake was born.

Below pix of the basket his Grandma Joyce sent him for Easter.


I don't remember any of the details of the Easter 2000 lunch but we always have a good time when family and friends get around the table sharing good home cooked food.  The friendship and fellowship with family and friends is wonderful.


I remember as a youngster and also as an adult, the kids would be wearing new outfits to Church and our local Wadesboro Church of God would usually have a Easter program on Sunday with the kids and adults participating. 

My bride was called upon many times to head up such programs and events as she had the personality, leadership skills and ability to get the job done.  She was also very pleasing to eyes as well and still is......grin if you must!  She has taught Children's Church and was a Scout Den Mother and Scout Leader and put her God given talents to use.   Below a few pixs taken back in the late 1980s and early 1980s:

My bride receiving "The Mother of the Year" award.  Welcome to Hollywood Girl!

My bride aka Joyce in her Scout Den Mother uniform; she was also a Scout Leader.

Man, I got a few extra heart beats just posting those pixs of my bride!  Now you understand why I said, "She was very pleasing to the eyes."


Open this hyperlink for some scriptures about the resurrection and this link about Easter celebration.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 10-13-16.

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