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The immediate Porter family celebrated Thanksgiving 2016 on November 17, 2016 early due to our Son William M. Porter, Jr. and his new bride Nichol Shine visiting with us.  Bill has lived on the West Coast, mainly near San Diego, CA about his entire US Navy career of twenty-two (22) years.  He has two sons from a prior marriage; William McKnight Porter, III and Samuel Jacob Porter.  Bill retired from the US Navy on March 2, 2008 and is a defense contractor for the US Navy since his retirement, whereas his bride Nichol, is a US Navy Commander and still active duty assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt with thirty (30) years of service desiring to advance to the Rank of Captain before she retires.  Bill joking said, "She will probably stay in the Navy until they boot her out."

Bill married Nichol Shine in Great Lakes, Illinois on November 12, 2016 with a private ceremony at the place where they first met.  Bill has known Nichol for thirty (30) years and after a couple days in Chicago, Illinois, they visited with some of Nichol's friends in Norfolk, Va. They drove down to Wadesboro, NC from Norfolk on November 16th.

Nichol and Bill with a good grin going too.

Bill invited his two sons to be with them here in Wadesboro, NC and Will wanted to come, whereas his younger brother Jake, didn't want to give up his part time job; likes that money.....grin if you must!

Bill and Nichol booked reservations at The Dream Inn, a bread and breakfast inn here in town due to giving our spare bedroom suite to our youngest daughter and our other spare bed is in the basement "man cave" needs a new mattress and box springs!   I believe they are use to more upscale accommodations, of which I can't blame them for that.......another grin is in order.

Bill and Nichol arrived on the afternoon of November 16th and I had my standard Anson County BBQ ready to do some pork pulling and serve it with my Anson County "City Slicker" BBQ Sauce.  I made baked beans using 1/2 cup of good select Rum which takes baked beans to a new level of taste enhancement, slaw, hush puppies, peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream.  We enjoyed an excellent meal together and got caught up on their current events.

Above and below photos by Bill, Jr. with his new Canon 7D camera.

The above Boston butt was slow smoked in my UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) and does a great job in producing some wonderful pulled pork as evidenced by the pixs above.  There is a deep pinkish smoke ring present, which is the hallmark of excellent charcoal slow cooked BBQ aka pulled pork.  A handful or two of dried hickory nuts in the shell added to the charcoal, really adds additional complex flavors to the pulled pork.

After our meal, we got caught up on things since it has been four months since Bill and Nichol visited with us back on July 8th. 


Nichol got a Traditional Southern introduction to the Porter family the following morning with a few pixs taken, that will speak for themselves.  I hope Jeff Foxworthy doesn't see this, otherwise he will have something to add to his routine; e.g., "You might be a redneck if".........The only thing missing was the soundtrack from the movie Deliverance......grin if you must!

Yes, that is an ATF registered suppressor to yours truly!   It took 10 months of waiting after the application was filed and of course the 200 dollar stamp tax fee paid to "Big Brother" for a class III device and/or weapon in addition to the actual cost of the suppressor.  Photo by Bill, Jr.

That big Ruger Super Redhawk .44 magnum caliber revolver circa 1988, is definitely a two hand hold weapon.  Dirty Harry would be proud of Nichol handling that huge "hand canon" for sure.  That canon has harvested four (4) bucks in the past; two of them on the first day of hunting with the Redhawk.


Bill picked up Will at the Douglas International Airport the following evening with his flight arriving around 7PM, therefore they had a much later Thanksgiving meal than the rest of us.

We had our fairly generic Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menu which consisted of honey baked ham, deep fried turkey, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, cranberry chutney, green bean casserole, potato salad, deviled eggs, sweet potato soufflé, pumpkin pie, earthquake cake, Vanilla ice cream, rolls, etc.

NOTE:  I ruined the giblet gravy by using straight chicken stock from the can instead of adding water while the giblets were cooking.  It takes a couple hours to prepare the giblets and you have to keep adding liquid to them while they are cooking.  The giblet gravy was far too salty...my bad on that one!  My bride normally does the giblet gravy and dressing, but she was catching a much needed nap.

Those attending were:  Bill, Nichol and Will, Laura and Shane, SusieQ and Doug, Lisa and Xander, Joyce aka my bride and Bill aka Mickey Porter.  Laura's two boys, Travis and Trevor were not able to attend due to a work schedule conflict. 

Bill, Jr., got some OJT (On The Job Training) getting the turkey prepped for deep frying and below are a few pixs of Bill in action:

Daddy Rab, giving Bill a few pointers.  Photo by Will's cell phone aka Obamaphone.

Check the beautiful fall color palette in the background.  Photo by Will's cell phone.

Only two ingredients used; salt and cayenne pepper.  Bill did an excellent job massaging the turkey!  Photo by Will's cell phone.

After the turkey was prepped by Bill, it went into the 350 degree F. hot oil for 4 minutes per pound and this was an 18 pound bird.  I usually go 4 minutes per pound and add about 10 minutes to make certain the area at the thighs are done.

Photos by Bill, Jr.


Laura and Nichol getting their plates ready.

Click on the below thumbnail pixs are a larger screen view:

Everyone enjoyed the meal and several enjoyed a slice of the earthquake cake which was moist and delicious!  I guarantee you, Nichol will make that cake in the future.

It was great to have all three of the Porter kids together, Bill, Laura and Lisa along with other family members including SusieQ and Doug Pettigrew, Shane Hough and Xander.  Lisa and Xander avoided the camera and/or, once the meal was underway, the camera fell by the wayside, my bad! 

My bride and myself had not seen Will since 2008, but we visited with Bill and Nichol back in 2014 during the San Diego County Wild Fires, whereas Will was absent.  Everyone was really impressed with Will who was very courteous, mannerly and a pleasure to be around.  He is very knowledgeable and outgoing with a magnetic personality, doesn't meet a stranger and has a variety of interests.  He kept that million dollar smile aka grin going the entire time he was here! 

Family and friends make Life so worth while and as I say at every chance; "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed, Friendship and Fellowship."   We certainly did enjoy one another and the next day, November 18th was a Guy's and Gal's day out with the Guy's going fishing with Robert Webster on Lake Tillery, NC.  The Gals headed for Jennifer Johnson's Permanet Solutions Salon and then to my brides favorite Pizza place being, Pizza Inn, Rockingham, NC.

Saturday evening, November 19th, there will be twenty-one (21) of our family and friends meeting at The Carolina Restaurant, Chesterfield, SC for another get together introducing Nichol to those that have not met her yet.  Bill allowed me to choose who I wanted to attend, whereas my money wasn't any good for this event and he picked up the tab for everyone's meal.........grin if you must!  Food normally taste better when someone else picks up the check.....another grin is in order.

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