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The past few years I have heard much talk about using golden raisins soaked in gin to help with the pain and inflammation of arthritis and a few other ailments and finally got around to giving it a try myself.  All you need is a box of golden raisins and preferably sloe gin and many use various types of gin, flavored and unflavored varieties.  Below is a pix of the two ingredients:

As to any real medicinal evidence or valid research data available concerning the benefits of golden raisins soaked in gin, there don't seem to be any, although there are many, many individual testimonies that claim the stuff works.  I will add a few hyperlinks to allow you to read some of the threads posted for yourself.

I used a couple large mouth pint glass jars and part of another since the raisins will swell up when the gin is added.  Below pix of one of the pint jars.  I added the golden raisins to the jars and then covered them with the sloe gin and later went back and added more gin to have the golden raisins completed saturated with the gin:

The recommended soak time is two weeks and the daily dosage is a good teaspoon full, approximately 9 raisins.  You use them in your cereal, hot coffee or straight out of the jar........grin if you must!  They do have a good twang, zing or bite to them with the sloe gin.  Several of the original recipes have you leave the raisins in an open dish or container and allow the gin to evaporate, however I elected not to that allow the golden raisins to stay submerged and swim around until they are totally "gin logged" and get the full benefit of the sloe gin.   Besides, I can't see letting good gin just evaporate.....another grin is in order!  The Arrow brand of sloe gin's alcoholic content is much lower than regular gin like Gordon, Smirnoff, Seagram's, etc,, although there is reported additional therapeutic value of the sloe berry that is steeped in gin.

Most have hyperlinks I visited, commented that it takes about four weeks before you begin to feel the benefits from the daily dosage of the "drunken raisins" and the pain of your arthritis begins to subside some.   It is not necessary to refrigerate the golden raisins aka "drunken raisins" if soaked as above and I am sure you can find a use for the left-over gin too!

I will definitely give a progress report in a month or so and will be objective as possible.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 03-26-14.

UPDATE ON 06-12-14

I have used the drunken raisins for a few months and it could be all in my brain but I can tell a difference in my hands after using the gin soaked raisins.....they hardly hurt at all from the abuse I put them through from 1985 to 2000, whereas I was using a manual DiArco # 4 Hand Bender to bend EMT tubing when I build and sold my hunting tree stands.  There were 18 or more bends used in each tree stand and foot climber which worked my hands pretty hard.

In Conclusion, the drunken raisins are working in my case, however I have a friend in Virginia who tried them and it didn't help him any.

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