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Is it not amazing how "creatures of habit" we all are whether we will admit it or not.   For example: Take a look and notice which way the tissue paper comes off the holders in your bathrooms.   While we are in the bathroom, you have one hand that does certain things while seated, you figure out which task.......ok grin if you must!  Try doing that task with the other hand!  While stationed in Morocco with the US Navy, if you eat with your left hand, the locals would burst out into a grin or outright laughter because it is their custom to eat with the right hand only and use the left hand for another reason.

I'll wager, some put both socks on before they put a shoe on and others will put one sock on and then one shoe on.  Men will wear their wrist watch on the same arm.  Not all right handed persons have their watch on their left arm and vice versa.  I am basically right handed but do many tasks either handed although I wear my watch on my right wrist and have the face on the inside of my wrist.  A simple time in motion thing for me and that is the only reason.  It is easier or quicker for me to rotate my right wrist clockwise vs. counter clockwise.  I really don't think that has any serious logic or merit but as I said, "creatures of habit."

When doing yard work requiring some of that manual labor like digging or shoveling dirt, etc., some place a particular foot on the shovel and have the shovel orientated for right foot digging or left foot digging.  Men have a preference to which rear pocket they have their wallet in.  I am right handed, yet my wallet is in my left pocket.

I am basically right handed but shoot rifles, shotguns and archery equipment left handed, yet shoot pistols and revolvers right handed.  It just came natural that way.  Later on, I found out that most people have a dominant eye and that will determine naturally how you sight a long gun such as a rifle or shotgun and archery equipment since your eye has to be directly in line with the sights.  It is easy to move a hand gun to get proper sight alignment/sight picture using your dominant eye whether it is right or left.  My dominant eye is my left eye.

The sports orientated guys and gals; when running the bases and you need to make a slide, most of the time you have a particular preference of which leg is tucked under and which leg leads the slide.  Another one; do you find when served a plate at a restaurant you will rotate the plate or platter for certain orientation or placement of the food?

Ok, this one is for the hikers and hunters and anyone doing much walking in the woods and sometimes get off the beaten or main trails.  When you get temporally disorientated, notice I did not say lost because you are going to be within certain boundaries whether known or unknown at the time and you find yourself going around in circles and coming back to a known reference and can't seem to get going in a straight line; this will happen more often at night than daytime and of course you don't have that trusty Silva liquid filled compass with you!  My guess and whether scientific or not, most people when walking will lead or take a longer stride with one leg and to me that explains whether when lost aka disorientated, you go around either in a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation or direction. 

Now you ask, why the attached pix of two coffee cups filled with cappuccino.  Simply creatures of habit, I guess.  The cup on the left is my favorite cup and the one on the right is my bride's favorite cup until they get broken.  My bride has cups and mugs from all over the US and have them from vacations and the kid’s and relative's vacations, weddings, field trips, events and from our son's Navy travels and she did not set out to collect cups or mugs, it just happened.  Therefore, there are many cups to choose from, yet these two are our favorites.  I personally like the weight and feel and there is enough material there to not transfer all the heat to the rim and get your taste buds "cooked" and yes, I do like the pretty flowers.  Men, grin if you must and I know I am loosing man points!

In closing, a good fresh grind of Starbuck's espresso beans topped off with some skim milk froth to create a tantalizing cup of cappuccino in the late afternoon or anytime is hard to beat.  That will not work if the caffeine keeps you awake although the younger crowd might not mind that part!

Written by Bill aka Mickey Porter 04-28-04 and sent out as an email short story and web published on 07-01-13.


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