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This banjo project has stretched out close to a year and got my folder out with the receipts for the parts, tools, equipment, supplies and associated expenditures for this banjo and was a little shocked at how much I had actually spend on tools, equipment and supplies of which I will be able to use on the next banjo and also for my turkey calls.

I completed a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel program and have the Grand total cost and the cost of the parts I actually used. The parts cost was only $ 1,093.85 which is not bad at all for a banjo of this quality but the Grand total of all the small tools, equipment, shipping charges and finishing supplies added to $ 3,264.41 of which I could have purchased an excellent banjo but would not have had the satisfaction of building another one myself, even though it has been over 32 years since building one.  There are a few things omitted from the cost that I already had on hand; the mother of pearl blanks for one which would add another 50 to 100 dollars to the parts cost.  I will go back later and "tweak"  the spreadsheet for errors/omissions.

In the early to mid 1970s, you could build a banjo of the Masterclone type for around 100 to 200 dollars...grin if you must!

Click on the Icon below to open up the spreadsheet  which requires Microsoft Excel program:


Bill aka Mickey Porter 11-17-10.